Mortal Kombat's true rebirth

The Plagued Gamer writes: "Truth be damned, Mortal Kombat is not going to become a realistic aberration and, alas, we’ll not get to see Reptile as a head-refrigerating, skin-diseased, human psychopath. Wonderful as it was, MK is anything but realistic. With this new trailer displaying that a game exists and actual gameplay, it appears the stagnant MK formula is going back to what made it awesome."

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Army_of_Darkness2898d ago

which is why this new MK looks so awesome!!!

harv7112898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I completely agree. I have no idea what they were thinking when they made MK vs DC. I never played it and I'm sure it had it's moments, but the thing with Mortal Kombat, it was always about the fatalities. It would be like having Uncharted without Drake, Halo without Master Chef, God of War without Kratos, Metal Gear without Snake, Super Mario without Mario.

I realize with my analogies these are characters and not a gaming aspect, but I think it fits because those characters are what made the games, just like finishing moves made Mortal Kombat. In the 90's there were so many fighting games, kind of like today there are so many FPS games. And what made Mortal Kombat stand out from all those other fighting games was the fatalities.

To me, DC is just one step above Micky Mouse and I knew they were going to water down the fatalities, which they did.

Genki2898d ago

is disrespectful to the depth, characters, mythos, and everything else that's a part of the franchise.

Mortal Kombat I was a solid fighter with memorable characters and stages all on it's own sans fatalities, they were just another part of the whole. IMHO, a game like Mortal Kombat is about the sum of all it's parts. MK vs DC was atrocious, but the reasons why went far beyond fatalities.

mirroredderorrim2898d ago

I welcome it. I have not be interested in PLAYING a Mortal Kombat game, since 3.

Rainstorm812898d ago

MK hasnt been glorious since 3......Well i did have MK trilogy on Ps1

cyborg69712898d ago

Looks like that's the first fighter I'm buying in a long time.

xHarvey2898d ago

I want to get into a fighting game and may be buy a joy stick. I'm trying to choose between SF and MK. I've never played MK2 and I heard it's the best in the series. I'm going to check it out later today.

topdawg1222898d ago

I am excited for this, even though it may not be deep in fighting mechanics, to this day I still love the fatalities! If you want to get into fighting games seriously I would probably go with SSF4 or Tekken both pretty easy to get into and also have some depth.

On a side note I'm loving the MK movie pitch trailer!! Looks fantastic!!
Poor Jonny Cage, no one loves you :(

xHarvey2898d ago

Yeah, judging from youtube videos I've seen. Street fighter looks like a much deeper game. When you do a small combo in Mortal Kombat it takes up to 1/3 of your health bar which leads into very short battles. I don't know which to download from PSN now. SF2 or MK2? hmm. I got SF4 but not SSF4.

gamejediben2898d ago

You should definitely do that. MKII was the pinnacle of the series, its the most balanced and well rounded. Don't get me wrong, I liked 3 but its really gone downhill since II. And why the hell did they change the numerals from Roman to Arabic?

adamx2898d ago

imo mk trilogy or umk3 was the best has the most fighters and you can run, you cant in mk2

gamejediben2898d ago

This is the first MK that gives off that MK 1-3 vibe of really mature and dark but not over the top ridiculous like the later MK games. Don't know about you guys, but I'm sold. Plus MK tag sounds like so much fun!

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