Crysis 2 Will be First Major Game Available in 3D

PSLS Writes: Crysis 2, Crytek and Electronic Arts upcoming shooter, is already being touted as the "Game of The Year" from the developers. Now it looks like they are keen to back the bold statement up by confirming that the second installment in the franchise will be the first major game available in 3D when it's released later this year.

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frankymv2961d ago

looking forward to this game.

Sunny_D2961d ago

on PS3/PC since the PS3 is the only console actually trying to push 3D. Unlike another console where it's fanboys condemn it. Too bad your nightmares are becoming a reality faster than you thought.

DaCajun2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

I've seen articles where they are saying it is possible on the 360 and the fanboys praise it but when they talk about it in PS3 articles they condemn it. Talk about hypocrites.

pimpmaster2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

do you guys own a 2000$-3000$ 3dtv? then stfu.

both of yall are fanboys fighting over nothing, 3d is a pointless feature that nobody is going to use THIS GEN since the tvs are so expensive.even if you went out and bought a overpriced 3d tv,theres no 3d content to justify it, wait till next gen to fight over which console has 3d and which doesnt.

Anon73492961d ago

Killzone 3

That's already 2 games confirmed to have 3D on them, and the PS3's 3D hasn't even been released yet.

Just wait until tonnes of PS3 games have 3D, I can guarantee that sony wish push 3D games HARD. Almost all games will start being 3D enable soon because sony wants to sell 3D TVs.

That amount of 3D content is nothing to worry about.

Also, you show further idiocy when you said it's stupid to buy a 2000-3000 TV then mention that will be relevant the WHOLE gen. This gen's life span still has 3-5+ years left.

You obviously don't know/understand has fast the price of 3D tv's will drop.

Recently I got a paint job done on my car, it costed over 7000 dollars, I don't think 1-2000$ is a lot for a new 3D TV.

R_aVe_N2961d ago

@pimpmaster - speak for yourself there bud over half my friends have already bought 3D TV's. Anybody that is into movies and games should be working towards getting one. You are are not a real gamer or movie buff if you don't see that the next step in entertainment. It is just common since.

pimpmaster2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

well im sorry for being amongst the average joe crowd here that cant afford a 7000$ paint job. the crowd that actually matters in the grand scheme of things. just cause your rich and can throw 7000$ down the drain for your car to be another color. (wow,facepalm to that, 7000$ paint job. why? it better be a ferrari to justify that kind of retarded spending.what ever happened to buying a car in the color u want it in the first place)

anyways, beside just a handfull of 3d blue ray movies and 2(lol) sony published 3d games which arent released till AT LEAST 2011 theres no other content. what im saying is 3d isnt relevant to the mass market until you get every movie to incorporate 3d as well as tv channels which isnt going to happen anytime soon. of course theres rich people like you that will throw away money at anything.clearly you havent even bought a 3dtv so youve proven my point. but w/e go ahead and buy your 3d tv have fun playing GT5 and killzone 3 oh wait.. next year right. yea your 3d tv will be totally worth the investment,aside from watching 3d avatar 30 times at home i fail to see the point of buying an overpriced tv with no content for it.

yes i guess you can say 3dtvs will last a long time, if you dont take into concideration second , third , forth gen 3d tvs which will be rolling out thought the decade. not to mention thats IF tv stations even embrace 3d, cause withought it its really going to be a failure. as i said before, 3d is irrelevant until the NEXT gen of consoles where 3d is enabled for every single game not just a handfull of sony published games.

@ second reply, i was really feeling the whole 3d thing and wanted to buy one. though, i was listening to a podcast where they basically did a skit about basically how dumb the whole 3d thing really is. i mean, am i really goin to buy a 3d tv to play kz3 and gt5? 360 has been around for almost 5 years now and ps3 4 years. its only 2-3 years till next gen will arive, and with it 3d in every game will be supported though hardware. instead of splitting the ps3s power by 1/3 just to do the 3d effects. which is only for a handfull of games anyways

ThanatosDMC2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Wow look at that butthurt fankid. You only need a minimum of 120Hz hdtv, normall that's a normal good hdtv to buy if you're knowledgeable about your purchase. 240Hz is even better. I got a Bravia 120Hz instead of a Philips Plasma 600Hz mainly for the prize of electricity that Plasma eats.

Btw, isnt there a 3D batman game all ready out for the PS3 and 360? That means they can do it too for all Ps3/360 games easily.

ravinash2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

You just need to look at how HDTV is slowly taking up a larger part of the market to see how 3DTV will do.

