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Natal Experience - Things We’re Hearing ’Round the Net (Live Blog)

The Natal Event is about to kick off in LA, and since no recording devices and the like are allowed, VG24/7 is going to describe the goings on that they’re hearing around the net best they can. So, keep checking this for constant updates. (Industry, Project Natal, Xbox 360)

zetsuei1  +   1499d ago
Hope that the execs
read n4g to know that if Natal is indeed priced at any higher than 100 dollars, its going to be a huge fail.
BRG9000  +   1499d ago
Right, because N4G represents a perfect slice of the target demographic of Natal.
ShepardVasNormandy  +   1499d ago
I think you mean XBOX KINECT.
pain777pas  +   1499d ago
I don't want to say it but this smells of fail. I want Kameo though one of the most underated games on the 360 and nothing else really like it on the system so lets try and hope that this thing works cause I'm a gamer and want to give everything a try and a fair shot at peaking my interest.
deadreckoning666  +   1499d ago
Raven-Symone, Michael Cera..WTF??
absolutecarnage  +   1499d ago
wow no offense dude but i think that n4g doesn't even come close to 1% of gamers in the world, I so sure that there like oh sh1t we never read n4g we are dooomed
SOAD  +   1499d ago
It doesn't even come close to 0.0001 percent.
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1499d ago
n4g is my new facebook lol
Rainstorm81  +   1499d ago
i agree, i use facebook as well and i rather the trolls, the gamers, and the fanboys compared to status updates about someone hating work or stuck in traffic.

BTW heres the N4G Fb page everyone

Inside_out  +   1499d ago
I hope somebody cams this thing...I don't want to wait till Tuesday to watch it...info should start streaming in soon....More pS3 kids than 360 kids on the Kinect threads...lol...they want to know too....good for them...the more the merrier...
NoFanboyZone  +   1499d ago
The amount of fanboys on this site is quite pathetic. The only reason people bash MS & Sony is because they are jealous about something, and if you think I am wrong it only means you are one of them.
Rainstorm81  +   1499d ago
i dont even thik it comes down to jealousy, I think its that some people feel the need to back what they purchase, and bash anything other wise.

It cant be as simple as being jealous because just as easy as you can buy a 360 you can buy a PS3, it all comes down to preference. Some people show thier preference different ways than others
SnuggleBandit  +   1499d ago

"interactive poncho"

looks like natal might have trouble detecting you if you aren't wearing this interactive poncho...now casuals are gonna look even more ridiculous playing with this crap
BRG9000  +   1499d ago
That's related to the Cirque du Soleil show. The press isn't actually PLAYING Natal/Kinect tonight if I understand correctly.

@below: Tweets say all their ponchos are now green. They change colors as part of the show.
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Moonboots  +   1499d ago
I'm still giving it a chance but
I'm wondering about that as well.. Why are suddenly everyone having to dress in monocolors? You can call it an interactive poncho but I am kinda suspicious here. And all the Cirque people are Blue? Hrmm.

EDIT: Nice.. I'd rather be wrong about that. We can put that one to rest.
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NoFanboyZone  +   1499d ago
Wow, I could have never seen an unthoughtout comment from a fanboy coming.
Parapraxis  +   1499d ago
LOL some people are leaving the event....

BRG9000  +   1499d ago
He clearly hasn't left as he's still tweeting about it. Thanks for linking him however, as I'm now following him as he tweets about the show every couple minutes. I don't think they're supposed to do this, so I hope he can keep it up.
Parapraxis  +   1499d ago
..I didn't say he did LOL.

The GiantBomb guys did though.

Sounds like it's getting pretty crazy now, so they may have left prematurely
NoFanboyZone  +   1499d ago
Lol, you should have kept reading his tweets, now he thinks it's awesome.
logikil  +   1499d ago
If you didn't say he did, why did you link to his tweets?

They got me at Kameo 2. I thought the first game was way underrated. Have no idea how you would play Kameo 2 using something like Natal aside from making gestures to change her form.
Parapraxis  +   1499d ago
I never said Cannata left.
Here ya go.
SIX  +   1499d ago
Gives new meaning to pulling the wool over your eyes. It's obvious that this E3 is about the casual market for MS. As a 360 gamer I would be embarrased and offended. I hope I'm wrong and MS does show some games to get excited for.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1499d ago
That's it, eh? I stayed up just to relearn about the games that USA Today outlined hours ago?

Ehh.....I gotta hit the hay. Same time tomorrow afternoon, gents?
HolyOrangeCows  +   1499d ago
They have to wear ponchos?
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fantasygamer  +   1499d ago
wow im wondering if you have to wear em to play o.o..
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Blaze929  +   1499d ago
looks like a damn religious cult.
SnuggleBandit  +   1499d ago
dont drink the M$ kool-aid!!!
Bellcross  +   1499d ago
cgoodno  +   1499d ago
I'm thinking they might be doing live capture of the Cirque persons with Kinect-like cameras when they move and the ponchos will help create a back-drop that will help to distinguish Cirque performer from audience member.

Otherwise... I prefer cherry Kool-Aid...
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BRG9000  +   1499d ago
Interesting, I'd say that's a pretty good guess. So it might be more accurate to call them NON-interactive ponchos.
cgoodno  +   1499d ago
Unfortunately I was completely wrong. It was so they could change the colors of the audience so when they tape it and re-air it the audience becomes part of the acts being performed.
mookins  +   1499d ago
Looks like some KKK rally if you ask me. Hilarious.
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KionicWarlord222  +   1499d ago
Hmm...looks like the kkk arrived .
Obama  +   1499d ago
That's also the first thing that came to my mind haha.
NewYork214  +   1499d ago
better watch out then obama. this comment feels wrong to post
niceguywii60  +   1499d ago
Arrived? N4G is a Ku Klux Klan compound with a Tea Party event forming as we speak.
polow got sol  +   1499d ago
So cool whish i was there
crapgamer  +   1499d ago
I love all the hate.
If It's $149 it will still do well, since one is all you need. Unlike Move or the Wii, you need to purchase extra controllers to have more then one person play at a time.
I think it look's like one heck of a show honestly. Well done and interactive, thus proving that EVERYONE can play it. Nice mixture of people as well. I have a feeling Kojima has a game to announce for it tomorrow. Exclusive game at that. I cant wait, as if the excitement wasn't already through the roof!!!

