Bonus Round Episode 405 - Part 4

E3 2010 is almost here! In this episode of the Bonus Round, we’re back in our LA studio talking about the biggest convention in gaming and what to expect from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Will Sony introduce a brand new PSP and attempt to enter 3-D gaming? What about Microsoft’s Project Natal – will it be a part of a new Xbox 360 slim redesign? Will Nintendo’s mysterious game-changing 3DS steal the show? All that, plus our experts weigh in on this year’s biggest upcoming games and rumors.

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Moac2779d ago

I expect Great Things from SONY this year at E3.

Microsoft has not show anything yet.

Nintendo has me pumped for "3DS".

Can´t wait...

Any countdown sites? So i know what time. I live in Europe. =/

militant072779d ago

ign have countdown on main page.

but Microsoft has not shown anything yet?

obviously not, their E3 tomorrow, after 19.5 hours of this comment

Moac2779d ago

Thanks for the Info.

yes, just look at what games Microsoft has Announces lately , I don't see any. Sony has been pumping them out one after the other and still 3 days until their conference.

Sony also demonstrates the Move and its shown to work really well.

The Natal project has not yet shown any "true" games, just video´s and Hype. No live demonstrations of games other then a game were you hit a Red ball.... That kind of Motion has been done even on the ps2 and Ps3 Eyetoy...Show me a true demonstration showing how you control advanced games, Shooters, Rpg, racers and so forth.

What´s new from Microsoft? Nothing yet, Just hype....

I have high hopes for This years E3 =)

jack_burt0n2779d ago

its 3 hours to the natal party which has a NDA but sure the news will break out.

Christopher2779d ago

I'm ready to be awed by Natal, honestly. With everything being so controlled and secretive, Microsoft has to have something huge up their sleeve. If they don't... I'm not sure I'd want to go online for the next year or so since it will just be fuel for fanboys for at least that long.

BattleAxe2779d ago

The guy from Game Informer is the only "non fanboy" on that whole panel. The Bonus Round fails..

ThanatosDMC2779d ago

Where can we watch/stream this?! I gotta go to an E3 event one of these days.

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kingxXx2779d ago

Gametrailer is cray, they are a bunch of stupid fanboys!!

pimpmaster2779d ago

and n4g isnt? this site has the most fanboys of any ive seen.

Dellis2779d ago

Sony already showed their cards, as you seen they did that because 99.9 percent of E3 will be all about MOVE.

MajestieBeast2779d ago

So Gypsy fortune teller, tell me who wins the world cup?

TheJudgement2779d ago

All these sony titles and all they can talk about is portal and some other titles no1 really cares about.

sukru2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Apparently you did not pay attention, at all.

This is the fourth part of the series. In the first three they covered Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. This time they talk other studios.

Anyways I always had respect to Jeff (due to his circumstances while being fired from Gamespot), however he seems to be more childish compared to Andy (from GameInformer, who seems to really knows stuff, but apparently keeps back), and even to Michael Pachter.