TIMJ: Live E3 News Round Special

This is a special newsround that we, at This Is My Joystick, have decided to put in place for this years E3. This will feature all of the latest news, rumours and announcements, all of the memorable E3 moments the show is known for and will be updated throughout the course of the show representing Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. If you have any questions or if you have any comments about the news from the show, then feel free to use the comments box below. We wish you a happy E3 and hope you will keep checking back to find out the latest from the show.

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RayWillmott2840d ago

Activision's conference is scaring me! $6 million dollars and all those acts?! Thats why they increased the price on MW2 folks!

whydoyouask2840d ago

i hope they fail immensely...

RayWillmott2840d ago

Oops Microsoft, looks like the Italian spoiled the surprise ....