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New Kinect (Project Natal) Gameplay Video

A new project natal or kinect as you may call it gameplay video has been released by USA Today (Kinect, natal, Project Natal, Xbox 360)

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Nike  +   1748d ago
Okay, I just can't resist.

A minute or so in is a young girl who's body is recognized by Kinect for the first time, and she moves about excited by it. Here's what must be going through her head:

"Check it out, dawg! I'm dancing! I'm dancing!"
niceguywii60  +   1748d ago
That's the first thing I focused on when she seemed more mesmerized by seeing the console displaying her exact double on screen than playing the game(dancing)

Can't wait to see some sort of boxing game and other stuff in the morning and following days.



He reacted like that because I responded to his trolling in the Cliffy B Kinect article while he was trolling, that is why his response in here doesn't seem to make sense and off.
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halojunkie   1748d ago | Personal attack | show
Hallmark Moment  +   1748d ago
But hurt kid. what did he say wrong?
-Alpha  +   1748d ago
Honestly, I'm just too damn lazy to play these games. How many of you are that enthusiastic and even that fit?

The last thing I want to do is come home from work or school and start playing Kinect games. And that I feel is the biggest obstacle for MS to overcome, especially for hardcore gamers.

These are demo titles, but I wonder about the full titles. I keep flip-flopping my thoughts on Natal's success towards hardcore gamers. I really hope MS doesn't shortchange us come Tuesday.

Edit: Apparently this is the event showing Tuesday. Can anyone confirm this??
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Shang-Long  +   1747d ago
Alpha I'm with you on that. And it's not that I'm lazy, I just got see it being all the fun. If they took this put it in gyms for work
outs. MS would bank for real!
SnuggleBandit  +   1747d ago
that spencer guy really annoys me, i cant really pinpoint why, its just the way he talks or something
PS360PCROCKS  +   1747d ago
I workout 5 days a week for 1 hour a day. I'm fit enough to do this, but even I don't think I want to jump around my living room.
Another One  +   1747d ago
Unfortunately Alpha, they don't seem to be targeting you and me. They're marketing towards family game night. The people who come home and plays games to unwind are not who they are looking at.

It's unfortunate, but true.
despair  +   1747d ago
yea I can't see spending more than 1 afternoon a weekend, if that much, playing a game when I jump alot and wave my arms...to be honest they haven't shown anything but that yet.

From the video the guy says the presentation at E3 will have games that are accessible to people, I read family games only, and thats a huge disappointment if true.
captain-obvious  +   1747d ago
the vid is not working all im getting is that lame add
Army_of_Darkness  +   1747d ago
watch it from 3:25
I noticed how the avater was jumpinng when the girl on the right wasn't even moving?! whats up with that?! LOL!

also, very, very laggy at times too..
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HolyOrangeCows  +   1748d ago
The response time is pretty bad in the gameplay (By that I mean what they show AFTER the 3 and a half minutes of PR footage). And it registers as TWO jumps half of the time.

Like 3:28.
First the character jumps with no instruction, then she jumps and he jumps and their avatars join them two seconds later.
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seij555  +   1748d ago
MS dudes look kinda shady and that "family" looked like actors to me. This shit better not get popular for us gamers' sake.
Parapraxis  +   1747d ago
The bits with the family are clearly done by a production company and hired actors.
beardpapa  +   1747d ago
the raft game doesn't show accuracy and precision since it's really just tilt body left / right or jump, which you could easily do with any device.

i think hardcore gamers anxious for kinect should wait a bit before getting it. See if it gets more than just the casual offerings that the studio heads are talking about, since they seem eager to direct kinect towards the casuals to draw them away from the hardcore image of the 360.
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Occupant1138  +   1747d ago
whoops. wrong reply. Errgh. Dammit. This reply was for seij555

