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jack_burt0n2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

I wonder if its leading on ps3 like the first one, engine looks refined.

The 360 version had massive slow down i remember it very well.

SOAD2813d ago

The first led on the PS3? It looked worse on PS3, I remember.

mynd2813d ago

The PS3 verison looked slightly worse lacking relfections etc. Cant comment on the slow downs because I never playe dthem side by side, but the 360 verison played fine for me.

jack_burt0n2813d ago

lol watch the end of the comparison slow motion.

But you are right its only the development of the 2nd game that is leading on ps3 good news though.

ic4ruz2813d ago

I'm glad i'm getting the best looking version (:

Or to be more precise the PC version.

Zydake2813d ago

I love Star Wars meets God of War

Star Gods of War

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SOAD2813d ago

That looks great.

I am so glad they are putting more effort into the visuals, but I hope they put as much effort into the level design and story this time around. Also, I would like the campaign to be longer and have more replay value.

RedPawn2813d ago

No more terrible backtracking to progress the story.

Brewski0072813d ago

yeah games like these are fantastic but their major fault is the length and ease of which you can get through the single player campaign. If they work on the campaign and bring out more DLC than the original (which im sure they will seeing as DLC is getting more and more popular) it should be a very good game.

NecrumSlavery2813d ago

Though the action wasn't shown to full potential, I just couldn't take my eyes of the environment. It looked so pretty and full of life. I think this game will end up a winner barring they fix the little things that hindered the original.

Christopher2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Gameplay looks like it's taking a lot more advantage of the force abilities in the manner that you can combine them for various effects. Saw pulling opponents close for hitting, pushing with different purposes, and some nice force melee combos.

I also noticed a lot more environment detail and set-ups for using your abilities.

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RedPawn2813d ago

You know I beat FU a long time ago, but from my field of vision it looks like the animations aren't as choppy.

I hope LucasArts has a better handle on the Euphoria Engine, cause those two previous CG trailers are amazing.


Nike2813d ago

I'm skeptical, simply because though it may look better and animate smoother, the gameplay appears to exactly as the same as the first game, which was repetitive and uninspired. Doesn't seem like having two lightsabers makes a big difference either (oh look, he throws two instead of one), but I'll still wait to see what set-pieces they've got in mind. Hopefully nothing as nightmarish as the mission to pull down the Star Destroyer from the first game.

tmoss7262813d ago

I agree with you here. I liked the Star Destroyer mission but it was overly complicated.

commodore642813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

you know, I juts played that mission with the star destroyer.

It was tough, but once you know how to do it, then it becomes quite straight forward.
I just used lightning on the tie fighters as they peeled off to the left.
Rinse and repeat.

I do hope they fix the camera in the second one.
I had massive problems targeting for force powers, generally.

Jpinter2813d ago

I'm hoping they can push the Euphoria and DMM technology a bit more. When the first Force Unleashed was revealed, the Tech demos seemed to promise more than what the game ended up with.

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