At the start there was very little content, and even now unless you have pay TV a lot of people will only get it through Bluray players and HD consoles. Freeview here in the UK will be getting HD soon with companies like BBC and ITV setting up their channels for it.

I expect that once the framework for HDTV is done, 3DTV will be a bit easier.
So 3DTV is here and if you want to enjoy it now and have the money then why not.
If your on a tight budget like i am then I'll wait till either the price comes down or I come across some money some here.

I would quite like to play WipeOut HD in 3D which you can do right now with the right TV.

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evrfighter2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

no....not on pc...

just stop there.

B-Real2062961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )


well at least on PC

D4RkNIKON2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

The 360 version will come with a pair of these

raztad2961d ago

Anaglyph 3D? because I dont think EA is gonna make 3D exclusive to the PS3/PC.

Nihilism2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

EA isn't making anything, they are publishing it. They do not create the technology.

The press the "start" button on the printing press for the discs and "start" on the hype machine.

raztad2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

So do you think EA has not say in which platforms the game will be? or what features the game will sport?

I'm not saying EA is developing the game, but its quite likely they are funding it. So if the xbox is unable to output stereoscopic 3D, I find hard to believe the PS3 will be getting this option exclusively. Color me surprised if that happens.

blumatt2961d ago

Why should the PS3 version be held back. If it can do it, it should be included in that version.

Nihilism2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

"So do you think EA has not say in which platforms the game will be?"

No they have absolutely no say what platforms the game will be on.

You realise that the developers CHOOSE the publisher. If they wish to create multiplatform games then they often go with publishers who's brand is well known on all platforms, if they are going with 1 console then they are more likely to be published by Microsoft or Sony etc for the console specific support, again...the developers make the game, and for which platforms they choose, and they choose the publisher.

EA does not develop or have any stake in any technology whatsoever. Nor do other publishers, the only publisher who does is Valve.

"I'm not saying EA is developing the game, but its quite likely they are funding it."

Publishers do not fund game development, only the developers who hold a stake in the platform they own have any reason to fund game development.

Read any number of developer interviews, they all talk about the costs of development for their own studios, I.D, valve, GasPowered Games... they all foot the bill. The publisher gets a cut of the profit in exchange for advertising and distribution, that is the start and end of developer relationships.

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vhero2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

If its true its really 3D then PS3 already won in which version better in 360/ps3 as they have the superior 3D. The only thing that bothers me here is 3D does hurt graphics simply because it uses some of the power of the console for the 3D rendering taking some power away from graphic processing.

@pimpmaster $2000 for a 3D tv?? they are $1000 and dropping every week. Soon all TV's will come with 3D capability by default.

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razorc032961d ago

There must be something to this 3D. Seems like alot of AAA devs are taking the time to work in that direction. I'm getting a little curious about it now.

doctorstrange2961d ago

When done well, 3D in movies adds about 10-20% to the experience, 3D in games adds 40-50% to the experience.

If you have bucket loads of money, this is great news indeed

dude_uk2961d ago

I guess its because it brings us close to that barrier of just being able to "nearly touch" the game.

Mista T2961d ago

the future of gaming looks bright, in the future graphics will be so good and with the 3d it'll feel your literally there

DaCajun2961d ago

Because supposedly the devs say it is actually easier to create a 3D game than a 2D.


ravinash2961d ago

Games are already made in 3d, its just a matter of adding depth to the image you see and drawing you in even more.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Looks like PS3 with their tech on 3D and PC (Nvidia 3D Vision) will only have this amazing feature.

sikbeta2961d ago

I don't get why the Disagrees, I mean PC got 3D since long Time and the PS3 is adding 3D too, it's not a Lie, anyway 3D Gaming FTW!!!

ht21122961d ago

the new ATI Catalyst drivers since February support stereotropic 3d in BluRay and now even the ATI cards have 3D!

Nihilism2961d ago

don't get too excited, you need to read up on it, ATI cards require a propriety monitor and a special emmiter etc ( and no i'm not joking ) last I heard it will cost well over $1000 to get the 3D gear needed for an ATI card

Sevir042961d ago

is this stereoscopic 3d like the PC and PS3 can do or is it the lame r&b analog 3d we've been doing for the past 2 decades?

DaCajun2961d ago

Stereoscopic on PS3 just like on the PC.

ravinash2961d ago

I was in the shop yesterday where they were demo'ing a 3DTV.
It had clips from a football game, a nature doco and Super stardust 3D which you can get on PSN now.
And this was using the Stereoscopic glasses.

It looks good.