OXCGN’S Pre-E3 Early Walkthrough Report GT5 – FFXIV And More


"With numerous posters, banners and booths in the process of being precariously strung across every available surface, a few little secrets and slip through the nets for inquisitive journalists such as ourselves to snatch up. Here’s a few of the rather interesting tidbits we observed..."

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Belgavion2873d ago

Those Epic Mickey banners are fantastic!

Cevapi882873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

not to nitpick...but the car is a 370z

top pic 370z
bottom 350z

XboxOZ3602873d ago

Thanks mate, will amend asap. We appreciate your imput, it can be hectic here trying to get all the news out as fast as possible with such a small crew on the ground.

Bubbles to you as well. Most appreciated.

Cevapi882873d ago

no problem...glad to help

XboxOZ3602873d ago

I personally can not wait to get my backside in the GT5 cockpits, and to find out what the re-branding of project natal is this evening. Should be very exciting indeed. Especially with Cirque de Soleil doing a huge event based around game sound tracks.

Apparently they will be doing various activities throughout the 3 days on the showroom floor and involving the members of the public. sounds cool.

Certainly is rather huge actually. We'll be at the Natal event this evening, so we'll have some news on that just as soon as we can.

gaminoz2872d ago

I wonder if we'll get a REAL release date finally for GT5?

That'd be good. I'm not sure how the 3D and Move stuff will affect the game's release?

seij5552873d ago

Looks like xbox sites are pulling at straws. Only thing they can talk about is multiplatforms and the usual gears and halo blah blah blah.

XboxOZ3602873d ago

WRONG, try Reading the article - shezzes some of you Sony fans really do not know how to be simple gamers and enjoy an event for what it is. We have the right to report on everything at the event.

Thing is, if we only reported on MS stuff we'd get branded for being fanboys (which we are not) if we include info on Sony in any way, we're branding as being poor losers of fanboys with sour graps, either way, many sites simply can not win when it comes to 'some' readers, and I use that word very loosely mind you.

As i doubt they know how to read past a heading. If just half of you grew up, and became 'gamers' we'd probably all have a decent time.

PirateThom2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

This site has been on N4G for a while now and, I find, for a 360 focused site, they're anything by fanboys. Fact is, if you read the article (and I did), you'd see that they commented on GT5, mentioned customisation from Forza 3 in relation to it and didn't present either as being better than the other.

In fact, here's the section, it's just a nice insight into "pre-show" E3

"in the entrance foyer we observed an eye-catching MODIFIED Nissan 350Z sitting alongside some playable official PS3 stands and two Driving Rigs set up with Logitec Force Feedback Wheels.

Although no logos or signs had yet been attached, the PS3 focus and positioning of the stand in the foyer indicate it must be an already-announced PS3-exclusive.

Seeing that it is one of Sony’s iconic and prized driving games, one needs to only put 2 and 2 together and you’ve obviously got GT5.

The most interesting thing was the heavily modded 350Z accompanying it with a carbon-fibre bonnet and obscenely large spoiler, does this indicate GT5 will be following Forza’s modding route?.. It has been ‘romoured’ that this could be a high possibility."

Anything wrong with that? Then they mention other games and discuss what they saw and made comments relating to their current status.

XboxOZ3602873d ago

Thanks mate bubbles to you, it's a shame many others don't have the ability to read past a headline.

Ideally some readers can look past the fact, that while we are a Xbox-centric site, we do follow ecellent games, no matter what the platform.

I personaly have a belief that OXCGn will never focus on the negative aspects of a game in order to gain views. We will comment on facts and how we games - as gamers . .

Thanks again, most appreciated, bubbles again,

jack_burt0n2873d ago

What about their article titled "Why KZ3 is a massive disappointment" u post shit like that you will get called a shitty blog.

Just like a blog saying "ten reasons gears 3 doesn't deliver" its bull.

Noctis Aftermath2873d ago

I read it too, but i found something wrong with it.. "romoured"

Only a small grammar issue was wrong with it :P

ShinMaster2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

If I were to nit-pick... Why does GT have to follow the "Forza route" when it comes to visual customization instead of NeedForSpeed?
Or is Forza gonna get the credit for this too?

Also the "KZ3 massive disappointment" article bullsh--.
Sup with that?

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GrathiusXR2873d ago

Just saw the Mortal Kombat banner that's all I'm interested in really and the usual sequels and boring other games that seem to be populating E3 this year. It's all glitz and glamour with barely any substance

FamilyGuy2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

@ below

As long as the PS3 version comes out this year (at least in japan) I couldn't care less whether the 360 gets in on this game too. Like you guys said, it's ALREADY multi-platform.

PotNoodle2873d ago

"Major exclusives always have the console displayed prominently on the banner, yet FFXIV’s removal of PS3 branding could indicate a potential switch to multiplatform release. We’ll have to wait and see."

Maybe it doesn't have PS3 branding because IT ISN'T AN EXCLUSIVE. It is coming out on PC too. I have the alpha beta of the FF14 beta on my PC right now.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Yeah, it is only for PS3 and PC.

GrathiusXR2873d ago

Yeah I agree with tis too. Last year I saw plenty of posters and banners of console exclusive games, multiplatform games and such which had no logo or only select logos. Just because one at E3 doesn't have a logo on it before it's even started doesn't mean it's going multiplatform.

And I would highly doubt that something like that would even let slip like this ruining the whole surprise.

FamilyGuy2873d ago

Why does my reply keep getting moved to the wrong poster?

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