Xboxianic 815: how it was

Seriously, no one counted on SUCH start E3. Lots of leaks, re-branding of Natal in Kineсt (Try to say 10 times fast aha), and for what they had gathered, Natal / Kineсt show with some sort of circus. In principle, the show failed, but at the time of, the Internet and not only reigned just a horrible innuendo and a lot of WTF moments. For example out of nowhere to appear elephants that sit n the couch people in the air, an Indian sitting on a stone, and between business people walking around the people in bandages, and in the White Punch (had to wear all those who dared to go in there) were some kind of chip. In other words, a whole hour, which had to wait before the start of the show - was a solid LOST.

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crapgamer2958d ago

And all the other news sites. I know I was refreshing Twitter and checking this site for any and all updates on it. So no matter what, Microsoft got what they wanted, a lot of buzz and still have a ton to reveal tomorrow about it. We know the name and a few casual titles, but we will get prices, bundles, hardcore games tomorrow. SO I'm stoked!

FarEastOrient2958d ago

Buzz from a late night sleepers and twitters, 2 hour event and 6 games; Microsoft did better when they spent 2 hours in an aircraft hanger and showing a lot more games.

The whole place was flooded with green, this time its flooded with white.

Sony Fiend2958d ago Show
OneSneakyMofo2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I can imagine crapgamer:

F5, F5, F5, F5, F5.... Twitter Fail Whale 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' ;

HolyOrangeCows2958d ago

It was basically just an acid trip used to announce what USA Today announced hours before hand.

Nike2958d ago

No speak English with goodness once! But okay now!

FanboyPunisher2958d ago

Somethings working when Natal threads get packed.

Greysturm2958d ago

Had natal amazed without a doubt theyd all be hiding in their caves but since they are not...

FarEastOrient2958d ago

Now you started the Fanboys of both sides are going to come out.

Ones defending the circus and the ponchos

Ones attacking the lack of content and the name

Brklynty12958d ago

Can't wait for E3 to start on tuesday....

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