New Gran Turismo 5 videos - Le Mans Demo

Two videos from the Le Mans 2010 GT5 trackside demo.

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NYC_Gamer2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

beautiful gameplay of the only true racing sim on console..

Chubear2688d ago Show
Inside_out2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

GT is coming together nicely...Is there gonna be crash damage in this??..the pit stop look great...

Many great racing games have come out...a few still coming. One of my favorites is F1...while not legendary like GT, there game looks awesome...check it out...crazy weather fans only...comes out this year too...

hennessey862688d ago

why say something as stupid as that yes it does look good but until i play it i wont pass judgement and by the way up to now forza is the only true racing sim on consoles untill this releases then there will be two anyone who says different is a total fangirl

seij5552688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Forza is a joke compared to GT. I don't like jokes. My initials are C.N. now quiver in fear.

Rock Bottom2688d ago

forza could be the best racing game in existence until the end of the universe for all I care, but it's more arcady than simulation, and nothing you could say will change that.

hennessey862688d ago

liking the fangirls reaction cant say i expected any different you can play forza as an arcade game but turn off all aids and it becomes pure simulation and if its a joke why did it get such good reviews stop talking out of your fangirl arse i cant wait for gt5 but im not a fangirl so ill enjoy both. forza is a great game but ps3 fangirls wont accept it. im so glad i have both consoles i dont have to make stupid no brain comments like above ha ha u make me laugh u can always trust n4g for that


''i dont have to make stupid no brain comments like above''

Then why you keep commenting?

Ilikegames762688d ago

motto: "Money Changes Everything.", "We don't innovate,we imitate."

ShinMaster2688d ago

Reviews don't matter. NFS used to get good reviews too, lol

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Hanif-8762688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

That new tire smoke looks so real, i didn't even know it could look so good :-)

Anorexorcist2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Watch the video (or don't. It might strike some sense into you.)

Edit @ Below: Yeah it looked like someone took a Draganov to that vehicle, didn't they?

But yeah, all the disagreers can go ahead and spread B.S. disagrees with their clicking fingers, but when it comes down to it, Gran Turismo is THE true driving simulator.

If Microsoft announced GT5 for Xbox 360 at E3, you know all the MS sycophants would be dancing in their bedrooms all around the empty Hot Pocket packs on the floor. All the Forza fanboys would buy it day 1! Yeah it'll N-E-V-E-R happen, but you can imagine it.

TotalPS3Fanboy2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I thought someone took a sniper shot at the car or something. Hahaha.

But you can tell that the cars are all so floaty. There's no sense of weight at all.

LiL T2688d ago

That is pretty much how those 908's handed this week end. If you watch the race you would have seen all three 908's spinout and 2 didn't finish ( well I fell asleep with an hour left) which left Audi once again dominating 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Those LMP cars weigh nothing and with the amount of torq produced by the diesel motors its not hard to spin one.

aceitman2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

did u see the way the dirt and grass blended together at 5:14 on the 2nd vid it looks so real

UnSelf2688d ago

what is that song playing in the background of the first vid?

its angelic

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Mista T2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

lol at the second video, I was expecting a pro after seeing all those changes he did to the driving options in the beginning :P

(look at 2:46, he's going 357 km/h (222mph) and he looks to his rear for no reason and then bam! crashes :P)

karatechoplifter2688d ago

I've seen guys spend 5 minutes setting up a car in GT4, only to hit every wall on every turn.

BaSeBaLlKiD7212688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

haha yeah that was funny but I feel that he probably wanted to test the damage system.

Also, is this demo from a booth at E3?

Mista T2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

no because speed was in km/h and I doubt that e3 being in LA that it would be in km/h

mimizone2688d ago

it was a booth in France during the real Le Mans race this week end.

PirateThom2688d ago

AI is definitely more aggressive here.

mrv3212688d ago

Would you say it's definitively more aggressive?

PirateThom2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Definitively so.

TotalPS3Fanboy2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I concur.

cmacdonald2688d ago

Looks like he should have kept the traction control on.

Ilikegames762688d ago

testing the damage system of the game. If not, he's a crappy driver.

Brewski0072688d ago

I watched le Mans 24hr race this weekend and seeing the GT5 and playstation 3 banners around the track really got me excited for this game. Looking at the videos now it looks . . . Fantastic!! ( im at a loss for words to describe it!) Lol i'll fail miserably playing this at first, but its the learning curve of a game like this that makes me appreciate the fine art of perfection around some top class race tracks.

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