Yeah, the MS dude looked slimy as hell, and the "family" was wayy too enthusiastic.
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Occupant1138  +   1747d ago
Yup! I was thinking the exact same thing. That dude looks like a total slime ball. And the "family" looked WAYYY too enthusiastic.
dredgewalker  +   1747d ago
Maybe they're drugged?
Hanif-876  +   1747d ago
So i guess that the new redesigned Xbox360 is real then because no one knew what "Kinect" mean't before that leaked image/video.
Imperator  +   1747d ago
I really wish MS would show some actual games. Games we would actually want to play. This is all casual stuff. I want to see exactly how MS plans to "revolutionize" game.
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MiloGarret  +   1747d ago
By making it casual of course, I don't know what people are expecting, but motion controls are all about the fake families smiiiiiiiiiiling...
freezola75  +   1747d ago
Nice Job...
now I've got smoke blown all up my ass!! Thanks M$ I feel the Kinection.... lol
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sixaxis  +   1747d ago
like wow,i mean... wtf were they thinking?? whos going to play these games? MS has to show some quality content at E3 for kinect. for now its like they took step backwards, plus it still lags badly. they better show some shooters or rpg, or racing game.
EVILDEAD360  +   1747d ago
LOL @ people just refusing to get it
Nobody cares if the supposed 'hardcore' gamers buys Natal/Kinect or even play it..

In fact, for 99% of the people who have been obsessed with hating on it all year long..arent going to play the hardcore games on the 360 either.

The video showed 3 types of people who also won't be playing Gears of War 3..younger children, moms, and girls in general..that's who they are trying to market too..

The bottom line is Microsft has a product that successfully seperates itself from Wii and may turn out to be the 'in' thing for kids and families if Microsft can pull it off

What people don't get is THIS is what it takes to really move systems outside of the normal clip Microsft has been used to. the casual market moves everything from portable gaming devices to cell phones..Apple and Nintendo have proven that if you carve your niche the casuals will follow

In less than a day we'll see the REAL games anyway
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IHateYouFanboys  +   1747d ago
bingo, great post EVILDEAD360.

lets not forget that so called 'hardcore gamers' are the MINORITY, not the majority. the Wii is generally scoffed at by people who refer to themselves as hardcore gamers, yet its the console thats sold 70+ million consoles, not the 'hardcore' consoles.

Kinect is trying to capture the casual market, and from what we've seen i think it will do very well at it. the casual market is HUGE, and mostly untapped. why do you think the wii went gangbusters from day one? because it appealed to the market that has never been interested in video games before. theyre the people that Kinect is going after, not the people who are on the internet having stupid arguments about how games are not 720p or how many copies a certain exclusive shifted in a week.
gta2800  +   1748d ago
Didn't really see anything new. Video is new but still just showed the same old lame ball game and that boring raft game.


I know they didn't say new games or footage for the video. But I still don't expect to see anything new when the games are revealed. I feel most games they reveal will be just like these "mini games". But I'm still curious to see what they show and how that works.
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NYC_Gamer  +   1748d ago
this web cam loves to have people jumping around like some fools...
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1748d ago
come on i don't want to see no more of that family games stuff i wanna see a good game for the hardcore gamers
xtremexx  +   1748d ago
sorry but this is all thats new before the E3 press conference
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1748d ago
crapgamer  +   1748d ago
Nice find.
It's a cool little video of it in action. I so cannot wait till tomorrow!
xtremexx  +   1748d ago
yea me 2
ingiomar  +   1748d ago
He's not wearing sun-glasses!!! (kudo tsunoda that is)
Bellcross  +   1747d ago
Sigh.... A sad day for gamers
Mc Fadge  +   1747d ago
I know I'm painting a target on my chest
But for the casual audience, that rafting game looks pretty neat. Granted I don't expect it to hold much attention for very long, but still.... Kinda neat. As to how it actually performs, I guess we'll see.
twostep18  +   1747d ago
im not sayin natal/kinect will be bad
idk that cause i havent played it
but all the games im seeing for it just arent showing me that it has any potential.
like it just looks like party games n such
i like that sony is actually showing me potential in diff genres with move.
i guess we have to keep watching
PS360PCROCKS  +   1747d ago
Natal is pretty cool I have to admit.
infekt  +   1747d ago
hahaha. Thanks for making me laugh today..
PS360PCROCKS  +   1747d ago
How can you not think it's cool? Sure it's not for hardcore, the games are useless and ultimately lame. But the idea of no controller and the character doing what u do is pretty neat. I just think it's cool we have the technology now to be able to recreate our movement on a TV without holding anything. 10 disagrees? wow...
Obama  +   1747d ago
Notice how all the actors are white? Something tells me that Kinect has a hard time tracking black people. I am going to laugh so hard if that's true.

