Which COD map pack? Stimulus or Resurgence?

Those canny fellows behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 have left us with a dilemma. Another map pack has emerged but once again, it's ridiculously priced. Most gamers out there only have finite funds with which to fuel their unhealthy dependence on video games... so, unless you want to sell a kidney, which one should you choose - the Stimulus package or shiny new Resurgence DLC?

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Mista T2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

yeh save your cash, start saving for KZ3, Portal 2, new Deus Ex, GT5, Rage, Agent, Starhawk, etc.

better games

aceitman2719d ago

for 6 new maps and 4 old ones hell its like getting a used game missing the story mode they brag about how much it sold and all the records it broke but yet they rape u 9 $ would have been something to say ok too

GLoRyKnoT2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Luv MW2! (yet 2 obtain either pack:)

BeOneWithTheGun2719d ago

The milking has gotten out of control.

D4RkNIKON2719d ago

Why not spend another $30 + tax on some maps for a glitchy game?

QB_12719d ago

Stimulus sucks ass...haven't played Resurgence yet and I never will. Just bought COD4 and will wait for Black Ops. I'm done with IW.

CobraKai2719d ago

Especially if the money is going to Eminem and the Black Eyed Peas instead of games.

Johnny Rotten2719d ago


my humps... my humps, my humps, my humps!

lol... had too!

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dizzleK2719d ago

spend that $ on a good greatest hits title instead, it's a better use of funds.

cmacdonald2719d ago

I never bought them. It was broken on the old maps so why would I want to pay for broken new maps.

Nitrowolf22719d ago

even though its a waste of money i say Resurgence, havn't played it but it looks so much better then the last one

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The story is too old to be commented.