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Ziriux2840d ago

Looks like a high-end PC.

Nitrowolf22840d ago

yeah when i look at that i think of a PC

-Alpha2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

It looks awesome. I recently bought an Elite and feel like a moron for not waiting. I really hope MS uses this to have its own little rebranding to jump-start the revitalization process for the 360. It worked so well for Sony. I especially am hoping for MS to take LIVE to new heights, that thing is long overdue for some huge features. Looking at OnLive and seeing it's online features makes me think MS really can add a ton of new things for LIVE and I expect them to do it.

Tomorrow is going to be all about the Xbox, not Natal, and I am so, so excited. I am highly anticipating a restructure or an evolution for LIVE and please MS, show us new games.

Why are people disagreeing? Aren't people excited for E3? Don't you guys like the redesign? Certainly it looks much sexier and more modern.

SeanRL2840d ago

It does, the only thing that pisses me off is that they seem to just be copying Sony's every move. A redesign, price cut, bigger hard drive, etc.

DMason2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Yeah, cause Sony didnt copy anything from Microsoft. /s

This industry is all about jacking ideas. Microsoft mimics Sony, Sony mimics Microsoft. If you think that upping the HDD size is "copying", then youre clueless. Digital distribution and the ability to save your games to the HDD requires more space. And redesigns to a smaller model isnt Sonys idea. Its been around for 20 years.

-Alpha2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Um, why does that piss you off? A price cut?

Everybody does price cuts... would you rather it stayed the same price forever? MS is competing with Sony and they don't want Sony to win. So price cuts are a great way to do that. Smart move IMO, and very beneficial for gamers.

Sony didn't create redesigns, that has existed back before the PlayStation even existed with Nintendo. Sure they've redesigned all their consoles, but they certainly weren't the first to do that. And once again, this redesign has many benefits, which once again, benefits the gamers.

A bigger hard drive is sort of expected don't you think? I mean, both PS3 and 360 use hard drives, and the bigger the better wouldn't you say? Shouldn't the fact that this is getting copied be a GOOD thing? How could you possibly be upset with this when gamers are benefiting??

These are good ideas that should be promoted. Sony didn't "Create" any of this and Sony sure as hell copied from MS too, but why fight that petty war? I encourage the sharing of ideas and features. Great ideas benefit the consumer. No offense but I can't believe you got 4 agrees for saying MS copies Sony when they really didn't. I'm so confused with the logic around here.

Hideo_Kojima2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Sexyyyyyyy :P

And who knows a new design could solve many of the problems that revolve around the internet... RROD, loud fan, disk scratching?

I don't know how common they are but they could be over if its designed well.

Edit: oh please Psfan999 shut your gob. Next you will complain that every car company copies the driving wheel. Or that phones copy touch screens and the button layout.

Its not about what you copy but whether you improve upon the copy or not.

Applegate2840d ago

"It does, the only thing that pisses me off is that they seem to just be copying Sony's every move. A redesign, price cut, bigger hard drive, etc."

I think there's no hope for you guys...

deadpoole2840d ago

if u see motherboard pic of this xbox 360 ... youll clearly see that ginormouse cooling fan is made in china ... hence rrod.

Hideo_Kojima2840d ago

lol never noticed that... I don't get how everything that is made in China breaks or breaks something else.

Is this some kind of evil plot enforced on by the Chinese government to take over the world?

Inside_out2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Waiting all day...things are happening fast...can nobody keep a secret E3....New machine looks sharp...the prices being mentioned are a little high...definitely looking at the bundle...probably won't be confirmed until tomorrow...

So much for$190 for stand alone...hope that's wrong...

Conloles2840d ago

No wonder it looks so awesome then

AngryTypingGuy2839d ago

It cracks me up how some people think all MS does is copy and everything that Sony does is original. I see lame arguments like "A redesign, price cut, bigger hard drive, etc." and laugh. Redesigning, cutting the price and adding on a bigger hard drive are necessary for business.