edit: yeah I know, but that's just their way of being representative. I am not saying that they are racist; it's just that Kinect like many video cameras can't track black people well.
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PandaJenkins  +   1747d ago
dude the advertisement picture has supposedly a father and daughter who happen to be black.
shoddy  +   1747d ago
I remember "Kinect" need bright object to identify easily.
sorry Obama Kinect is not for you.
necksnappa  +   1747d ago
WHAT , guys this looks awful, a raft game that all you do is jump, i could do that on a power pad for nintendo. then the dumb red ball game and another game that you jump and duck.man if this is all they got, this is sad. if you guys really think this is good you are lying to yourselves.
PandaJenkins  +   1747d ago
I don't really expect to see many hardcore orientated games for awhile. Microsoft have only given developers a year to make games for it so far, a lot of games typically take 2 years however. Most games will probably be casual focused anyway, but Microsoft is trying to get that audience, and though Sony is too Kinect seems like it may drag in that casual audience more than Move will.
JonnyBigBoss  +   1747d ago
Because everyone has their console in a giant family room right? I hope the 360 shoots out Cheetos when you accomplish tasks with Natal, or else this thing won't be too consumer-friendly here in America.
3sq  +   1747d ago
Okay, let's jump up and down in our room, just hope the house doesn't fall down...
nemrawy  +   1747d ago
The problem with these kind of games is that you will have great fun playing them especially with your (friends,parents,bros,sisters, .....) but after a couple of days they will get boring as hell and you'll always need something new .

Sadly this is the problem with every single motion controller device :(

Plus I'm noticing that MS haven't shown a single hardcore game for Natal ???!!!!!!
zoks310  +   1747d ago
It would seem as if all Natal games will be "on-rails" type game play, where things come to you and you either destory it or jump out of the way.

What do you guys think?
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Sony Fiend  +   1747d ago
LOL, Kudo without shades, he's trying to shed himself from the BAM!!! incident, but he'll have to try harder.
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Barbapapa  +   1747d ago
wow kudo doesn't look like a douche without his glasses and orange jacket.
Turbine27   1747d ago | Spam
You Noob  +   1747d ago
This, is another FAKE video.

Look @ the initial delay time, is IMPRESSIVE, near 0ms.

But look @ the last game (the one with the circular boat) it's near ONE FU**ING SECOND.

Nice try ms
sulack  +   1747d ago
Yea... looks like shit :/ I had an eyetoy for the PS2 and this really looks no different. Im not trolling im not doing anything but saying I really think this is gunna flop. Everyone is gunna bash me but my bets are on it flopping
Fanb0y  +   1747d ago
Are you saying Kinect will not sell?

Microsoft products never 'flop'.
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   1747d ago
i just cant see hardcore halo and gears fans play this..natal will flop hard..
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1747d ago
well, the thing is, they are after the casual gamer, you know, the wii gamer.

problem is, how many of those people will buy such a product.
nathan_snake  +   1747d ago
Beetle53  +   1747d ago
Redesigned Xbox in video
I see 2 redesigned consoles, one white and one black sitting in front of the TV while 2 people look like total tards jumping around.
Senden  +   1747d ago
Well at least their honest about where they want Kinect.. fortunately their target demographic already have painted a negative picture on the 360 console and I look forward to hearing about the poor sales.
ZootHornRollo  +   1747d ago
still not 1:1
vx   1747d ago | Trolling | show
dredgewalker  +   1747d ago
I was waiting for Natal/Kinect to show me games that will prove its worth towards the hardcore gamers....sadly i am disappointed on what kind of games MS is churning out for it. Mark my words, this will never live up to the hardcore gamers and will only cater towards the casuals......which really isn't a bad thing for MS since that's where the money is.
jay2  +   1747d ago
Now, do I go and spend £150 on Kinect, or go and play my brothers Wii. I know I'll save my money, I can buy 4 MOVE games, such as, I don't know, Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4.... Oh yeah, and GT5.

I'll PASS big time on this.
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