Natal’s River Rush Screenshot Is Real-Time

Judging by the screenshot, the game looks really, really good compared to previous Natal game Ricochet. Turn 10 community manager, Che Chou, confirmed that the screenshot is indeed real-time and not CG, also informs that the game has really good graphics, especially the water effects. Expect a full information blow out tonight regarding Microsoft’s Project Natal.

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Cajun Chicken2929d ago

And I should be surprised...because?

mrv3212929d ago

It's a Natal game that doesn't have a red ball... isn't that enough for you? Mind you that raft is red.

Not that good graphics, especially considering the genre, and yes the genre matter for example RTS's look bad, Racers have great graphics because you only have to load a track and not a level.

SOAD2929d ago

I think the screenshot looks great. I just don't understand how the player is going to use Natal to play the game.

jack_burt0n2929d ago


You and the other players have to move around the raft to steer it and keep it balanced, you all have to jump in unison to jump over branches and stuff.

Iamback2929d ago

Lol why would that be CG, its not like it looks THAT good ROFL

ColdFire2929d ago

RTS doesn't have to look bad, what are you basing that on?

Triella2929d ago

of this video are River Rush's gameplay, apparently you need to jump when necessary.

webeblazing2929d ago

triella imma have to keep that vid for when i need a laugh

D4RkNIKON2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Gameplay of jumprope. confirmed.

mrv3212929d ago

RTS's look bad because your controlling a large amount of units on a large map that CANNOT be streamed. Here's my example

ANY FPS running on a PC.. so long as it's recent and not poorly coded VS any other RTS on the same PC.

I love RTS's don't get me wrong, great depth BUT they are large battles and the second you zoom in close you notice the animations which are to say the least lacking, then the detail also really low compared to other genres, not due to a developer but because that's what's needed. I'd rather a fluid and fun RTS like C&C:TS other a RTS with crysis engine running poorly.

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HolyOrangeCows2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

1) It's a small image.
2) The supposed claim by the Turn 10 community manager is lacking a source.

That's GamesThirst for ya.

EDIT: It got approved of anyway. Good job, guys. Pfft.

Nike2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I don't know why they didn't include the GAF post as the source (it still would have been classified as a Rumour) in the actual news article. My only guess is that he was afraid we'd mark at as "Wrong Source" and report it. Next best thing: Hide it altogether and no one will be the wiser.

Which is funny because if he simply reported it as being from NeoGAF and put it under Rumours, he wouldn't have had so many reports. :P

@Gaystation 3: Wait, dev comments on forums still qualify as legitimate news posts (even if they're rumours). So this can still be reported as the wrong source.

Gaystation 32929d ago

It wasn't hard to find. I saw Che post this earlier today on NeoGAF

HolyOrangeCows2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I trust Turn 10 staff as far as I can throw them. Did he have anything to do with the creation of this game or has he played it? (I'm asking)
EDIT: I just checked, he never answers anyone's questions about playing it.

But still, more importantly, it's a tiny image.
What can we really get out of it?

Gaystation 32929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I think he's just played it. His comment did not reveal much, just that the screenshot was real and had very good water effects.


I would suggest contacting Catastrophe and asking her to edit the story.

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Godmars2902929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

The one they show before the dancing family. Why not just show - and release that?

Also, thought the question wasn't weather or not Natl games would deliver decent graphics, but weather or not they could deliver graphics on equal to high-end 360-only titles? That you'll even see hardcore games on it at all.

For which a rafting doesn't qualify.

air12929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

why do you always feel so threatened by natal?

what part of we will still have hardcore games dont you get? if fun family games dont interest you then fine i understand that you have to be 100% hardcore at all times, you will still have that choice. but why try so hard to ruin it for ppl that wouldnt mind giving it a shot?

and why does everything have to be some conspiracy theory with you? they dont want to show it cause they want to do it at E3, do you not get it?

Godmars2902929d ago

I only asked why there's an article about a screen shot when there's video. Also why the same people into Halo and MW getting wet over a family game.

