Cliffy B Comments on Kinect and How it's Moving Microsoft Forward

Microsoft officially revealed Kinect to a small audience this evening -- previously known at Project Natal. A small list of launch games was revealed earlier this evening with a heavy emphasis on casual games, but Microsoft showed a lot of new and unique software this evening during their event. During the showing, Epic's Cliff Bleszinski was sharing his thoughts on the revealing of Kinetic and it appears he is intrigued.

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VegaShinra2682d ago

Moving gaming towards entertainment is awesome to hear from some1 like CliffB

Chitown712912682d ago

....I wonder what Microsoft's nutsack taste like.........Let's ask Cliffy B ladies and gents......Hey Cliffy!!!!
Cliffy B: *stops nut licking* YEA!!!
Me:So How does Microsoft's nuts taste?
Cliffy B: Like the most bigger, better, and badassery nuts you ever tasted!!
Me: I figured(sarcasm), thanks Cliff
Cliffy: No problem man

ThanatosDMC2682d ago

He must have worn that white poncho proudly if he was in that Kinect get together.

Queasy2682d ago

I have this image of Bleszinski standing in the middle of an arena holding a bloody Lancer rifle screaming, "Are you not entertained?!?!"

GenghisKhan2682d ago

don't you have to fix grays of lag 2's MP player? patch number 11 did not do the job..

Echo3072682d ago

'grays of lag 2'?

Wow, that was like the worst attempt ever at making fun of a game's name.

On topic, even if Cliffy really thought Kinect looked like a pile of garbage, I doubt he'd say it. I'm not calling him a liar, I'm just saying, it's not a good idea to bite the hand that feeds.

mittwaffen2682d ago

They say stupid things anywhere you go, just ignore the little things.

ThanatosDMC2682d ago

Did you guys even play the game? How could you not see the lag?

seij5552682d ago

Its moving MS forward into casual hell. When you xbox only guys get tired of the shovelware that is sure to come, why not join the dark side?

tiamat52682d ago

Hopefully it will move it off a 40 story cliff. Can we hear an opinion from a non-Microsoft tool please.

Echo3072682d ago

Follow some of the Game Informer writers on Twitter, or go look at their feeds. I guess several of them were at the event and they've had some... "interesting" opinions. ;-)

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The story is too old to be commented.