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MyCrysis Relaunch Complete! (Crysis 2)

For a few days now the MyCrysis site has been down, being upgraded for Crysis 2- It's now back up!
Why am i telling you this? Probably because early sign ups give you a chance at a Beta, and : 'Razer giveaway products'
:D (Crysis 2, Dev, EA, Industry, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update UPDATE: Faster, Get in fast if you wanna taste the beta ;)
UPDATE 2: To select country on create account, click the small bar on the right hand side and drag to yours, or keep as USA, it can be changed later.

FanboyAttack  +   1991d ago
Site is really slow now!
Glitch100  +   1991d ago
...From all the people..
dangert12  +   1991d ago
Real real real slow
zeeshan810  +   1991d ago
I am signing up now! :P
adram  +   1991d ago
i did it about 30 min ago, do I have a chance ??
zeeshan810  +   1991d ago
Glitch100  +   1991d ago
Looks like the site is optimised now- Much faster :)
zeeshan810  +   1991d ago
The site is still slow. :(
dkblackhawk50  +   1991d ago
Wow...I have never seen a site so slow in my life. too much traffic to handle :P
Aphe  +   1991d ago
Well Crysis is popular, the site's taking a pounding.
dkblackhawk50  +   1991d ago
Indeed it is, finally got to the Age Verification lol.
RockmanII7  +   1991d ago
It's mycrysis.com right? The site won't even open for me
xxxxrandoxxxx  +   1991d ago
its absolutely DRAGGING. i could walk to to wherever the server is and back before it finishes loading.
XIIIWARRIOR41  +   1991d ago
Site is super slow!!!
What the hell?!?!?!
PaPa-Slam  +   1991d ago
Is The Beta for PC Only.
dkblackhawk50  +   1991d ago
Ten to one says it is for the PC only.
dkblackhawk50  +   1991d ago
Yes! finally got in...just waiting for it to fully load ^_^'
EDIT: Damn...spoke too soon.
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enkeixpress  +   1991d ago
The site isn't available for me right now ... lol

.. Can someone come out of the site for just a minute please? :D
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Xfanboy  +   1991d ago
Everybody is going to the site! now it's slow as f%%k!! Needs Maximum speed!!!!!
Arnon  +   1991d ago
What about people who already signed up before the relaunch? >.>
zeeshan810  +   1991d ago
Exclusive Wallpaper
Looking for more Crysis 2 media? Look no further! In addition to the brand new content you'll find on MyCrysis we're also offering an exclusive never seen before Crysis 2 wallpaper for our founding members. This will only be available to our first wave of members so don't miss out on your chance to be one of them.

Razer product giveaway
Supporting MyCrysis, Razer are offering a set of Razer Imperator mice complete with Razer Goliathus Fragged Speed Edition mousepads. Get the very latest in gaming technology and get prepared to enter the fray in Crysis 2 with an extra edge. See below for full details on these great products.

Early sign up recognition
We consider all of our founding members extremely important and we feel you deserve some recognition. For this reason every member that signs up in the first week of our site launch will receive a badge of recognition so that everyone will know who was here from the get-go.

In addition to these great benefits MyCrysis is the number one destination for all the latest discussion, media, news and behind the scenes look at Crysis 2, so sign up now and join the official Crytek community.

Razer giveaway products

Razer Imperator® Expert Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
Control. Comfort. Customized. Wrap your hands around the Razer Imperator, dominion is now within your reach. The Razer Imperator is not just a mere mouse, it is an extension of your hands. Its improved right-handed ergonomic form factor delivers comfort and a better fit for gaming, empowering you to take on foes and fatigue alike - for longer gaming sessions without strain.
When every aspect of your game matters, customize your game play with the unique adjustable side buttons, giving you optimum reach for easier access to mission critical keys and macros. The Razer Imperator is designed for maximum ergonomic comfort in your hands. Whether you use a palm or fingertip grip, it opens the door for longer gaming hours with less strain ñ keeping you at peak performance for longer durations. Speed is everything when you take your game to the next level. The Razer Imperatorís adjustable side buttons can be positioned to suit your palm size and grip style, gearing you up with additional buttons for faster execution of mission critical commands.

Razer Imperator Features:
Ergonomic right-handed form factor with contoured thumb grip
The Razer Imperatorís right-handed ergonomic form factor maximizes comfort during intense and extended gameplay so you can outlast and outfrag the competition. The contoured thumb grip cradles your hand delivering increased control to low sensitivity gamers who often lift and swipe their mouse.

Adjustable side buttons
2 adjustable side buttons deliver optimum reach regardless of palm size or grip style; and for gamers who often lift their mouse or make rapid movements during gaming, the customizable buttons makes mission critical keys and macros accessible at all times.
5600dpi Razer Precisionô 3.5G laser sensor
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urdead18  +   1991d ago
if I already was a member and can log in, does that mean I'm entered for the beta and such or do I have to make a new account?
DoomeDx  +   1991d ago
i cant agree the privacy polincy :(
hardcorez  +   1991d ago
This is crazy...
Pocker  +   1991d ago
i cant even get the site to come up.....
ElDorado  +   1991d ago
For me it went way faster http://www.sosnewyork.com/e...

Don't know why, but I think you guys should check it.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1991d ago
umaza  +   1991d ago
Wrong site dude
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1991d ago
I never would have thought so many people would even want this Beta. They should just make it an open Beta.
iLoki  +   1990d ago
I can't even get past the age verification screen... keeps saying "Error: Please make sure cookies are enabled" even though cookies are most definitely enable and allowed.

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