21 Must See E3 2010 Games

E3 2010 games are in no short supply, but some are sure to stop the show more than others. While the big three companies show off their shiny new hardware and exclusive console features, the developers will take the stage to show what we really want to see: the games. Sequels may be taking the show floor by storm, but new IPs are emerging, hoping to gain the attention of the masses.

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Hellsvacancy2779d ago

No Hitman V? thats the only game i wanna see, all the other games i want hav been confirmed

Chuk52779d ago

It's missing titles that are a given;zelda wii,gears 3,killzone 3,portal 2,xcom, deus ex. Like power gig? really? In my opinion this list kinda sucks.( They did get MvC3 though.)

Mista T2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I'll keep hoping for a Duke Nukem game since Take Two settled there lawsuit with 3d realms. Maybe Valve will exhibit a surprise, there gonna be there at e3.

seij5552779d ago

Lol no Reach, Gears, KZ3, and Last Guardian? Another shit list. I should make my own.

CoxMulder2779d ago

What's stopping you?

Don't think you have the journalistic credibility "" has?

Everyone with a keyboard can be a gaming journalist these days.

seij5552779d ago

Don't make one 'cause I'm too lazy and I don't like writing blogs. Since E3 is tomorrow, I might make a best of E3 list.

reintype2779d ago

Rockband 3, Power Gig, Def Jam Rapstar, DJ Hero 2, these are must-see E3 games? Are you kidding me!

These games is not even worth my bandwidth just to view their trailers on my Computer, much less go to E3 to even view them personally.

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