The fiesta of panic, excitement and Repetitive Strain Injury which is E3

GGTL: "Loyal Gamer's Guide to Life readers: I must begin this post with an apology. I'd just like to say how sorry I am that this beloved site has been so quiet over the last few weeks. Though we love each and every one of you a great deal, and hope that you haven't given up faith on us, we've been very busy with a new and highly exciting venture. Apparently, those in-the-know call this new focal point 'E3'."

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Tony-A2774d ago

I know how crowded and hectic expos and conventions can get. It's rough, but really exciting!

I think it's much more relaxing actually working there at the booth, although it's really exhausting. I hope I get to go to E3 in the future.


Developers must have a lot of pressure. Even more if they have to show a real time gameplay.