First scans of Agarest Senki 2

First scans from Dengeki magazine of Compile Heart's PS3 RPG Agarest Senki 2 (Record of Agarest War 2)

The game is set for Fall release, priced at ¥7,329. A limited edition will be on offer for ¥9,429.

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WetN00dle692867d ago

That looks pretty good.
Will buy once and IF it gets released state side.

Moac2867d ago

I wonder how you got you´r User name.....Wetnoodle

Moac2867d ago

Looks more interesting then FF13, I played at a friends. =)

Robearboy2867d ago

Does anyone know if its turn based? i havent played a good turn based this gen apart from Lost odyssey

Endless_X2867d ago

Yes, It's a strategic turn-based RPG.

El_Colombiano2866d ago

How explicit is the first game?