*Edit* So you think Move will work at $99 and an additional $99 or $69 per controller? Get real. If one fails they both will, though with the install base so much greater in the USA for Xbox 360 I suspect we'll see Natal or Kinect do just fine.
I should expect such noob logic from POS3 fans..lol GG. Wont catch MS now kiddos. Last place looks good on Sony though. :)
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Britney Spears  +   1499d ago
at 150 it wont do well,this gimmick is being hidden by wearing those suits.M$ should focus on making a working console.
Unicron  +   1499d ago
I dont think either will work well at these price points actually. You don't attract the casuals with such pricing.

Personally, I care not for motion controls, so I wouldn't care if both tank.

Though Natal's functionality in other aspects besides gaming intrigues me.
Adva  +   1499d ago
All you do is troll on N4G 24/7.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1499d ago
"So you think Move will work at $99 and an additional $99 or $69 per controller?"

As the xbox 360 posterboy on this site you would think that you would know that YOU ARE THE CONTROLLER! Did you really just say that?
fear88  +   1499d ago
Somehow I think the controllers for Kinect
Might be as dumb and obnoxious as 360 fanboys... oh wait.
HaVoK308  +   1499d ago
Some one wake me when they start talking about games. Games that use controllers that is.
alb1899  +   1499d ago
too much money in the house this is looking insane it can not fail because is to risky for MS!
Brklynty1   1499d ago | Personal attack | show
jdktech2010  +   1499d ago
Read the blog...this is some crazy stuff going on. It's like MS went on an acid trip when they thought all this up. I'm gonna watch the rebroadcast just to see what the heck everyone is talking about. There's literally an elephant walking through the crowd
K1W1  +   1499d ago
Kameo: EOP 2?
jdktech2010  +   1499d ago
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Moonboots  +   1499d ago
"A voice talking about discoveries is being heard as an elephant – a f***ing elephant – walks through the crowd."

Holy Crackers!

They have a real elephant!


EDIT: haha, crashed NeoGAF.. lots of gamers eyes on this.

EDIT2: Okay, I was wrong and I'm never trusting my source again.. It is called Kinect.. ugh. I'm willing to bet that leaked banner ad is real now. ugh.
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SOAD  +   1499d ago
So there wasn't an elephant?
Moonboots  +   1499d ago
ahah yup they did have an elephant. I was talking about the name.. I was told by someone close to Natal that it was called "Wave".

Related image(s)
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SOAD  +   1499d ago
Holy crap. Microsoft's marketing is usually better than this but they have gone off the deep end with Natal.
juniordee  +   1499d ago
Wow everyone must be refreshing the page, their site is so slow all of a sudden.

They must be getting so many hits from this.
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SuperStrokey1123  +   1499d ago
This is the opposite of cool... geez dont drink anything they give you guys...
negrito211  +   1499d ago
if the name is true kinect which they just announced i can pretty much guarantee that the leak 360 model is real. i dont have an xbox nor do i want one im just putting in my two cents
etownone  +   1499d ago
I'm sure I'm buying this. It's going to be the wii all over again.

Unlike the move, which is basically the wii. Everyone will want to at least try Natal/kinict. It will be the new gimmick for gaming.

And I'm sure, like the wii, the gimmick will get old for me pretty fast.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1499d ago
Kameo 2!? Cooollll, first one was a really neat game and had some good graphics for a launch game. Best thing Rare has released for xbox 360.
negrito211  +   1499d ago
but seriouly ...
what happened to rare thou? all these old companies are to over hyped for what they use to be and do from last gen.most of the originals left,just look at sega and other companies also
jdktech2010  +   1499d ago
Apparently the star wars game has lightsabers and darth vader with the player fighting darth vader.....hopefully I'm not misinterpreting that but it sounds like you control the lightsaber

pretty cool

Edit: Soccer and volleyball on now....Volleyball could actually be fun on natal. I think better than on move since you don't have to hold the controllers weighing your hands down. Interesting stuff so far

Edit 2: I miss my 9 bubbles from the old site......many of these are apparently live demos and things like running a race....it's hard to know without seeing but I'm interpreting it as your actually doing a running motion

Edit 3: Video chat....that's got no shot of backfiring (see Uno problems)
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K1W1  +   1499d ago
Sounds like the Star Wars game and Joyride might be the pick of the buch so far for launch titles.
X_GAMER_X  +   1499d ago
its over
Looking forward to see it ..

Signing off. More details at the press conference tomorrow.
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Arnon  +   1499d ago
Lightsaber duels and Kameo 2... I think I might be sold on this gimmick.
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Norad6  +   1499d ago
Read the whole blog.... MS is f'ing out of their minds. This event is now the biggest WTF moment in E3 history.
sgw_dec0y  +   1499d ago
Well.. I read the whole thing.. Seems really nuts what they did with all the ponchos and crap. A F*cking elephant? Just added it onto my DVR for both Monday and Tuesday. 1hr 30 min for the 360 conference but only 1/2 hour for the Natal Experience. Seems we will miss a lot of what they showed on Tuesday.
horris36  +   1499d ago
What the F**** is going on? :()

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