Portal 2: Innovation v. Tradition

For a decade, gaming had boiled down to an arms race of making the same games again, but bigger, faster and better looking. While this was enough to satisfy some gamers, developers soon began to break away from this tradition, realizing that they could expand their market by creating completely new styles of games.

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Mista T2956d ago

this is why I love Valve. they always try to innovate and try to release quality games and they always take there time trying to perfect there product. though l4d series is an exception

BeOneWithTheGun2956d ago

Portal is one of my favorite games. As much as I love RPG, Action/Adventure and FPS and whatnot, a really slick thinking game hits the spot sometimes. Really looking forward to this one.

HenryFord2955d ago

Why is l4d an exception? l4d1 was great, awesome game - l4d2 was a little short, that is true, but still it's one solid game. And: The Quality is still top-of-the-notch, I am used to loads more of crap (take a look at Ubi, EA, and whatnot)