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TheHardware2778d ago

Natal was more distinct...but I'm sure it will catch on. I mean we got used to the "Wii" lol

lord_of_balrogs2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Good thing they called it Xbox Kinect, Kinect alone would make it seem too distinct from the xbox brand.

PLASTICA-MAN2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

"Most of us are under the opinion these demos are NOT live."

"This doesn't look as awesome. Running in place, lawl."

Conloles2778d ago

Horrible name hopefully Natal will fail now so we can get our next console.

SOAD2778d ago

Read the following tweet. He says, "Mever mind. This one IS live. Beach volleyball. It's all right. Real Wii Sports type stuff."

captain-obvious2778d ago

but thats a lame name
dose it even have a meaning ?

Rumor2778d ago

sound hip-hop-y XD

why is the font color purple?? lmao

NexGen2778d ago

I'll be captain obvious for you....captain obvious:

Kinect is a play on words: connect, and kinetic. Kinetic as in motion, and connect...not sure yet.

Parapraxis2778d ago

"Now I know why Robbie Bach quit."

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-Alpha2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Natal was a weird name. It means Birth, but it's just not catchy.

Honestly, Sony got their name perfect. Move is just an ordinary everyday word. Great for casuals to pronounce too, much easier to remember than Natal. Kinect is cool but what's with the spelling?

Anyways, it's just a name.


I've seen others with 5. Frankly it makes me feel like I have a target on my back lol. I don't even know how it happened but thanks to everyone who doesn't mind me going off on a tangent in nearly every article...look I'm even doing it right now.

Rumor2778d ago

for you 5 bubbles man XD

and here i thought this new n4g only limited us to 3

Bnet3432778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Natal wasn't bad, the thing with Natal is mispronunciation. Nay-tahl, Nuh-tahl, Nah-tahl, etc. Kinect is better if you ask me. Sounds more, social and up to date and makes sense. Kinect, taken from kinesis which means to Move.

Alpha-Male has 5 bubbles cause he says good things and isn't a fanboy. Wish we had more comments like his around here

yeah what BRG said, portmanteau lol. wtf I feel dumb XD

BRG90002778d ago

The spelling is like that because it's a portmanteau of "kinetic" and "connect." Clever, but not super catchy.

dkblackhawk502778d ago

Damn you Alpha :P, I was suppose to get 5 first lol Congrats man. Anyways back to the topic. I agree with you, Move is a much easier name to understand in my opinion.

The Great Melon2778d ago


I have been reading Kinetic this whole time, but just released that it is actually Kinect.


Wow, people are starting to shoot back up in bubbles. I don't why for like three weeks everyone sat at 3 and now everyone is leaping upward.

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niceguywii602778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

"I disagree, Wave is silly sounding or even retarded goofy. Kinect is actually perfect name for the technology. Simple with meaning not many other names can get that across as good. Connect to the hardware/games/gamers with just yourself(not using the controller as the Medium)"

Natal is just a code name for Kinect and doesn't really have a meaning related to the vision of Microsoft which is a company known to name their products based on philosophy or is related to the function of the product(most of the time)


"I didn't expect Microsoft to give it a good name. Microsoft also named the Xbox 2, "Xbox 360."

-Xbox=something secret, powerful, mysterious, something with alien capabilities

-360=complete turn around for the better

Great names

I see the PS3 fanboys in here prefer *WAVE* ? Nah they'll hate anything about the motion device for the 360 lol.

BRG90002778d ago

Haha they also named it the Xbox in the first place, which is a horrible name everyone has just gotten used to. I'm kind of pleasantly surprised by the final name for Natal. At least it's not like "Camera+" or something as unimaginative as "Xbox."

SOAD2778d ago

I didn't expect Microsoft to give it a good name. Microsoft also named the Xbox 2, "Xbox 360."

I remember their reasoning behind the name change but the reality is, I think, that MS wanted Xbox 360 to sound numerically superior to Playstation 3.

Kinect sounds lame but I know given enough time I will accept it as I have the name Xbox 360.

-Alpha2778d ago

Most definitely. Xbox 2 vs. PlayStation 3, it's common sense.

I heard a random writer proposed 360 and they took it. Regardless of the name I hope they don't name the next one 720.

Bnet3432778d ago

They didn't name it Xbox 2 because people who don't know about games would think it's better because 3 is bigger than 2.

NecrumSlavery2778d ago

Kinect doesn't have a gaming sound. Sounds like a broadband Internet service or something. Wonder if the price will be better than it's less catchy new name?

morkendo2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

thought MS changed it to WAVE now kinect? why not call it "flap-your-arms"

lord_of_balrogs2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Why not call Sony Move "Wave the dildo wand around"?

Nice stealth edit to try and appear more civil.

klado2778d ago Show
acedoh2778d ago

same thing about the Wii's name.... I guess that caught on.

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Gamehead362778d ago

I like the name. Not the product though. At least not yet.

crapgamer2778d ago

I was never a fan of "Natal" as more then a code name. Kinect seems friendlier and it's a nice play off "Connect". So I dig it.

Timberland2K92778d ago

It reminds me of EyeToy Kinetic

Bnet3432778d ago

You got 9 disagrees for that? Umm ... wow lol.

Obama2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Without the xbox logo I would have thought the ad is for the wii.

@above: if MS calls it crap you would still dig it.

tiamat52778d ago

Stupid name. Kinect? you mean like the building toy Knex?

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