E3 2010: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Exclusive Cars & Locations Trailer

PS3Life writes: a few hours ago Eden Games published their new trailer for Test Drive Unlimited 2. In the trailers you will see cars,locations and mutch more. You can even costomise youre house from the outside and the inside.

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Jls12930d ago

Looking forward to this game, hope it comes out before GT5 though

Quagmire2930d ago


Otherwise GT5 will completely destroy it. Will be a nice filler until then

PRHB HYBRiiD2930d ago

u crazy tdu is nothing like gt5 or forza this is an open world racing game.

FordGTGuy2930d ago

I don't understand your logic, how does TDU2 compete with GT5?

This game launches in September.

beardpapa2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

don't care if GT 'destroys' it. TDU is pure fun. And I hear hawaii is included in this sequel too!

edit: ooo video confirms hawaii! =D *drool*

showtimefolks2930d ago

the 1st one had some great ideas but the overall design really didn't do the game any favor.

and a game like this is perfect for a story like NFS use to have but overall game just needs to be fun

and for GT5 its coming in fall 2010 i think we can all agree and it will sell a lot GT5:P sold over 5 million and its suppose to be a demo

test drive can't worry about GT5 it just needs to be a great fun title and it will sell hopefully

FordGTGuy2930d ago

Why are you even bringing up GT5?

This article has nothing to do with it and TDU2 is not a direct competitor.

FordGTGuy2930d ago

PS3 fanboys are uptight as hell, clearly this article has absolutely nothing to do with GT5. I didn't even talk crap about GT5 or anything I just said it has nothing to do with GT5 which is completely true.

And I still get disagrees............

Taz Yamauchi2930d ago

I loved the last Test Drive but not really a great game though
Anyway, does anyone know when F1 2010 is coming out I could use that before GT5

Kush2930d ago

I actually quite enjoyed the first game, so I'm really excited for the sequel.