Gears 3 Is The New #1 Title For Xbox360, Thanks Epic

Unreal Tournament was a great multi-player franchise but Epic games needed something more, something special that can elevate to new heights in this industry. This project is named Gears Of War and it’s ready to take it’s place as the new champion for all Microsoft Xbox360 owners around the world.

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deadreckoning6662869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

LOL, I knew this was an HHG title when I saw it. Keep doing your thing man. IMO your the most entertaining/passionate gaming journalist out there. Can't wait for your E3 coverage in a week!

Mista T2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Gears isn't even close, it's an ok series with men that look like they've been on steroids since birth.

and I hope you forgot to add in the /s cause I think you still have time to edit


Mista T2869d ago

forget it, too late to edit, you poor soul

PS360PCROCKS2869d ago

It's funny that lazy, fat people say everyone who has muscles is on steroids. I've heard that comment since I was 16. Do you not realize you just sound jealous with comments like that?

Boody-Bandit2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

"It's funny that lazy, fat people say everyone who has muscles is on steroids. I've heard that comment since I was 16. Do you not realize you just sound jealous with comments like that?"

So you attack his assumption with an assumption of your own?

The characters in Gears of War, if they were real people, with the exception of Carmine, would ALL be roiders. Especially Cole. You don't get to that level of thickness while being that cut without roids. I'm neither fat nor lazy and up until I was injured a few years back, lifted for the better part of 30 years. Now I am just a cardio guy.

I personally knew plenty of people that did roids and the effect it had on their bodies. They are not worth the health risk. My brother use to be a roider (for roughly 8 years) and now he is 42 with a bad heart.

Edit: Come to think of it Samoans might be the exception to this rule but last I checked the characters in gears are not that nationality.


Doesnt matter, their both only for the Xbox 360!

And their both Beast Games!

Bloodraid2868d ago

I've not even watched the video, because I hate HHG, but the comments here are absolutely hilarious.

All you ever see 360 users (fanboys in particular) is 'We have Halo and Gears [And Natal]'.

Now this article has turned all the 360 users against eachother. Most of what I've seen so far is people flaming Halo and saying Gears is awesome; or people flaming Gears and saying Halo is awesome.

Both series are on the same system, and are exclusive to that system. It seems that some people just like arguing about anything, no matter what it is.

8thnightvolley2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

u are kidding me right, HHG was chatting alot of crap i had to shut that vid.. i like halo as much as the next guy but i will call bs where is ment to be.. we all knw halo reach is getting new enemies at least so there u are chatting bs.. secondly..u just saying things we knw already who doesnt knw what next gen gaming is all about besides its more like current gaming coz we next gen is not out yet.. we have been in last gen's next gen for 4 plus years now.. all i kept doing was looking at the pics of chicks on the site that is the only thing i was remotely intrested in..

edit ... to think gears3 is the next big title is pure bs.. i love gears dont get me wrong but how can EPIC be better than bungie ARE U F.CKING KIDDING ME? ... epic games lag and fail alot more time compared to bungie and bungie are very good in presentation and dont leave any stoned unturned b4 giving the game to the public... just coz bungie is multiplat doesnt make halo a lesser title than gears... i bet once 343 studios get a good grip on the title halo4 will still rule over gears..
gear3 i hope will not be broken for once especially in the MP.. coz i am fedup with changes every other weekly update on gears thou the current update seems to reduce the general lag...

so no gears is not the number one title on 360.. far from it.

telekineticmantis2869d ago

First off Bungie got major inspiration from Epic in the creation of Halo Unreal tournament ring a bell does the sounds of "double kill" not give you that Unreal deja vu. Epic games are big time trend setters in the indurty especially when it comes to shooters

Another One2869d ago

Ha...haha...hahaha wow. Sorry HHG, but you are wrong again. Gears hasn't and wont pass Halo. Bungie's games are more polished than Epic's and aren't broken on day one. Halo has sold more and is/was more of a console pusher than Gears. There's just no way of justifying your statement.

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Cajun Chicken2869d ago

I have no idea how Gears can EVEN come NEAR to the gameplay of UT.

xTruthx2869d ago

I think he has only played ut3 xD

Raf1k12869d ago

I think most console gamers have only played UT3 which is a shame really and I think Unreal 3 is well overdue. I'd love for them to work on that.

poopface12869d ago

the only unreal games Ive ever played alot were Unreal and Unreal Tournament. I loved UT alot for online and bots.

I like gears for the SP and Co-op.

edhe2868d ago

UT was uber, i clanned in it for years but it's a niche title, and too god damn fast for console.

It needs to be totally reworked to work in today's arena. Gears is a perfect fit, slower gameplay + coop & giblets \o/.

I just wished in UT on console they'd changed dodge from a double tap to a combo button + move. Controls are poor imo.

xTruthx2868d ago

I'm talking about HHG, not you xD

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dizzleK2869d ago

halo and gears as flagship titles, no wonder i despise the 360. i just don't fit the fat, 12 year old, slipknot listening, daddy hating demographic these titles aim for. gears is seriously just utterly brainless shit.

Raf1k12869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Brainless yes but you can't deny the fun that can be had in those games. It's nice to have the option of playing a game like that once in a while just as I like to watch a brainless action flick every now and again.

edit: @ Mista T, that's a fair statement but TBH I kind of like the design choice they made to make it play like that. It makes a nice change to all the fast paced shooters around which is shame since I don't have a 360 lol. The first game was great though. I enjoyed that.

Mista T2869d ago

honestly I love brainless shooting but Gears is just too slow paced for my taste

karl2869d ago

i even agree with all u said.. but

why would u insult slipknot...

SOAD2868d ago

Slipknot's idea of music is to play their instruments very loudly while simultaneously shouting over the track.

Granted System of a Down does the same thing in many respects, but I love SOAD for some of their more eloquent music like Lonely Day,

Chapulin2869d ago

I want to see both games in action before I say anything.

dirthurts2869d ago

I don't care what a review says, or how good screen shots look.
I gotta see that gameplay before I can make a judgement.

EVILDEAD3602869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Did you see what happened when the Beta dropped? Look Gears WILL be anticipated by all of us..but the HALO fanbase for the 360 is second to none..anybody who has ever been to a midnight launch of ANY Halo since H2 knows what I'm talking about

Halo Reach is going to drop the axe on ANYTHING over Live for the next year..and we haven't even seen the campaign yet..Although, Zombie mode on COD:Black Ops is going to eat my life away in November

Who cares though..Bungie and Epic both is good..


NumeroUno2869d ago

Haha Gears ahead of Halo? Not by a long shot...

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