500GB PS3 Move bundle coming at E3

CVG has learned that Sony is set to reveal two new PS3 SKUs this week (also known as Mental E3 Week) which will come bundled with the Move motion controller.

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Blaze9292810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

unless the rumor of a new PS3 is true which could lower costs (even though they JUST started making a profit) then I find this hard to believe. Not for the fact that 500GB is a lot of room alone but 500GB bundled with MOVE which is really for the casual market? What is the casual market going to do with 500GB? Would make more sense for them to bundle MOVE in a smaller, lower cost PS3 bundle where the hardcore can just go out and buy the PS Eye and MOVE.


@YoungKiller oh is that what it meant? So basically whatever PS3 you choose - it will have MOVE bundled huh?

YoungKiller252810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

another bundle with 250gigs FOR THE CASUAL
the 500gigs is for the hardcore; their just satisfying everyone.

PS3 It Only Does Everything, come this E3 that means everything even Xross game chat

karl2810d ago

really need 500gb?

i consider myself a hardcore gamer.. and i barely use half my 80gb hardrive...

games alone i should say...

YoungKiller252810d ago

Second paragrapgh of the article
"Sony plans to release *500GB and 250GB versions of its slimline powerhouse bundled with the new motion controller* later this year, according to our industry source in Los Angeles."

it doesnt make you less hardcore to not use up HDD space its just sometime 40-250 gigs isnt enough; with all the demos, downloadable games, DLC, and movies you need that extra space.

Bereaver2810d ago

Well, I usually don't work up enough nerve to talk to you Blaze929 because I usually don't care. But, in the case, you must understand the casual market. THEY DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!!!!

Just look at it this way.

A family is walking around looking for a form of interactive game.

"Ohhh look, there's a 250gb 360. Ohh look, there's a wii. OHHH WOW!! LOOK!!! THE PS3 HAS 500GB!!!!"

C'mon, you know the casual market eats that stuff up.

The Great Melon2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )


I know I use my 60 GB to the max for game installs, music, videos, demos, etc. Having 500 GB might be a little excessive for me since I don't plan on moving my entire media library to the ps3. However, I can easily see myself using 100 GB for just gaming alone.

I actually need more room on my 120 GB xbox hard drive because I install every game to enjoy a more quite experience.

commodore642810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

@ bereaver...

Lol.. where to begin..

The casual market doesn't know what a 'gb' is.
The casual market doesn't know what a 'Hdd' is.

All they care about is the price, the looks, the games and what's popular with their friends.

Making a purchase based on the specifications of Hdd capacity is what informed gamers do (read:geeks) - not casuals.

shoddy2810d ago

I download HD 720p movies and it's roughly 6-7gb average size on my pc.
Not to mention 1080p movies that is my standard.
10 movies then say bye bye to your 100gb.

nunley332810d ago

watch movies like all people do, unless your a 360 owner and can't watch a movie off of your 360 hdd because microsoft doesn't let you copy hardly anything to it.

jack_burt0n2809d ago


No thats not casual thats a f**king idiot.

My grandmother knows what a hardrive is FFS what ur describing is the kind of ppl who believe Microsofts advertising.

SaiyanFury2809d ago

Oo great announcement. I can always install a larger HDD for a cheaper price, but what attracted me was the addition of n-band wireless connectivity. All of the computers in my house are connected to my n-band wireless router. Even my 80GB PS3 is hardwired into my wireless ethernet bridge to take advantage of it's n-band capability. I've been playing around with the idea of getting a slim PS3 to replace my defunct 60GB model. If they release the new models with n-band, I'll score the cheaper version and replace the HDD with a higher capacity model. Good on you Sony for including wireless n-band connectivity. You just sold me a new console. PS3 in the near future: It really does do everything. :)

RedDragan2809d ago

@ commodore64

The casual usually has a laptop or PC and are well aware of what HDDs and GBs mean. Heck, they use them enough in work as well.

Stop trying to look smart because you are not pulling it off in this instance.

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-Alpha2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

My God, why did I buy a 40 GB lol.

At least I can upgrade for a sensible fee. 500 GB is just insane.

Well zoks with 500 GB I'd download so many demos, I wouldn't have to delete actual PSN games, etc. Really, I'll settle for just 80 GB too.

I've made terrible purchases with consoles this gen. I bought a PS3 with the stupid Spiderman pack when the MGSIV bundle came out, and then after that more models came in for cheaper.

And I only just bought a 360 with the new model set to debut tomorrow. Gotta tell you I have so much buyer's remorse lol. I suck with the timing.

zoks3102810d ago

I dont know how people live with a PS3 having such a small HDD. I have a 500gig in my PS3 and let me tell you im actually running out of space. Bring on the 1TB HDD Sony.

zoks3102810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

I know trust me, dont blame yourself, it just these companies now a days they are so inconsistent or consistent however you look at it.

