How I Used to Kill Bad Guys and Monsters

"Killing is my business, and business was good until developers decided to take things too seriously. The past few weeks I’ve been playing a lot of old-school first person shooters and I discovered just how much first-person shooters have changed over the years. Naturally, the act of shooting is still the focus of most modern shooters -the genre hasn’t changed that much- but while playing these older games I noticed that recent FPS games have lost their charm. Of course, whether or not shooting a big ugly monster in the head and causing its brains to splatter against the wall is actually charming is debatable, but if you ask me the appeal of shooters goes beyond the shooting itself." -Just Push Start

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Cajun Chicken2957d ago

I can totally agree with this. I've got a great collection of old school FPS on my 360, both Dooms, Duke 3D and Serious Sam HD. I like to run and gun in my games, these are much more fun and fast paced than the CoD generation FPS.

JPSBen2957d ago

Definitely. I'm getting really sick of every single new FPS game having a cover mechanic. It's getting old, fast.

Cajun Chicken2957d ago

Bulletstorm is the most recent FPS which has me hyped, looks like that type of game. Also developers of can that go wrong?

JPSBen2957d ago

Exactly right. Painkiller and Serious Sam are the only two relatively-recent games I can think of that literally let me shoot first person.

If I cared about tactics, I'd play Rainbow Six. But I don't.....I just want to shoot things.

NecrumSlavery2957d ago

I'm excited to see all the CQC in Killzone 3, which looks to do something different. I also here Vanquish is the fastest shooter in the world. Don't know if it's a TPS or FPS yet though.

dgroundwater2957d ago

Vanquish is a TPS and looks epic.

ThanatosDMC2956d ago

Painkiller was awesome! There was some boss fights that took me a while to figure out how to kill them.

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MightyMark4272957d ago

What i know for sure is Black Ops is just like Modern Warfare 2 heh.

Unicron2957d ago

I'm personally not a fan of the "I saw you first, you die in 2 shots" style of gameplay. It was cool in CoD4, but now every game under the sun is using it so that people who stink have a chance to win. I mean look how they butchered Uncharted 2 with a higher damage model... sigh.

I really, really prefer the UT2004, Halo 2, Resistance 1, and Goldeneye 007 style of GP. Those were the days.

Raf1k12957d ago

UT2004 was awsome. I'd like them to start using health packs again. Regenerating shields are OK but I've never been that keen on regenerating health.

Blaine2956d ago

I think the twitch stuff, 2 hit kills, is better for PC games. CoD fitting here.

Console games, on the other hand, are more for steady hands than twitch movements. Resistance 1, like you said, was great. I hate CoD on the consoles, but don't doubt it could be much better on the PC (but I'm a console gamer though).

ThanatosDMC2956d ago

UT99 was the best. Love UT2004 "football" game... good times.

Ares84PS32957d ago

I would love to see a new Serious Sam game where I don't have to think and hide just run and shoot [email protected]

Would be like fresh air.

Raf1k12957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

You could pick up Serious Sam 2 (should be dirt cheap now) which was released the other year but it wasn't as much fun as the first two games for some reason.

despair2957d ago

yea the second one had a bit of a comic feel to it with the character designs and it seemed off...still fun but first and second encounter were still the best.

Blaine2956d ago

Sometimes the game will get on my nerves to a point where I just want to blow everything up... but I can't, because I'm required to stop 'n pop, or burst fire, otherwise I'll be decimated or my gun won't hit anything. Sometimes, I just want to blow the whole world up! (The game world, of course!)

dizzleK2957d ago

i crave the intensity that these games offered; i want to shoot shit, not hide. i think the last good intense fps' i played were black and the resistance games. the resistance series has a good mix of the 2 play styles, theres minor regeneration, health packs and a whole lotta cross your fingers and pray you survive the swarm.

despair2957d ago

Hexen, Soldier of Fortune, Unreal, Serious Sam....These games bring me back....

Still remember Serious Sam putting you in a closed arena with a bazillion enemies coming wave after wave and clearing them down with the minigun...loved those skeletons...ahh time to get out the ole copy...nothing beats the original.

Redempteur2957d ago

the thrill of serious sam 1 area was fun .. i enjoyed dodging ennemies and let my shotgun do the talking ...

this is easily the ONE good thing seriosu sam 1 did well

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