'SingStar Dance' to be revealed at E3

Sony will reveal a new SingStar game titled 'Singstar Dance' during this week's E3 Expo, CVG has been informed.

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dizzleK2926d ago

*groans* well, they can't all be winners.

Johnny Rotten2926d ago

I didn't disagree but singstar seems to be pretty huge around the world. That pic is soooo metro sexual though. lol

lord_of_balrogs2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Not a big fan of Singstar, but it does have it does sell well.

vhero2926d ago

Lets dance is a very popular game for the wii but the major downfall is not being able to download tracks. Singstar can change all that. It would probably be like rockband for wanabee popstars though. One sings the other dances. Sorry but that has "this will sell millions" written all over it. How many young girls wanna be popstars?? This will sell through the roof if true.

jack_burt0n2926d ago

Obviously its going to attract two types, teen girls that like to film themsleves and older men that like to watch LOL

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zetsuei12926d ago

Any European that I know loves Singstar and Granturismo. Dunno why but its extremely popular there xD

52pickup2926d ago

I'm from the UK and yes,dancing and kareoke is a big deal,and so is GT5!

rob60212926d ago

Will the dancing be with just PlayStation Eye? or will it need move? Or a mat or something.. I think Sony is anxious to show that a 2D camera can do most of what 3D one can so I'm thinking the first option.

NJShadow2926d ago

CVG has gone from decent to downright laughable over the past few weeks, what a joke.

Obama2926d ago

This better NOT be at the conference.

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The story is too old to be commented.