They release a version and 1 million people buys it, then they upgrade it so you re-buy it and 2 million more people along with you. That is why I'll always go for hardware that is DIY upgradeable in this case the PS3, a valuable tip i picked up in my PC days..... awwwwww... memories, expensive, dumb decisions, fell into the big business trap memories.....

Colonel-Killzone2810d ago

Alpha they got a 500 gig hard drive on amazon for only 60 dollars. ^_^ just to let you know.

-Alpha2810d ago

I learned nothing, since I bought a 360 recently. Seriously, I should have held off for a lower price, I have no money these days for games. At least I have access to more games now.

xTruthx2810d ago

alpha you have 5 bubbles!, first one in N4g I have seen with 5 bubbles lol.

Darrius Cole2810d ago


I have an 80GB PS3 but I have two 1TB external hard drives, 1 for actual use and 1 for backup. I put all of my media on them. That clears my PS3 for actual game data, music and short term movie/media storage.

bloodybutcher2809d ago

i have a 320gb ps3 and lots of space left but i use it only for gaming...and i was thinking about getting x360, but ps3 itself takes up all of my free time so i don't know what i'd do with 2 consoles o_O

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iamtehpwn2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

I kept posting this *everytime* there was a post about PS3 shortages. And I had an overhwhelming amount of disagrees before this one.

zoks3102810d ago

I just visited that link and gave you a bubble. ;-)

tahersaid2810d ago

I think they will drop the price but will bundle this huge hard drive with it so that they keep the price high again between $300 and $400 and convice you that you have a great deal here.

infekt2810d ago

Honestly, a PS3 with MOVE, 500Gb, and wireless N capability is well worth $399! I bought a 60 Gb for $599 in 2007. To get a PS3 that supposedly has a slightly faster Blu-ray drive than the originals and consumes less power, I will be picking a 500Gb model if it comes out at that price point.

zoks3102810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

$299 and $350, most likely Sony wont go beyond that sweet spot. They will bundle MOVE at a lost in the console, but make it back in software sales of MOVE titles and stand alone MOVE hardware purchases for people that already have the cam.

I personally see MOVE being a huge Christmas gift this year for current PS3 owners. For under a $100 a love one or friend can get you a nice upgrade for your PS3. Sony should also add more value to the cam by teaming up with or some internet social company and have people do video stat updates from their living room straight to Facebook.
They dont have to do exactly that, but give the cam another reason for use, because at the end of the day it's a cam, and now-a-days people love cams, Sony should capitalize on that, because at some point Microsoft will, and this should not be as expensive for them or Facebook to pull that off.

And in all fairness these new PS3 will use a new chip-set and cheaper graphics card, so the Slim should be cheaper to manufacture now compared to when it was first launched last September 2009.

I LOVE GAMES2810d ago

500GB PS3 Move bundle FOR $349


250GB PS3 Move bundle FOR $249


120GB PS3 Move bundle FOR $199.


gta28002810d ago

Dude, that there would be a massive bomb.

PirosThe4th2810d ago

DAMN! And I bought my ps3 here in Australia for 500 bucks the 40 gb that is...

Ps3 here still 500 bucks...

The taxes on electronic devices are incredible ....

I bought mine from overseas (japan) when the ps3 here was around 699... and the launch price here I heard it was around 1000!

I envy you Americans...
Next time I gotta go there and buy a Slim withthe move bundle xD

Meryl2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

we all hope this is true, not only will ps3 outsell 360 but it may have a good chance to outsell the wii for a while:):) (i am talking about the $199 ps3 btw)

house2810d ago

i think thats the most logical thing that would happen if a 500gb ps3 comes out

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gta28002810d ago

I just bought a slim and it sucks that they're gonna release a newer SKU. But I'm not mad though, I wouldn't be able to wait till the release of Move to buy a PS3. Too much great gaming I'd be missing out on!

SOAD2810d ago

It's just a larger HDD and MOVE.

I actually got a PS3 phat Uncharted 1 Bundle one week before PS3 Slim was released for a hundred bucks less.

Kors2810d ago

imo, Sony should concentrate more on releasing a cheaper PS3 to increase marketshare. 500GB PS3 is just going to keep prices higher.

Lifendz2810d ago

If anything, you want to package the Move with a PS3 that has a smaller drive so as to keep the price down as low as possible.

