MyCrysis Relaunch Complete! (Crysis 2)

For a few days now the MyCrysis site has been down, being upgraded for Crysis 2- It's now back up!
Why am i telling you this? Probably because early sign ups give you a chance at a Beta, and : 'Razer giveaway products'


UPDATE: Faster, Get in fast if you wanna taste the beta ;)
UPDATE 2: To select country on create account, click the small bar on the right hand side and drag to yours, or keep as USA, it can be changed later.

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Glitch1002507d ago

...From all the people..

adram2507d ago

i did it about 30 min ago, do I have a chance ??

Glitch1002507d ago

Looks like the site is optimised now- Much faster :)

zeeshan8102507d ago

The site is still slow. :(

dkblackhawk502507d ago

Wow...I have never seen a site so slow in my life. too much traffic to handle :P

Aphe2507d ago

Well Crysis is popular, the site's taking a pounding.

dkblackhawk502507d ago

Indeed it is, finally got to the Age Verification lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.