Interview: Aaron Greenberg, on Kinect core games, flailing

JoyStiq: "Can you tell us about the decision to have these two separate events and what the Natal event is really supposed to accomplish from a media perspective, that tomorrow's press conference won't be able to do?"

AG: "For us, this is a really special year. It was ten years ago that we unveiled the original Xbox and this is actually my tenth, and our tenth, E3. It's the beauty of our business. This will be the biggest year in the history of Xbox and really as we thought about E3, we've never had this much to share at one E3 as we do this year. We've taken a very non-traditional approach to E3. I think with what we're doing with Natal and working with Cirque du Soleil to bring that to life is a whole new way to tell a story."

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Shang-Long2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

wonder how long ppl will keep calling it natal.
I liked that name better, tho and the rumor the wave.

KINGKON512778d ago

"technology-free event" I wonder why?

-Alpha2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

"There is absolutely no sacrifice at all for our core games experience. In fact, hands down, we have a better core games lineup at E3 this year than we've ever had before. Same for Live – a lot of great Live innovation that we'll be sharing as well."

Well that damn well better be true. I'm massively disappointed with Kinect and from what I'm hearing they pretty much showed all they are going to show for it and broadcast that Tuesday. I was expecting so much more, and this has made me incredibly skeptical towards Kinect, much more than I originally was.

It seems that for the hardcore the focus will be on LIVE improvements and the games. I am especially expecting major improvements for LIVE and generally a lot more content. I would also like to see a restructuring of the service. Come on MS, cut LIVE fees in half.

negrito2112778d ago

when he said there focusing on blockbusters...a blockbuster is a sequel bottom line M$ cant produce games like sony does cause of the lack of studios. in a way they can but in general how many games come out for all the systems that are junk???!! M$ bites to much are with xbox your always "fragging"

SOAD2778d ago

What does your last sentence say?

Imperator2778d ago

I want some TRUE exclusives, some new IPs. Something that will make having a 360 and possibly buying a redesigned 360 worthwhile. At this point, Kinect has been a major disappointment in my eyes. I won't dismiss it yet, but I am doubtful. Hopefully, MS will prove us wrong.

SOAD2778d ago

If you don't have a 360 and you're not interested in the current offerings such as Halo or Gears or Crackdown then I doubt you're going to be interested in what they'll have to offer next. Microsoft caters to a particular demographic.

Whenever Microsoft tries to appeal to a wider demographic the sales fall short and they get criticized for stepping outside of the boundaries of their demographic. For example, Microsoft has done a lot to try and garner a strong userbase in Japan. MS has secured many JRPGs and launched a major marketing campaign in that nation, but regardless sales have been poor. The Japanese just aren't interested in their machine. Maybe it's the stigma surrounding hardware reliability, maybe it's because it's an American product. Regardless, MS has been supporting Japan for quite some time.

But ultimately, Microsoft's Xbox console is still being labeled a shooter box even though it has a diverse library of games. People would rather pigeon hole it into a category and ignore Microsoft's efforts to appeal to a larger audience.

So, if you don't like the Xbox 360 now and are not interested in its Blockbuster titles, then stop coming into 360 only threads and saying shit like, "Well, it's Microsoft's last chance to show me something impressive, otherwise I won't buy a 360."

DaCajun2778d ago

@^^^ if you read closely he says "make HAVING a 360 and possibly buy a redesigned 360 worthwhile." For the language challenged it means he owns a 360 and he what's more exclusive and new games to make having the current system he has worth owning and make maybe buying the rumored redesigned one worth it also.

SOAD2778d ago

"If you don't have a 360...."

@da cajun

If *you* read my post closely you would see that I said "if" and that I am not specifically speaking to Imperator.

crapgamer2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

They said they had 20-25 games to show for it. We have seen like 6. I am 100% certain we are going to see more, including at least some hardcore games.

I am excited that they have a lot of games to show, even if the slim and name of Natal got leaked.

*Edit* The name Kinect wasn't supposed to be let out today and certainly not the slim 360. Those are leaks. They showed off a few games for the casual market, which is the core for this item to be honest. Seems like it was a good show with a general positive flow. It was the 2nd most tweeted thing on Twitter, which was good at getting the word out, it means people are in fact interested in it.

I am sure we will see some of the hardcore stuff tomorrow, I mean we know Fable 3, Ghost Recon will work with it, so it's the surprises that keep me interested.

Sitris2778d ago

I'm pretty sure they have had a confrence in front of a crowd, or did i miss something?

And the thing they air on tuesday is a pre-recorded show, probably the one that happened today. Or at least thats what i beleive it is, monday may reveal some actual games, not crap like what they have now. With pretty much all games having kinect in the title, just as bad as Move Party. Casual crap *full stop*

Imperator2778d ago

Well, MS intended to keep everything secret. That's why today's conference was very closed. The redesign and the Kinect were probably going to be the highlights of tomorrow's conference. It got leaked.

Sitris2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

The redesign was leaked link please haha tried googling just got a bunch of crap, link would be awesome thanks in advance!

Edit: Nvrmind found it, and i stand corrected crap gamer thankyou.

IdleLeeSiuLung2778d ago

You sound really disappointed and frankly I didn't expect too many hardcore games to begin with. With that said, wait until tomorrow for MS E3 conference. After all Greenberg said:

"So I'd really think of Sunday night as an entertainment experience. It's massive in scale. It's a one-of-a-kind Cirque experience that you've never seen before and you'll never see again."

It sounds more like the Natal Experience as just that an experience, and not intended to announce anything. He further says that the experience is completely in control of those Cirque people:

"We've really left this in their full creative control, but it's about unveiling the name and the experiences with the world for the first time ever, in a very entertaining way. It's an interactive event, you may have heard that we're calling it a "technology-free event." So from that standpoint, there's no photos, no video, no liveblogging, all that kind of stuff. Just like if you went to a normal Cirque show. But in this case what's different is that they've spent a lot of time with Natal and the experiences, the technology, and that truly guided their creativity about how they're bringing this to life in a new way.

So it's interactive; the audience participates in the show. And it's really a story about a journey; there's actually a hero boy that goes on a journey. It's hard to describe it with words, but the best way I would describe it is that it's about going back to a moment in time, really before technology existed. And that's the magic of Natal: Instead of us learning to use the technology, the technology adapts to us and kind of disappears. The story and the journey, and how this is brought to life in a really entertaining way, is unique and one-of-a-kind."

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negrito2112778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

this fat clucker avoids almost all of the questions.he sounds and talks like a programed robot.but from the interview you can tell the new designed xbox is coming thou and hulu also.when arron denys a rumor and/or jokes about it then that means...yes its coming

Hallmark Moment2778d ago ShowReplies(1)
gta28002778d ago

He can't really answer any of the questions. Most questions that were asked had confidential answers that will be revealed at E3. I liked that the Natal rave video made him laugh tho. Even they're laughing at their own shit.

niceguywii602778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

"There is absolutely no sacrifice at all for our core games experience. In fact, hands down, we have a better core games lineup at E3 this year than we've ever had before. Same for Live – a lot of great Live innovation that we'll be sharing as well. And then the Natal stuff."

Big day tomorrow.

captain-obvious2778d ago

hopefully MS wont do the same
but if it did work out well for them
then yes MS will follow Nintendo and the casual crowd

thebudgetgamer2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

i honestly think microsoft will throw the core gamer aside for some of that wii money.


dizzleK2778d ago

i think he took his response to interviews from these guys-

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