You'd think a Halo or MW type game using Natal would do that.

air12929d ago

we both know that you are stealth trolling, so lets not get all " but all i said was...." on me.... flip flopping will not work.

ppl are interested in the damn game, plain and simple. again, i can understand that you can not put your hardcorness to the side for a few, but why constantly try and ruin it for every one? dont make me post up your history with my last bubble. the images look great it looks good enough for a "fun family" game. just so you know i enjoyed many games over the years that didnt have the best graphics.

IdleLeeSiuLung2929d ago

"dont make me post up your history with my last bubble. the images look great it looks good enough for a "fun family" game. just so you know i enjoyed many games over the years that didnt have the best graphics."

Doesn't what you already said speak for itself? Just leave him alone to hate!

air12929d ago

yea, but someone had to sit him down... kid was on a rampage, lol...

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PoSTedUP2929d ago

jumping? now thats to much "gaming" for me lol i am a lazy sack, i hardly want to stand up for psMOVE let a lone jump up and rattle my weak wooden floors which is attached to my house (having more then one person jumping up at the same time would make too much rukkus and knock over china cabinets lol)

i was hoping i would only have to grab fruits off of the tree branches with my arms and maybe legs or something, that as far as i will go. this sounds like a console that is made to be played outdoors. good luck with that MS.

PCnPS3Gamer2929d ago

imo this game does look cool an the graphics are decent and if i was a casual id be all over this....but like seriously guys natal is so casual its not even funny. like the wii is even more hardcore....I'll always go back to my dual shock 3 but im not gunna lie its nice to play wii with your parents...tried getting my dad to play a game with ds3 and he couldnt figure out how to look around and walk at the same time with the if i got move i could bring it down with me and we could play golf and pool can hate on motion gaming all you want but it does have upsides...i dont prefer the move over natal or wii cause sony made it i prefer it cause it has buttons similar to the wii but way better. and i liked the wii, so im gunna love move. how many people with bad knees arent gunna be able to play natal i like to see a senior citizen jump for this raft game yeah right.

ms you should've took a hit when nintendo and sony past off on this tech 149 price tag say hi. also theres a reason sony didnt push the eyetoy as a new incredible innovation like what ms is doing cause they dont spread lies lol :p

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DelbertGrady2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Nice to see some confirmation that Natal games won't have to sacrifice the graphics at the expense of motion controls. The game is probably part of some kind of party pack that will come bundled with the console. Not my cup of tea so I'm hoping they show something more hardcore as well.

@Cajun Chicken - Because there's been lots of talk about Natal stealing processing power leading to an eventual compromise in the visual department. Now we at least know that pretty graphics like the ones in the screenshot will be possible.

Wow! 3 disagrees in 3 minutes. I bet you bubbled me down just for the sake of it also. :) *waves to stalkers*

edit: 5 disagrees in 6 minutes. New personal best lol. I don't see what's so offensive with my comment?

FangBlade2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Because your wrong, baka.
How can you say something stupid like "Nice to see some confirmation that Natal games won't have to sacrifice the graphics at the expense of motion controls" when it's been confirmed by many that natal is going to use 10~30% of the Xbox 360's Xenon processor.


Bluemaster772929d ago

last i check the 360 has an competent GPU that handles all of its Graphics so that theoretical 10-30% you mentioned would be irrelevant

rob60212929d ago

I would be more worried about the budget developers will put into Natal games, considering the small user base. Cause turn 10 has a game that looks ok, doesn't mean everyone else does.

iliimaster2929d ago

whats a bubble down? serious question

candystop2929d ago

N4G works on a bubbles system. We are able to press the green button to help give a person more bubbles or press the red bubble to take away comment bubbles. SO basically if your losing bubbles it's because people want to silence you.

