E3 2010: Microsoft to Steal the Show?

After last year’s string of pre-E3 leaks left more or less no surprises for the actual platform holder conferences, there’s an increasing belief that Microsoft has something big up its sleeve for tomorrow’s official E3 press briefing.

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seij5552835d ago

No. Oh and I see what you did with that question mark, I've been warned about this before.

HQLocated1112835d ago

They'll probably make Agent and or Versus XIII, multiplatform and call it a day. (We all know they don't have any exclusives other than Project Natal, crackdown 1.5, and Halo Milk)

Then IGN and other biased websites will say M$ stole the show so I wouldn't doubt it.

Anarki2835d ago

Halo Milk made me lol

Sad but true, Sony have all the good exclusives imho

lonix2835d ago

For my next Photoshop project!

Chitown712912835d ago

Why not? They done stole everything else this generation?

Myst2835d ago

If Microsoft pushed Capcom to hurry and bring Monster Hunter Frontier over they may have something. Keyword is may...Then again it'd also be on PC.

GWAVE2835d ago

Microsoft has the Western media on its side, so in the media's eyes, sure, it'll steal the show just like it has "stolen" the show for the past 3 E3s (according to the media).

However, Microsoft has shown off fewer and fewer exclusives at E3 as the years pass. Think about last year: 2/3rds of the games they showed were multiplatform. Whereas both Nintendo and Sony keep showing off new things that I get excited about.

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Cold 20002835d ago

"E3 2010: Microsoft to Steal the Show?"

Yes thats what I think.

Saigon2835d ago

How can they still the show? How can anyone steal the show? seriously its no one show to steal...

1Victor2835d ago

Troll like the cold wind.

The Lazy One2835d ago

It's a good thing the show isn't less than 24 hours away so we could just wait. Now we have days and days to speculate instead.


By the time I wake up tomorrow everyone will be able to definitively know whether E3 sucked or not for Microsoft, and in 2 days for everyone else. Why not just wait?

Boody-Bandit2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

It doesn't matter what you, I, we or the media thinks about what company might have the best presentation at E3. Why? If memory serves me correct didn't more publications than not say MS had a better showing then Sony or Nintendo last year? How was 09 for games on the 360 compared to the competition? Remember to be honest, not only when posting your opinion on here but most of all be honest to yourself.

09 IMHO was the worst year for games on the 360 since it was released on the market. So does it really matter who has the most glitz and glamour with famous people on parade or are we gamers? To the trolls and fanboys the answer is obvious. To true gamers is all about the games.

I have said this before and I will say it again before E3 starts. The 360's target audience is hardcore male gamers from teens to adults. Natal, no matter how much some people on here want to pretend they are excited about it, isn't geared towards the hardcore but the casual market.

I honestly can't understand how people think MS will out do Sony when they have next to no studio support compared to Sony 20+ in house and nearly a dozen exclusive support from devs like Sucker Punch, Quantic Dreams, etc..

Oh and before anyone assumes I am a troll I will put my 360 gamerscore, amount of 360 games played, owned, and multiple (5) 360's units I have in my home up against any member here and I guarantee I will be in the top 95% if not higher.

And I will add one last thing. If you 360 faithful were truly gamers you would demand MS give you more studio support vs spending a fortune on timed exclusives, DLC and over the top marketing campaigns.

The Lazy One2835d ago

@"I honestly can't understand how people think MS will out do Sony when they have next to no studio support compared to Sony 20+ in house and nearly a dozen exclusive support from devs like Sucker Punch, Quantic Dreams, etc.. "

Microsoft focuses on the second party. Rather than buying studios they buy games. It's just a different investment strategy. Even sony has had dry years despite owning so many studios. The one thing M$ should do that sony does well is concentrating it's first party on advancing the tech used on the system.

ShadowJetX2835d ago

would like to have a long discussion in the back room with you.

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Mista T2835d ago

I hope so, because everything else seems pretty bad right now in my opinion and I'm not excited at all with what is out right now and what we know, hopefully there's plenty of shockers when I watch tomorrow.

NastyLeftHook2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

XD lol...oh god my sides are aching!

adamx2835d ago

steal some exclusives maybe $$$

mrv3212835d ago

Anyone remember last year? You know similar articles... what happend nothing?

Don't get hyped and disappoint, get real and be surprised.

Applegate2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Sony's show was in no way a lot better than MS's show. I would give them both a B+.

I feel like a lot of people are pretending that Sony's show was a lot better when not at all. MS had a very strong showing.

@below: Mass Effect 2, Crackdown 2, revamped Conviction, Alan Wake, Forza 3, L4D2 to name a few.

Like I was saying...quit pretending.

seij5552835d ago

Yeah, if you like the Beatles. *Snicker* *Snicker*

mrv3212835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake came out this year
Crackdown 2 isn't out yet
L4D2 was also out and better on PC.

So Forza 3 was the only reason to be excited for your 360 in '09 if you didn't own a high end PC.

I'm absolutely petrified Microsoft will show great games for my 360, I'm scared Sony will show games for my PS3. I wasn't excited for L4D2 owning L4D1. Mass Effect 2 skipped my attnetion but I'm getting Mass Effect soon and then Mass Effect 2. Crackdown isn't my thing nor is Forza.

I'm in such a state aren't it? I mean putting forward a rational arguement asking people not to hype up E3... I've heard people say it'll change the face of gaming and be serious. It's E3, just like last years and the years before that. Nothing special... not a thing.

Applegate2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Yeah because you say so /s

I have a 360 and was excited for everything on that list as other 360 owners too.

LMAO. Damn its great to see you guys in this state before E3 :D

jerethdagryphon2835d ago

ms has already had the bigg goty canadite in other then reach witch might actaully get it based on sales.

other then multis and sequals and the lard to ship with natal they dont have any big killers in the wings

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m232835d ago

Last year was great, I was impressed with their showings last year.