Dead Space 2 PC controls are sorted, promises Visceral

Dead Space 2 developer Visceral has promised CVG that the PC version of the game won't face the same control issues as its predessesor.

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krouse932777d ago

Awesome. I didn't think this was even coming to PS3. Well this is good news! Gonna be F'ing scary playing this with head phones on.

BeOneWithTheGun2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Yup! I played the first one with headphones and had to stop and turn the lights on.

In that one level, where once you go in the room the door shuts and all those creatures appear and you have to use stasis to get thru them really freaked me out lol. I would step in the room, then jump out...trying to trigger them but get back outside before the door shut! I circled the area peeking in the windows trying to see them....great game.

Really, really hope they didn't do a Splinter Cell and take away all the good traits of the first one. Casual gamers are getting all the attention and they don't even know or care. Chaps my hide kinda.

chak_2776d ago

had no problem whatsoever once Vsync was activated (or disactivated can't remember)

jakethesnake2776d ago

Yeah, once you took off the VSync it seemed problem free to me. However, the first half hour of figuring out why my guy moved so slowly and kept dying (thinking the game was just awful!) only to realize that a single check box was the problem - was pretty annoying.