190° Toy Story 3 HD Video Review

Does the game of the newest film live up to the quality standard set by the original SNES/Genesis titles? Or does Toy Story 3: The Video Game fall victim to the licensed game curse?

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Nitrowolf22956d ago

"Don't Bother"
i love Toy Story i still am going to rent it

Montrealien2956d ago

This is actually a pretty solid game, kids will love it. I am enjoying it. Then again, I am a big kid.

jay22956d ago

I don't know weather to laugh or cry, I'm a HUGE Toy Story fan, I loved the games on the SNES, I even got the PC virsion back in the Windows 95 days, And we had to get a new PC to play it at the time. I was about 7.

Anyway, it's clear to me that the only way to make decent games/movies, movies/games, books into movies ect is to let the creator come up with the goods.

Worff2956d ago

Or just stick with solid 2D plane platforming, which is very hard to screw up. I remember having the Toy Story Interactive Storybook or something with a bunch of activities for my Windows 3.1 computer.

Quagmire2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

3.1? Werent Cavemen using that?

Nitrowolf22956d ago

i enjoyed playing toy story on my PS1 (or was it N64? i can't remember)

Tron_Rocks2956d ago

I think the game is going to better than what the review calls for. More for kids and kids at heart who loved the movies will love the game. I know me and my kids are still looking forward to this game.

beardpapa2956d ago

Was at the world premiere in Hollywood today for the movie. Never really play movie-turned-games but hopefully this is as good as the movie. Great for the kids.

RockmanII72956d ago

I want to play the game that Rex is always playing

Zydake2956d ago

Rex should've been the dev

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