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wwm0nkey2622d ago

Looks legit to me, also Kentic compatible? looks like we have the name of Natal now too!

Aquanox2622d ago

If Microsoft pulls a new console desing + sucessful Natal reveal + Big Hardcore Announcement they will steal the hell of this E3 and the hype it deserves for months to come.

Tomorrow, it's gonna be so interesting. It's kill or die Redmond.

Anarki2622d ago

That 360 looks more like a PC!! LOL

Looks sexy though, let's hope it's right. I'll be trading my Elite!

Razmossis2622d ago

Not much of a redesign tbh

GrieverSoul2622d ago

If that is true it looks sick!!! I like it!
If it comes with reliability than I will Jump In for sure!!!

Also, Kinetic is a nice name for Natal.

Dom63902622d ago

doesnt really look like a real poster theres none of the new green "waves" we have been seeing on all the xbox stuff

HolyOrangeCows2622d ago

It's like they forgot to redesign the other half, lol.

I wonder if it's smaller.

Anon19742622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

Microsoft has been really pushing social networking for the past while. I think it's more likely that Kinect is going to be some type of social networking thing they'll try to tie into the 360. We all saw last year with Facebook and Twitter that Microsoft is anxious to get people social networking with their 360's.

If it weren't for the fact that the MS smart phone is called the Kin, I probably would have guessed this is the new name for Natal as well. Good catch by cgoodno.

I've got to say, I kinda like the look of this 360. I think this looks legit and the missing wi-fi was always a pet peeve of mine (mostly because I had to shell out for it myself when I bought my new house). I wonder what the price tag on this will be?

Edit at Cows above: Doesn't look any smaller to me, judging on the size of the drive compared to the rest of it. I never thought the size of the 360 was a problem. Remember the original Xbox. That was my favorite console last gen and the thing was built like a tank.

Chubear2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

Looks nice and sleek. Kinda like a PC tower kinda. Don't know if that look is going to appeal to kids and soccer moms but gamers will like it.

Darkstorn2622d ago

My question - is it actually slim?

Delive2622d ago

I thought it said Kenetic, which would be cool for a Natal name (like energy in motion), but Kinect?

Noctis Aftermath2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

It does look legit but neogaf was the first to bring this to light, no credit given?

Also the size is roughly the same as the current 360 so this isn't a "slim" version but more of a redesign(and a visually poor one at that).

Look at the Disc trays for size comparisons.

kneon2622d ago

Of course it's hard to really judge the scale of the thing from that photo but it does look more like a case redesign than a new slim model. Still it looks a lot better than the current design. Maybe the driving force behind the design was more efficient airflow rather than reduced size.

D4RkNIKON2622d ago Show
qface642622d ago

this is pretty much CONFIRMED to deny that is to be foolish

but actually looking at it you can tell that it is in fact not slim
technically speaking it is smaller because of the bent sides so that technically makes it smaller but not slimer

also this is a MASSIVE leak how can they steal the show now if you 1 of their BIGGEST announcements has already been leaked?
kinda like sony and the psp go last year

-Alpha2622d ago

We knew a slim/redesign was coming for a long time. I just want to know what it features and I want to hear it from MS themselves that the console has an acceptable failure rate.

I'm upset because I was this new model, and I just bought an Elite. Feel foolish because I've rarely used my 360 and I could have likely saved a lot of money.

Where is the pic gone btw?

kneon2622d ago

I don't expect them to say anything about failure rate. And we can't really have any idea of the failure rate until the new unit has been out for a couple of years.

villevalorox2622d ago

lol. Yeah, being from the usa I'm kinda scared! they said this secret was more secure than the Presidents nuke code! D: ahhhh. shit! the would shall be ending in no time!

ThanatosDMC2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

Glad to see more vents. I just hope it doesnt sound loud. Also, it's the inside that counts. My tower looks like crap but it's damn powerful. I hope they made the 360 specs better... but i doubt it since it'll screw with older 360 models.

They'll probably make it like the PS3 and use 2.5" drives.

gaffyh2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

This is definitely real now, and looks good to me.

@ThanatosDMC - The 360 already uses a 2.5" HDD, just that it is encased which makes it bigger. But yeah I expect they have a smaller encasement, if any.

Bloodraid2622d ago

I don't really think that showing a new console redesign and Natal (which has already been shown on many occasions) alone will steal the show, just how Sony isn't going to steal the show with another PS3 model & Move.

Hopefully Microsoft has a few interesting things up their sleeve, I'm kind of interested to see what they've got.

Sony's conference should be pretty impressive as well. Seeing as they've released so much stuff before E3 this year, I imagine they've got a plethora of stuff to show. Lets just hope their main focus isn't Move.

Also; about the 'Kinect compatible' thing. Does that mean that current 360 consoles won't be able to use it? If that's true than I can't see it selling too well.

NaViTo2622d ago

Looks like the bastard son between a Wii and a Alienware PC! Very ugly.

ShinMaster2622d ago

I agree, it looks a lot more like a PC now...

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Imperator2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

If they really do fix all the hardware problems and price it right (no more than 200 bucks), I'll probably pick one up. Looks kinda nice.

morganfell2622d ago

If they show new hardware they likely will not give a price. And it won't be cheap. But they won't say that. They will let people presume it might be cheap and then they will use the launch of Natal to announce the new price and try to soften the blow.

MS will try to get as many people to hold off buying a PS3 this summer and fall by letting them think the new console will be a steal this fall and Natal will actually function like Minority Report. They have used the tactic before.

Parapraxis2622d ago

I'd like to know how big it is.

SOAD2622d ago

Other comments from Morganfell that you might enjoy.

"Mark my words. Gears of War 2 will be demoed on the PS3 at E3."

Imperator2622d ago

I doubt MS would price this higher than the 360 already is. It's new hardware, not a new system. I know MS is known for overpricing things, but if they want to keep on par with Sony and Nintendo, they will not raise the price. Heck, they may even lower it like Sony did with the slim.

-Alpha2622d ago

Omg I'm so mad I bought an Elite so late in the game, I want this! Where is the pic by the way, did they take it down?

Parapraxis2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )


@Alpha, aside from the integrated wi-fi, I don't think you are missing much.
It certainly doesn't look "slim" look at the size of the disc drive for reference.

ThanatosDMC2622d ago

If you bought it at Best Buy, you can give it back for the newer version.

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Drac2622d ago

Looks like a black PC, need to see pic's of it and the current model next to each other, to get a good idea of size.

Hope they've put the brick inside the console this time.

mrv3212622d ago