E3 Nukes – 5 games that Sony might announce at their Conference

Gamersmint writes : E3 is all about surprises and even though Sony’s line-up of games can’t look any better right now (Killzone 3, GT 5 , inFamous 2 , LBP 2, Motorstorm Apocalypse and more) they must be planning some rather exciting surprises for the fans. Gamersmint makes a list of games that we would like to see Sony announce at the LA Convention Center in less than two days time. However, this is not a mere wishlist, most of these titles have a rather high chance of being announced as there is evidence of them being in development.

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Tony-A2866d ago

I'd welcome any of them.

sinncross2866d ago

Likewise, but I don't see Sly Cooper happening with the team working on Ifamous2.

As for Syphon Filter 5 (not 4): it will be shown. The game has been in development for over a year... something must be showable by now.

PoSTedUP2866d ago

lets hear some cool info regarding psHOME.
a new IP
jak and daxter?? (1of my fav platfrmers)
maybe a can of whoopass for MS and nintendo : D?

i thought E3 couldnt get better then the last previous years (forgot which one was the best) but i was wrong, this years for some reason feels like "go hard or go home" serious and exciting.

Dee_912866d ago

i wanna see a new Driver

cyborg2866d ago

Ubisoft confirmed they will be showcasing a new Driver game in their E3 press conference...yes you can do that ritualistic OMG YES dance now. :D

TotalPS3Fanboy2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Instead, it will return to what makes it so great in the first place. It will be like the original Driver all over again.

It will be all about the driving, the amazing chase, the running away from evil corrupted cops that won't pull you over, but instead, smashed your car into pieces.

And yea, the movie director mode.

BattleAxe2866d ago

Metal Gear Solid Collection would be huge. Syphon Filter and Uncharted 3 would cause an earthquake in California.


Here is mine: backward compability back by new add-on (maybe USB device) PS2 inspired chipset. Remember Sony was about to announce new hardware at E3? More likely different version os PS3 slim, with bigger HDD, but one can dream.

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Karooo2866d ago

syphon filter will be epic.

sikbeta2866d ago

Syphon Filter after a Long Time Waiting is Day One...

mushroomwig2866d ago

As much as I'd love a new Sly Cooper game, it just won't happen because they're too busy with the Infamous franchise.

NYC_Gamer2866d ago

its so many first party games that sony can bring back...

Godmars2902866d ago

Hopefully there's something about Starhawk.