Why there will be no 'Xbox 720' at E3 or even for quite a long time yet

Ahead of E3 there is always a healthy amount of speculation at what is going to be displayed by the big three, 2010 is no different. With Microsoft claiming they have something BIGGER to tell us than the release of their fabled Natal device. This kind of statement only sets the imagination racing with thoughts of what it could be like a child at christmas time attempting to work out what his parents have spoiled him with this year. Some of the speculations surrounding this announcement suggest that this BIGGER than Natal announcement is not just a new revision of a marketed console but a completely new console, the third generation of Xbox console. However, MaxConsole are going to attempt to disprove what could almost be considered foolishness with some logical conclusions below.

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dangert122929d ago

come on with so much news about a 360 slim who thought the '720' would be at e3 this year...people frequently name the next xbox the 720 ms should take it and run as people are familier with it already.the name that is

GreenRingOfLife2929d ago

Xbox 360 is still no where near its max potential, even with AMAZING games like Halo Reach and Gears of War 3.

Plus with Natal its like the console is getting reborn!

I think there will be an Xbox 720 in the year 2016 or something because the Xbox 360 has a HUGE lifespan

SOAD2929d ago

It's like you're having your own little circle jerk in your mind.

mrv3212929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

No where near it's max potential is that why Gears 2 is still the better looking games... followed closely by Gears 1? Alan Wake wins of course, but that still is mostly at night and does look good, but I think we won't see games looking much better.


Tony-A2929d ago

Awww, Green, you have such a big imagination!

You're like that kid who believes in something, despite it being physically impossible. Either way, you believe in it deep down inside because you truly love a piece of plastic.

Good for you, Green..... good for you.....

R2D22929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

This guy is a nutso.

What the hell do you eat for breakfast Speed mixed with redbull and a dash of coke.

pinkyxyz2929d ago

and there your go laughing in the face of impossibilities...

R2D22929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I hope the dont call it the Xbox 720.

candystop2929d ago

I wouldn't mind another console maybe being forward compatible as long as they don't ditch the 360 like the original Xbox.

Spydiggity2929d ago

all you are saying is the same crap ps3 fanboys say in EVERY PS3 article and i don't see 30 ppl pitching a fit about it. i think if real gamers were smart, they'd just ignore the comment sections of n4g. there is no balance here, you can either shower completely unjustified praise on ps3 in every article especially when it's a 360 exclusive, or you can lose your bubbles, get nothing but disagrees, and get reported for spam.


i do think your comment was a little over the top, but it still pales in comparison to what i see the ps3 guys say (and get nothing but agrees for saying it).

as for the's funny this came out today cuz i was just saying how sad gaming is getting. consoles used to have a 5 year span which is about right when you compare it to the progress of technology on PC. but now with developers churning out the same crap year after year and not wanting to innovate via PC, it's pretty sad to think that now consoles are even stretching out their life span. guess we should get used to another stagnant form of entertainment... :(

hope someone announces a new console soon...i don't care who does it.

karl2929d ago

what would be your second comment be if u had two bubbles at least...

i gotta admit.. i dont think u would reply to anyone even if u could

nickjkl2929d ago

Xbox 360 is still no where near its max potential

i lold

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RatFuker2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

STOP PM'ING ME! you keep telling me you want a ps3 but your dont want to lose your rep as a hardcore 360 fan. dude, just come out please. and to your question you pm'd me, "yes uncharted is that good" greenring u will not regret it.

Cold 20002929d ago

I for one believe that MS may be revealing the 720. I mean the MTV + Times Square thing is too much just for Natal. There is something bigger going on and besides that MS said they are going to be announcing something bigger than Natal. IMO there's a 50% chance that they announce the 720 today.

Unicron2929d ago

I see that as a bit odd... Natal is a big project for MS. Revealing an entirely new Xbox system on the same day as Natal will essentially steal its own thunder. Why would people get Natal if a newer, bigger, better Xbox is coming out? Marketing wise I don't see this happening.

I bet its going to be Natal Bundle/360 redesign if antyhing. Which is a good thing. The 360( and PS3, Wii) have a lot left to offer this gen. Next gen being announced now would just be way too soon.

Raf1k12929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Actually, if there is a new console coming out MS will make sure that it's Natal compatible but I doubt they'll reveal the 720. Maybe a redesigned 360.

Chubear2929d ago

There is no Xbox3. Natal is supposed to be the XBOX3. When MS was talking about a 10yr plan what do you think they actually meant?

MS is not bringing out a console to compete with the PS4. They are more interested in the Wii's success and are focusing efforts on natal

Ask your self, how can MS announce an xbox3 next yer (year6) when they're making a massive push with Natal at Christmas just 7months apart?

How many console manufacturers do you know have not put out initial specs for their next console during or b4 year5? which often means a launch 2yrs from then.

If there's supposed to be an XBOX3, MS would have been showing off rough specs by now to give investors a heads up. Natal IS the xbox3 don't you guys see that?

Christopher2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Yeah, I don't think ANYONE thought there would be a 720 for at least another two years unless you were a ranting fanboy playing down the 360's graphical capabilities. And, by 720 we mean a whole new processor and GPU, not just a new model with Natal attached to it. I really don't think Microsoft is at the point where they want everyone to buy a brand new console.

With the way Microsoft is definitely hush-hush on releasing Natal, its name, and anything around it, though, I am expecting a possible new model release that may be slimmer and made to hold the to-be-renamed-Natal accessory (or even have it built in).

Regardless, my #1 dream is for a 360 system with a quiet disc drive. I'd likely replace my current one if a new model solved that one issue.

pinkyxyz2929d ago

a quieter dvd drive that doesn't scratch disks would be the only reason i would need to buy a newer one

Inside_out2929d ago

E3 2011, M$ announces a new Xbox...expect Halo and Gears 4 as launch titles as well as the " real " Natal being shown...Sony and Nintendo are welcome to join me, they will...Holiday 2012 will be the beginning of the new generation...assuming the world doesn't end of course...

Chubear2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Dude think about it. You can't launch a console (especially one that pushes high tech) a year after you show of the initial specs.

You need atleast two years to get feed back for the general public and refine the final product... unless you think the next Xbox is coming in 2013 :?

DeadlyFire2929d ago

Xbox 720/PS4 are both coming 2012/2013. Wii 2 or whatever as well. Apple TV also coming and rumors now of new Sega console. Possible, but not sure if its all that likely.

E3 2011 will be the deciding factor in when they are coming. If they are coming in 2012 they will be at E3 2011. I am betting that at least two new consoles will show up at E3 2011. Aiming for PS4 and Wii HD or Wii 2 or whatever for E3 2011. They are most likely to show up there. E3 2010 and we are getting at least two new portable consoles. PSP 2 and 3DS are all pretty much confirmed to show up.

ThanatosDMC2929d ago

Well, it's not next gen till Sony says so apparently... I cant find the link.

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Tony-A2929d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone is aware that Natal is going to be used to try to extend the life of the 360 as long as possible.

SOAD2929d ago

If Microsoft is really clever they will show off target render trailers for the next generation of games the same way Sony did with Killzone 2 in 2005. That way, Microsoft can show off a bunch of games that won't even be coming out for years but they will definitely excite the fans with really good-looking games.

dizzleK2929d ago

confirmed: 720 at next years e3. the 360 will become the casual/family console.

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