AAG - E3 2010: Some true rumors and rumors we hope will be true!

With this years E3 starting tomorrow, All Age Gaming's Ian Crane sifts through the abundance of E3 2010 rumors circulating and provides some rumors that should turn out to be true and some that we hope will be true.

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Neo Nugget2956d ago

" In a perfect world Sony releases a 3D capable touch screen ready version of the PSP to rival the Nintendo 3DS. It has wireless Bluetooth and still supports UMDs. But hackers can un-brick it easily to allow for modding and custom downloads. Does not require 3D glasses to play and finally comes with 2 thumb sticks. Unlikely but Sony announces that the PSP Go is a waste of money and will stop production ASAP. PSP 2 supports VoIP chat and has an inbuilt camera."

Sounds like somebody likes to download games on his psp.

richard9192956d ago

new syphon filter pleeeaaassee!! i know its not a rumor but idc!