Microsoft's Cirque du Soleil Kinect Event

Erik Norris of Crave Online writes- "Why yes, Cirque du Soleil is great and all, but what does this really have to do with the newly renamed Project Natal, now called Kinect? That's all I could think about after witnessing Microsoft's pre-E3 kickoff event held Sunday night for the little motion-control device."

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seij5552961d ago

Looks like MS's diversion tactics aren't working so far. Kinect is a joke and they keep throwing money at it to brainwash the public.

Another One2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

I don't think the device itself is a joke, but it seems the general consensus is that the event sucked.

EDIT- FarEast, yeah it's the same thing that'll be shown on Tuesday

Droid Smasha2961d ago

this kicks sonys anal probe in its nuts

system seller confirmed

Microsoft Xbox 3602961d ago

Don't lie, you didn't come back from anything. For what it's worth, Cirque du Soleil was nothing but a Natal themed circus act. Watch the giantbomb livestream right now, they said "there was nothing engaging about it at all."

BiggCMan2961d ago

the giantbomb video of the conference isnt working for me, does anyone know of another site streaming it? or just has it up period? id really like to see it. whether its good or not, its still e3, and i wanna catch every bit of it.

FarEastOrient2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Another blogger felt like he was attending some KKK ritual...

I wonder if this is the same thing they are going to show on TV.

2 hours and only 6 titles announced, plus everyone was wearing white covers...

Sony Fiend2961d ago

Its the same thing after they edit out the fails.

poindat2961d ago

This thing is going to be shown on MTV and Nickelodeon, and you can bet that the people who view it then will suck this stuff up. I can excuse all the showiness for that reason, but...

...Microsoft had better damn well have an excellent main conference today. And since this one is supposed to be directed towards core gamers, I don't mean excellent theatrics. I'm going to keep my expectations mildly low though (as I am for the entire E3), as this whole 2nd motion control craze is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth.

Christopher2961d ago

***But if Microsoft can prove at tomorrow's company media briefing that buying Kinect will allow me to ride a uni-cycle while my friends stand on my shoulders chanting, then sign me up for three. Just sayin'.***

WTF is that supposed to mean?

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Whoooop2961d ago

MS made this event to gather the sheep and brain wash them with the same technology The Riddler used in Batman Forever to make them "apelike" so they can buy the product.

Bellcross2961d ago

Well we know they'll edit the hell out of the video since it wont be shown live.
can't wait to see it though should be interesting lol.

Xi2961d ago

didn't microsoft say that were 12 launch titles for natal?

Another One2961d ago

I wouldn't think they'd lay everything out in this event. Maybe some other regular games will be Kinect compatible? I don't know.

Trroy2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

I think they said "more than a dozen". I would wager the rest are not Kinect-exclusives, but rather are titles with additional control options if you own a Kinect.

I think if you rattled off all the 1st/2nd party MS games you can think of, you'd probably have the remaining titles. Lets see if I can remember them... Halo: Reach, Gears 3, Fable 3, Crackdown 2, Kameo 2, ..umm.. maybe a Lips 2, a Banjo Kazooie game, and some sorta Forza refit or something? I bet I named most of them.

Largely they'll probably implement some arbitrary gestures, like "grenade throw" and such, as something you can optionally do with Kinect. Of course, you'd have to take one hand off the controller in some cases, so... I dunno. Maybe something like disarming bombs, or somesuch thing instead.

HyperBear2961d ago

I think whoever was in charge of preparing this "Natal", now Kinect, pre-E3 event, should be fired and be forced to sit at home and stare at an RROD'd Xbox 360 for 24 hours straight and ponder why they got fired.

GAMES! GAMES! GAMES!....Thats all they had to do, and they screwed up. And whos idea was it to put cirque du solei in their event? cause when I think about video games, Cirque du soleil is the first thing that comes to mind. good god!

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