Rumor: Kinect Priced at $120

Ubergizmo: The word at the Natal Experience event @E3 is that Natal's price would be $120.

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PRHB HYBRiiD2780d ago

it's a fair price i think gotta wait till e3 to see what "kinect" has to offer

-Alpha2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

It's better than $180

It's a good price for new audiences like casual gamers that see something futuristic like from Minority Report in today's technology. The tech has existed before but Kinect would mainstream it.

As for current gamers, I don't see it happening, not just yet at least. Maybe if they reduce the price of the 360 it will seem more justifiable. Which makes me wonder about the new model. If 360 somehow gets a $100 price drop to make Kinect more purchase-worthy then it seems like a better move.

GreenRingOfLife2780d ago

$120 is the price of 2 new games... for what is pretty much an ENTIRELY new console!!

This is amazing

Good to see Microsoft not overpricing their hardware like other companies do

Droid Smasha2780d ago

everyone that jumped on the $189 rumor now looks like a idiot

just wait until tomorrow people geez

Philaroni2780d ago

I think it might be priced high to make the Xbox 360 + Kinect bundle look more attractive for the price point. Much like the HDDs are very spendy and it makes more sense just to get a new system if you trade it in and what not.

darthawesome902780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Sometimes I wonder if companies pay people to hype their products and say the high price point is good or if people are just idiots. Don't get me wrong it's a great product but I fail to see why having a high price point is great, it doesn't do that much that the PS2 eyetoy couldn't.

It's like the people who complain that they don't want the DLC included in the game like it used to be. No they say they would rather spend the money on stupid DLC horse armor because it makes them feel better, then say I don't know the "thrill of buying DLC even if it should have been in the game to begin with". Sigh...I don't get this generation.

(yes I'm older than most on this site. I also find it funny how so many deny it's similarities to the eyetoy and call me a fanboy for simply making the comparison. I have been around since the SNES days which long enough to realize how silly these console fanboys are and how quickly they shift their allegiances. I think it's a great idea to retry the motion camera but paying that much $ for old tech upsets the older gamers like me.)

Sorry...I just had to vent.

Noctis2780d ago

All of these rumors about Natal being priced at 180 are made up my MS so when they finally reveal the EXPENSIVE but lower price that those of the rumors, you will think it is a fair price.

blackbeld2780d ago

What a rip off.

A good and fair price is $70.

$120 is really expensive.

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EVILDEAD3602780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Cheaper than what I paid for those NVGs and Call of Duty: MW2..Cheaper than the $150 I'm going to drop on Halo Reach.. Cheaper than the Rock Band + Gutar Hero games with all the instruments..

But it's the same as Tony Hawk's launch price..Priceless

Let the detractors scratch their heads..I'm on Facebook and people already screaming they want it..and the USA today article just went viral only an hour a so ago..if they pull of this show and the week in them numbers come in

This is far bigger than what N4G or Gaf's about tapping into that I-phone 4 and Wii numbers..parents are gonig to eat this thing up


NastyLeftHook2780d ago

no way im paying $120.00 for that. i would pay like 40-60 bucks.

OneSneakyMofo2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Unless it gets to $60, people won't buy it. The Wii hit the sweet spot at $250 with an included game. $300 for a console + $120 = $420 for a console. People won't like that.

Philaroni2780d ago

Like I said the bundle with a system is going to make more sense to any consumer. Which is what MS goal is. They are going to try to make you get it with a new Xbox.

Obama2780d ago

everyone that jumped on the $189 rumor now looks like a idiot"

The rumored 189 is for the more expensive version since there might be 2 versions. And I have been saying it might be 120 for quite some time now. How about you? Are you one of those who said it will be 50 bucks?

Biggest2780d ago

You guys are celebrating a $120 price tag of the thing that was just shown tonight? Looks like the Microsoft mind conditioning worked after all. I understand that some of you really love Microsoft. I won't try to make you love them less. Just try to use common sense on this one. You have heard from the people at the Kinect conference. It was plain stupid. You knew before the conference that it was aimed at casual gamers. Don't trick yourself into thinking that $120 is a whole lot less than the first $150 rumor. You don't want to waste your money, do you?

tplarkin72780d ago

If Kinect is the next Wii, people will pay those prices. If the casual market doesn't respond, Kinect will be DisKinect.

pimpmaster2780d ago

whats with all these rumors about it being 120$ and 190$ with no real evidence. show me a e3 picture revealing the price and ill believe it. reguardless, e3 is tommorow and well find out the real price then.

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TheHardware2780d ago

is pushing a bit, but if the software is there (games/apps) i can see it doing well.

crapgamer2780d ago

I knew the $180 stuff was bogus, because they need to keep Kinect and a 360 combined closer to $250 to battle the Wii.

Al Bundy2780d ago

You do know that this is a rumor too, right?

PirateThom2780d ago

Yeah, but, $180 rumours are bogus and this is real.

Esena2780d ago

Yeah. I think it's funny how one rumor is more bogus than the other when neither have clarification.

You all can wait 10 more hours and find out the truth or continue to speculate for the next 10 hours...

PandemicPrawn02780d ago


$120 is about where I would have guessed. I would expect it to have a pretty sharp price cut after the holidays.

It will probably settle at about $99 shortly after the Christmas rush.

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