Inside_out2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Hey Soda...saw the vid the other day...while all the PS3 kids were making fun of the reporter and his family having good time with Ricochet, you could clearly see the river rafting game running in the background with outstanding graphics. Unreal engine 3 is powering many of the apps we will see. Expect alot more. I think arcade games like Trial HD will offer a glimpse of what we can expect on Natal...ENJOY...The power of the this trailer...

webeblazing2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

wait are you saying trail hd is 4 natal and that psn dont have good looking games

Corepred42929d ago

really. really? really! really? outstanding graphics? lol give it a break man. i wonder if your trolling or is this really how you feel about it. i really hope your not that blind because some of your comments i think would make even MS laugh at you.

candystop2929d ago

Wait a sec webeblazing! Who the heck said anything about PSN? Why are you bringing up PS in 360 news anyway? I want to see some good stuff from Sony Tuesday but I see no reason to bring it up here. Right now nobody cares about Playstation because this isn't the place for it! Get it? Got it? Good!

webeblazing2929d ago

hey im trying to figure out what he saying the graphic in the game looks like any other arcade game. and this is the first time i herd about trails hd gonna be for natal and he says its the power of 360 do you even read what people write

n4gno2928d ago

"the power of the 360"

lol, sure, it's better than wii.

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Shaman2929d ago

That mere 15% of xcpu is nothing,todays games are gpu bound,not cpu and since from cpu you can always get more performance with careful optimizing and proper planing same cant be applied on gpu,they have fixed functions.Anyway...IF MS wants Natal games to look something ala RE5 or Gears of War 2 they can make it with not much problems,only thing that remains is,is that needed for casuals?

TotalPS3Fanboy2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

it will be sacraficing gameplay. This game all on rail. You have no control at all. It's all QTE. You watch a video of your boat going down a river, and duck when there's a branch and jump when there's a rock. That's all.

That may be fun for the first 5 minutes. But it quickly wears off. To be successful, Natal needs to integrate into real games. Hardcore games that players will play for hours.

bobdog6262929d ago

But if Natal has Hand Gesture Controls like i think they do .Its a Rap ,Sonys Move won't stand a Chance against that.

jerethdagryphon2929d ago


that said, natals technolagy as it is is not suited for fps or tps which is the priome market of the 360,

simply put unless it has a list of motions that are valid for control,

there wont be animations to support the wide variety of actions people will use in a shooter.

movement will have to be either walking in place or whatever but at any rate icant see someone doing arobic excercise for hours after work.

on rails or limited motions like racing yes even scaking ican see working but the main games no nochance.

in order for it to work on a hard core game there would have to be next to no animations for combat and use live mapping (aka mocap tracking) to handle any odd movements

meaning it has to be able to do anything, from a guy picking up 2 guns in a game meant for one to spary and praying over the top of a baracade, add into that a physix system capable of dealing with multiple collisions and it starts to get out of hand.

natal will be extremly difficult to implement for mainstream games,

only rickochet has shown the any motion stuff and thats just eye toy tech with deapth..

i will how ever wait to judge until a final product is released

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Nike2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I checked the site, and even scoured the web looking for where the comm manager of Turn 10 said this. Came up with nothing. GamesThirst has no source on their site, no quotes, no videos, nothing to prove they spoke to him exclusively. For all you know they're just making this up to get hits, and it's sad because it looks like it'll hit front page anyway at this rate.

Hallmark Moment2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

It's a -alaa- article he just threw it together to get people to flame. His goal is what you see in the first 3 comments.

-alaa- is actually one of the biggest anti Natal members on this site he's sneaky about it. Looks kind of cool for a XBLA game.

EDIT Below


Anyways you can tell it's about that time.

LtSkittles2929d ago

Alaa didn't do it unless Alaa is N4PS3G.

LtSkittles2929d ago

N4PS3G always submits crap from Fernando who is a writer on on GT

ThatCanadianGuy2929d ago

"Writer" is being a bit generous no? Fanboy blogger, at best.

jack_burt0n2929d ago

I am not posting the vid but there is already footage of the game available.