What Really Grinds My Gears: 3D, Music Games, and Portal 2

FloridaFlyer86 picks three big topics in the gaming industry; 3D gaming, Music Games, and Portal 2, and discusses why they are "Grinding His Gears."

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Nike2929d ago

Not badly written or anything, but doesn't really say anything new. It's just that with the information overload of the past few weeks, more than enough people on N4G and other sites featured here have shared these same opinions.

Still, wish you luck on your new column.

Christopher2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Surprised he's against music games instead of FPS games if he thinks the problem is that there are too many that do the same thing...

danielle0072929d ago

Music games is always the same gameplay. Always, little notes coming at you that you have to press on time.

FPS's there a lot of diversity in the way that they play, and the stories, and the gameplay itself. Like, there's Portal, which is technically a FPS, but it's focus is solely on puzzles, or System Shock 2/Bioshock which are FPS that have RPG elements and are atmospheric and scary, or Metro 2033 which has.. bad stealth, but also amazing atmosphere and strong story, or Mirror's Edge that's a FPS that's also a platformer, the first of its kind, or Fallout 3 which is straight up RPG awesomeness, or Left 4 Dead which is actually true co-op... or Half-Life 2, or Team Fortress 2, or Call of Duty, or Halo, etc... I'll stop rambling. All of these games play significantly different than each other. So much variety, just set in a first person view, where you just happen to shoot some sort of gun.

See my point, though?

Anon19742929d ago

"I will admit that 3D movies are an awesome concept, as long as they stay in the theaters and don’t make their way to my living room."

Wtf? Can you try this again without sounding like a contradictory lunatic? People just have to whine....

Can't wait for this joker's follow-up article. "I like surround sound, but keep it out of my home. I prefer to only hear things out of one ear when I watch tv."

Christopher2929d ago

You might want to read what I typed again. I didn't say all FPS games were the same, but I said there are many more FPS games out there that do the exact same thing compared to music games.

I won't go into how you attempt to simplify music gameplay or how you attempt to utilize non-FPS core games as an example of FPS evolving when they're actually RPGs or action-adventure games played from a first-person perspective.

danielle0072929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Music gameplay - you can sing, drum or play guitar or bass. It's the same exact gameplay across all games, depending on whether they include vocals or drums or not. But, if they do, they're the same. You either sing the song like karaoke, or you press your guitar buttons in time with them coming down the screen, or you use your little drum sticks and hit the correct color drum pad. But, whether you're playing RB: Beatles, RB: Lego, GH 5, RB2, GH 3, GH Van Halen, GH Metallica... it's all the same. So there, very very specific, just for you, because I'm super nice. <3

& all the games I mentioned, you're in first person, and you have some sort of gun, which you shoot. Bam. FPS, by definition. & I didn't say that anything was evolving, I was saying that FPS is a huuuuge genre, with a boatload of diversity, so no one can really complain about them on the same level that they can complain about music games, that do everything the exact same, just different songs. There you go, I went into it justtt for you. You're welcomeee! :)

Christopher2929d ago

I can't argue with someone who thinks all types of singing are the same. We'll just agree to disagree.

MAiKU2929d ago

The only thing that can really remain a constant is the timing/rhythm mechanic in music games.

Dance dance revolution, guitar hero, rock band all have different game styles but are still considered music games.

There are so many FPS games out there that are known for being a FPS. Even though there can be some differences between certain FPS games the massive onslaught of a FPS game releasing constantly surely outshines music games in terms of quantity that's out there to the consumer. And they all have more in common than what they don't have in common.

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Mista T2929d ago

I like this, do more :P

KILLERAPP2929d ago

Everyone is hating on 3D…

mrv3212929d ago


It's like people moaning about multiplayer, singleplayer or even gaming.

SOAD2929d ago

How is it optional if the developer has to reserve the dev kit's resources in order to render the final game in 3D?

It's optional if I want to play my games in 3D, but for Sony's first party devs, it's going to be mandatory that they design their games to render in 3D. I'd rather have the developer concentrating on making the game look visually stunning than just have it render in 3D.

juniordee2929d ago

The graphical quality will only drop if you have 3D turned on.

Mista T2929d ago

people always hate change, they hate different things, they hate anything that is new, always "I don't need that" or "that's never gonna catch on!"

juniordee2929d ago

Everything has to start somewhere. Then they will improve upon it, fix the issues, and then before we know it, everyone is gonna love 3D and hate on the next thing.

MeatAbstract2929d ago

3D - Could not care. Something thats suppose to immerse you in a game but a game with a good atmosphere works just as well without the need for donning the glasses and shelling out a lot of money on a 3DTV

Music gaming - Don't own any kind of guitar hero or rockband. I've played with a few friends, after a few shots its a laugh but nothing I would 'hardcore' on my own.

Portal 2 - Oh well, they're on Valve time.

Winkle922929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Interesting article to read but I kind of disagree with all the 3d hate. I mean, the reasons for disliking it are completely valid however I find the technology really cool and worth the silly glasses. I dont wear real glasses though so I can imagine it would be difficult to wear two pairs.

Overall I think 3d gaming depends on your tastes. Are you willing to wear glasses for a couple hours straight? Is the 3d effect even that impressive to you? This will vary for different people. And obviously I have left out the cost issue which is indeed the worst part of 3d. I will not spend thousands of dollars for the effect but I will pay an extra couple of dollars at the theatre for it. So for now, with the technology just beginning, we will probably see the most dislike for it. But as it improves I think 3d gaming, movies, and tv will finally become a standard.

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