PSP and DS Piracy Explained In Pictures

Earlier in the week, we covered a report by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association in Japan, that revealed piracy figures for certain DS and PSP games. Topping the DS piracy chart was Pokémon Platinum, while Dissidia: Final Fantasy was what most PSP pirates gravitated toward.

While the figures for illegal downloads were pretty alarming in both cases, they aren’t very helpful unless you have a sales figure to compare them to. And so, using the latest data from the financial reports of their respective publishers, we’ve compiled sales vs. piracy charts for four games as an example.

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Neo Nugget2621d ago

Wow, thanks a lot people. Now they won't make a Dissidia 2.

Scott6672621d ago

I think that after seeing this everyone can officially agree: Pirates ruin everything.

I can't understand how so many people could possibly want to steal from hard-working developers. It makes me feel kind of sick to think that such people call themselves "gamers."

qface642621d ago

eye patches, peg legs, plundering vast treasures, sailing the 7 seas

arrr mayte pirates don't ruin everything =(

raztad2621d ago

I totally understand a publisher not interested in making games for the PSP. Pirates wanted to play for free, now PSP owners have no new games to play save a few.

Bought MGS:PW, amazing game. I would love to see Kojima effort put in this game gets rewarded but I'm not really expecting that to happen. It's a shame. Time for Sony to release PSP2.

ThanatosDMC2621d ago

I completely agree. Took me 33 hrs to finally finish chapter 4 of PW and WOW that was amazing. A lot of other things distracted me. I just finished a mission and saw "Chapter 5: Outer Heaven" and i was like "Wtf?! this game keeps on giving!"

Bought it for my Go. I really wish they didnt put the power slider on the right side since sometimes i put it to sleep by accident.

coolasj2621d ago

end up like Dissidia. If I was still in school my friends would still be asking me if they can hack my PSP so I can pirate. I'm buying this in about a month after I cut the backyards.

RememberThe3572621d ago

I'm about really to call the PSP, as a platform, dead.

Neo Nugget2621d ago

Peace Walker is an amazing title on the psp. It sucks that morons probably downloaded that too.

FarEastOrient2621d ago

I guess we'll have to wait for the PSP2 that is multi-core, the PS3 is multi-core and has one core disabled to developers so that it concentrates on OS and Security.

The Great Melon2621d ago

It pains me to see how the PSP suffers due to piracy. Although I love the custom firmwares on the PSP, I would give that all up to see the PSP have better sales and as a result more games.

Madis0072621d ago

Sony needs to make PSP like Playstation 3 where Piracy is 0
Playstation 3 is only console right now where is no Piracy

pimpmaster2621d ago

you could of said the same thing about the gamecube. till a couple years after it was out.

KRONie2621d ago

Just give it some time. Nothing is unhackable.

SpaceFox2621d ago

Wait, you can pirate DS games? Why have I been buying everything all these years!? =O

Just kidding people, pirating is wrong. But hell, my aunt pirates games for my younger cousin, seriously. It's that common, it's sad for the industry really.

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The story is too old to be commented.