Mass Effect 2 Discounted to $19.99 @ Kmart

"Mass Effect 2 is discounted to $19.99 at (cough... not Target... cough...).

Highly recommended at this price if you can snag a copy..."

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Mista T2741d ago

your hate all games if you don't buy this at this price

SOAD2741d ago

The price has dropped because EA is going to release a GOTY edition with the DLC bundled in.

tplarkin72741d ago careful about planet scanning too much!!! Do no scan until you get the scan speed upgrade from Miranda!!!

Planet scanning is an abomination!!!

At first it's not bad, but it takes hours to obtain everything, and planet scanning is the only way to buy anything (except for chump change you get on missions).

young juice2741d ago

thanks, samurai jack.

ill keep that in mind

Cheeseknight282741d ago

They patched Planet Scanning... it runs quite a bit faster. Takes less than a minute to finish a planet typically.

tplarkin72741d ago

...the only way to fix planet scanning is to make Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk play it for 40 days, eating just bread and water. On the 41st day, we get an update which provides all the resources we need to buy everything.

Inside_out2741d ago

Well that ends the rumor...Mass effect 3 inbound with multi-player...

NumeroUno2741d ago

GoTY contender - pick up this game if you haven't!

spooky2052741d ago

Epic game. The only criticism i can think of is the tedious planet scanning. Aside from that everything is pretty damn enjoyable.

Myst2741d ago

People should most certainly pick this up! Replaying through it now and trying to do everything, really enjoying this game again.

dizzleK2741d ago

i'm a sony fanboy and even i'd say theres something wrong with you if you pass this up for $20.

rob60212741d ago

If they don't announce a PS3 version at E3, I'll definately get this..

PRHB HYBRiiD2741d ago

wow this game at this price....go get it now..even if you are in pajamas.

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The story is too old to be commented.