Elimin82810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

I disagreed with you cause i have the 120 and have 30 gigs left on there. Just got a new one... Granted i only had about 80+ to about 111G to start with despite the fact that it says 120.. But I do have a ton of PSn games and movies on there so trust me it goes fast... And Like you I do consider myself a hardcore gamer although I prefer the term "A Gamer at heart".

basicsameh5142810d ago

why would my mother want 500gb?

vhero2809d ago

You will need 500gb soon with all these PS2 classics coming to PSN.

sikbeta2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I'm thinking about a 500GB PS3 without Move and a a 120GB or 250GB PS3 Bundled with Move but 500GB + Move is like too much...

Dave13512809d ago

dang its crazy, goin from 20gb and 60gb to 500!

marinelife92809d ago

If Sony is smart they will bundle a move controller in with every new PS3 sold once it's released.

Worked for Nintendo and Blu-Ray

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PRHB HYBRiiD2810d ago

500 ?? i had the 80 gb one and that's nuff to me

dktxx22810d ago

I have a 60 and ive never used more than 25gigs on it. with demos, videos and music on it.

and really that much space is kind of worthless. i cant imagine how one would fill it up.

BaSeBaLlKiD7212810d ago

It does fill up.. At least for me, it does. When I still had the 60gb HDD in my PS3, I was down to less than 10gb... Ever since I upgraded to my 250gb, it's been good with about 50gb left.

duplissi2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

........... really?! i have a 60gb and up until last year i was always having to delete stuff to install new games or demos.... now i have a 500 and im already half full and ive thrown my entire music library on it and a few movies/tv shows as well. now i dont ever have to worry about what game or demo to delete- i hated doing that cause what if you decide to play it later? i dont like waiting for it to reinstall/redownload especially if its a game that had lots of updates...

hell, my 120gb elite is nearly full too!

edit: you do know that some games install in excess of 5gb... right? mgs4, gta4, oblivion, fallout, most capcom games...

zireno2810d ago

yep, as baseballkid and duplissi said, it does fill up and in my case pretty fast, i bought a 40 GB and made the upgrade to 500 GB almost a year and a half ago. it's great to be able to have as many demos, game installs, pictures, music and movies stored in the hard drive without having to worry about space, and at 70 bucks it was a no-brainer.

gta28002810d ago

It fills up if you actually buy games. I had an original 60GB and with all the game installs the older games have and all the PSN purchases I've made my space was gone fast. I would have to keep deleting things every month just to download the new Qore episode.

whitesoxfalife2810d ago

even it may seems like a lot of space for a game console its really not

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OpenGL2810d ago

I have 500GB 7200RPM drive in my PS3 and I only have about 186GB of free space.

Silly gameAr2810d ago

Me too. 320 gigs left to work with.

ShepardVasNormandy2810d ago

You could not have possibly spent so much money on content to fill 314GB of content. I could understand spending a lot of money on games but they are on disc, at least the large file ones. What in the world is on that hard drive. I mean holy cow.

zireno2810d ago

well I don't know about him, but I also have a 500 gig HDD and when you have tons of music, pictures and movies besides games, demos and game installs it does fills up pretty fast

ShepardVasNormandy2810d ago

Ok i'll believe it, it just is astonishing to me how much that much content would cost. Especially the music and movies to get that amount of memory worth. I don't know I don't have that much content but damn...

OpenGL2810d ago

I just checked and it's at 183GB, and a 500GB hard drive is really only about 465GB formatted.

I've got 41GB of music, most of my DVD collection ripped taking up about 64GB, 60GB of TV shows, 20GB or so of home movies, 10GB of photos, and then all of my PSN games and game installs.

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kneon2810d ago

I upgraded my 80Gb to 640Gb as I had filled the 80. I think most of the space was game installs and game saves, I have about 40 games at the moment. No idea how many have installs but no more than about 10-15gb was used by music, photos and video.

500gb drives are really cheap now so it makes sense for them to do this. The retail price difference between a 250 to a 500 is only about $20. I'm sure it's even less at wholesale prices.

PRHB HYBRiiD2810d ago

yeah some people use the ps3 for alot of stuff...movies series music and 500 it good for some.

ShepardVasNormandy2810d ago

you would have to spend high hundreds to thousands of dollars to fill 500GB with that extra content.

shoddy2810d ago

that's is half full now, I don't have video store in my region to download 1080p movies. When I do 500gb will be fill in a couple of years.

remember eventually it'll get fill up cause ps3 is good for another 7 years.

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Godmars2902810d ago

Heard on a podcast it can take a 640GB.

duplissi2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

as far as i know you can install a hdd thats as big as they get 1tb+

HolyOrangeCows2810d ago

It's another "according to our insider sources" article.

NastyLeftHook2810d ago

count me it if its $400.00.

krouse932810d ago

I know that for a fact. Why would they charge more than $349 which is their highest price right now. It will cost $299 and will have the bundle with a 500gig hard drive. And a $199 version will be released for those who want just a 250gig PS3, with no bundle.