MS is a pioneer in online gaming. The Xbox wasn't the first console to do online gaming, but no one can argue that MS has taken online console gaming to new heights. Also, MS was the first to have analog trigger buttons on their controller, something very important for shooters. Sony blatantly copied that, without redesigning the rest of the controller to make it more suitable for shooters. When you hold a PS controller, your fingers rest on the L1 and R1 buttons, so what do they do? They make most PS games shoot with the L1 and R1 buttons and waste the triggers.

My point isn't to blast Sony, because Sony are originators and extremely successful. My point is that Sony is not above looking toward the competition to enhance their own product (just like the others), and my point is that believe it or not, MS can innovate too.

ShinMaster2839d ago

Like if the Wii and an Alienware PC had an offspring, this ugly thing would be the result :P

Fat Bastard2839d ago

Built in wi-fi and 250gb hard drive for $299? That sounds like a much better deal to me than the previous elite. Too bad I just bought one of the old models :(

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Arnon2840d ago

Really hoping it's true. Thinner model that runs cooler and quieter with built in WIFI and a 250 GB HDD is nothing but win.

Jazz41082840d ago

It kind of looks like an Elite with a dent in the top of the case.

Nike2840d ago

Looks kind of like they took they front of the original 360, redesigned the button and tray, and then gave it a sharp angled case mod similar to the Wii's.

commodore642840d ago

@ nike

agreed, that's what I thought.
I wouldn't go calling this a slim... it's more of a redesign.

The Wii-like angularity seems to be a deliberate move.
Maybe the shape is designed to catch the subconscious atention of the very 'wii-aware' consumer segment?

If that's the theory, and if it works.. very clever.

Imperator2840d ago

As long as they've fixed the issues with the current 360, I don't mind. Looks a lot better than the current design imo.

Akagi2840d ago

Too bad it isn't.

But seriously, both sides appear to be similar, so won't it be awkward putting it face down?

If it's real, that is.

jack who2840d ago

wats your point the 360 look like a dell

BannedForNineYears2840d ago

High-end PC with a Magnavox Odyssey inside.

jerethdagryphon2840d ago

its still a brick

its using a dvd drive minimim size for that is 5.25x1.25x6.5 slighly longer if it is still a swar model based off of that it gives a rough dimension of
11x10x2.5 inches

larger if it incorperates a psu directly

putting it on par with a ps3 phat in general size

if they did the wise thing and off set the gpu/cpu and heatsink to the lower half of the machine directly ubnder those ridges it could reduce over heat issues by a significant amount, the hdd will lily be internaliszed as if wifi and other goodies are intheree then that would be about the right size

Parapraxis2840d ago

I think that what we'll see tomorrow is the re-designed console bundled with Kinect retailing at $299.

MS will probably move to 2 models:
This new one from the banner will be the Elite - $299 (250GB HDD & Built in Wifi)
There will be another with a smaller HDD bundled with Kinect - 299$
And the smaller HDD console standalone - 199$

SIX2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Kevin Butler infiltrated E3 and leaked MS's big announcments! Well played Sony. In all seriousness though. I think it looks good.

morkendo2840d ago

look more like a computer tower than anything

NumeroUno2839d ago

My thoughts exactly considering I have a tower that looks VERY SIMILAR, except it has LEDs scattered throughout the case. I think it's a great move by Microsoft.

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crapgamer2840d ago ShowReplies(10)
SpLinT2840d ago

Looks like im buying my First Xbox 360.

GLoRyKnoT2840d ago

Tho, i do feel the same. i won't act on it. OT: i think it's real.

Applegate2840d ago

The disagrees you got tells a thousand things about the population on this site...

air12840d ago

please have a built in natal or kinect and i hope they got rid of the pwoer brick

Milamber2840d ago

Probably will have a power brick, just hope it's a smaller one!