Hideo Kojima's Teaser website complete kanji translated mystery solved ?

French website finally translated & maybe solved the teaser website mystery.



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Nitrowolf22926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

i am going to take a guess and i think Kojima is going to unveil a Director cut version of MGS4
Just like the other MGS games that have them

a even mybe show the 3-6 month that snake has left to live

Inside_out2926d ago ShowReplies(10)

be MGS4 Resistance and it would have trophies,making offs,mini-games and the HD versions of the past MGSs! Mark my words!
But in my opinion, it is stupid to make such a big fuzz about an a director's cut version! Maybe MGS5 or Snatcher !

Lifendz2926d ago

Not sure that I'd even buy MGS4 directors cut if the improvements were only an additional 6 hours of gameplay and trophies. Trophies should have been patched into MGS4 months (years?) ago and I think they got MGS4 right the first time around.

I was hoping he'd announce that his team is working on MGS5. Still holding out hope.

NecrumSlavery2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

If it's a MGS4 Directors Cut, there better as hell be some trophies.

Also to the 360 gamers. MGS4 may be possible on the 360, but Besides what they have to do about graphics or disc space..yada yada..
The game needs a rehaul to be a 360 game. The content, the gameplay, the Easter eggs, the iPhone(snake could have a Zune lol), are all designed around the hardware and history of the playstation. This game is deeper rooted to Sony than most know. And if you aren't familiar with the series, you may not know what you're in for with MGS4. I'm not saying it's coming or not, just saying it's not a simple port, it would have to be completely remade inside and out to be on 360.

WitWolfy2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

ummm... just thought you oughta know, MGS4's IP belongs to Sony

ThaOutKast2926d ago

"MGS4" isn't an IP, MGS and Metal Gear are IPs but not MGS4.

DeadlyFire2926d ago

@Wit_wolfy - MGS and Metal Gear are IPs that are owned 100% by Konami or Kojima not sure. I do know that Sony owns no part of that.

darkdoom30002926d ago

MGS4: Existance Version

-More Codec
-VR missions
-Fixed MGO (better servers, no konami ID crap)
-Only 1 installation
-Movie theater
-Boss Rush
-Packed in with MG1 and MG2 (original 2D ones, like MGS3:S)
-Pilot REX missions

Nitrowolf22926d ago

yeah MGS4 lacked all that
i wanted theater mode

PirosThe4th2926d ago

Maybe it will come with MGS1 and 2... and 3!

In HD!!!!

Imagine that!

Zydake2926d ago

you know Kojima he probably put Portable OPs in it too

ThanatosDMC2926d ago

They need to make MGO easier to like. I didnt have long lasting appeal for me and my buds.

Zydake2926d ago

Lol I still play it the downfall is the Lagswitchers and deathloopers

DeadlyFire2926d ago

Although the teaser is likely for Rising. I am betting that Metal Gear Solid 5 is coming around 2011/2012. So its possible MGS 5 still has room for a tease at E3 or maybe TGS.

Snatcher would also be something I would welcome though. :)

AnttiApina2925d ago

PLEASE, be Snatcher 2! True fans of Hideo have awaited for that game for SO LONG!

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KilL7roCitY2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )


Two japanese guys confirmed this.

Nitrowolf22926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

"'KooLShiN think it is POSSIBLE that the meaning is "NEW SEASON" and''pampa''re minds us that this is consistent with the preceding teaser site Konami Metal Gear about Rising. "

he thinks it means that
So its not Confirmed

and isn't Pampa in english mean south america lowlands? i can't remember but isn't that where Snake was in the second or 3rd act of MGS4?

Nike2926d ago

Those two Japanese guys didn't confirm it, they THINK it's possible that "New Season" is the meaning. The other day, some one else thought it was "Love". So best to wait for some real confirmation from an expert or dev than just random people.

morganfell2926d ago

New Season as in a new in Metal Gear Rising. I said it before, did anyone really expect ANOTHER Metal gear game to have an announcement site when Rising doesn't even have it's own official site?

MGS4 was a massive undertaking, the greatest game ever made, and why I think we would see additions to, but not a master version of MGS4 as similar to past titles with Substance and Subsistence or the version I own, Existence.

SOAD2926d ago

Ha! The greatest game ever made?

bjornbear2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

over all, from a technical, artistic and design point of view, easily one of the best ever for its time.

however I wouldn't personally call it the greatest ever, but thats when opinions come up

but as a game, it is easily a masterpiece, you only disagree if you didn't play it through (mind you don't need to like something to admit its a masterpiece)

house2926d ago

its one of the best if not the best game ever made not one game has pulled me in like mgs4 did and i think theres many gamers that agree with me

ReservoirDog3162926d ago

I'm in the MGS3 > MGS4 camp. Though MGS4 ain't bad either (see bio).

ThanatosDMC2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

MGS3 by far is the best MGS game.

Boss >>> Big Boss >>>> Solid Snake

If you love MGS3, you gotta play Peace Walker.

"Kojima is god?!" -Miller to Big Boss

Btw, Big Boss is the biggest Pedo Bear in all gaming... you'll see why. Japanese humor... hehehe.

RumbleFish2925d ago

the best game ever made! Have a bubble!

MisterNiwa2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

If you had completed the Main Story, you would know that she lied about her age.

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FiftyFourPointTwo2926d ago

MGS4 Director's Cut
Featuring Chapter 6 - New Sun
Description: Play as Sunny and your goal is to make the best eggs for Old Snake. Scores will be uploaded to PSN and the top 3 will get an invite to Kojima Productions office and a 2-day tour around Tokyo with Hideo Kojima himself as your tour guide.


saint_john_paul_ii2926d ago

that would be a great move mini-game LOLOLOLOLOL

squallheart2926d ago

LOL I would love that on move XD when you get to tokyo you have to show the staff the skills you mastered in game by making them breakfast in the words of donkey im also making WAFFLES!

house2926d ago

you almost made me spit doctor pepper on my screen LOL

belal2926d ago

i cant wait for kojima to say: here is the next Mtal gear, exclusive on the ps3!

KilL7roCitY2926d ago

Rising is multi console...

so why a new ps3 exclusive o_O


Maybe because Kojima himself, as much as the main Metal Gear series, aren't involved with multiplat since MGS3? He showed no enthusiasm to multiplatform developing so far...

I'm not ruling out a MGS game on 360, MGS2 was on Xbox, but don't expect Kojima to get down from his - deserved - high horse to make constrains on a MGS game. Hideo Kojima is all about his own vision of the game, what it should be like... So far his vision has been matching with PS3 tech, but if he thinks 360 tech is compatible, it's possible he sign for a port to 360.

That said, last gen, Xbox had better tech and MGS games were almost only on PS2. So tech isn't the only requirement to make Kojima happy. Maybe he likes the Sony ad support, maybe it about keeping it a japanese product, maybe it was the installed base... I don't know, but looks like we'll find out at this E3 if 360 fill the requirements or not.

lpfisher2926d ago

Well, Peace Walker is done so Kojima has some free time. After all, he's not working on Rising at all. I'm thinking it is a new Metal Gear.

Obama2926d ago

Rising is a spinoff. He meant the next metal gear solid.

Not that I think Rising will be a bad game, but a game with no stealth isn't a true metal gear game imo.

ingiomar2926d ago

who said there's no stealth?

gamerzBEreal172926d ago

you do play a ninja dude im sure there will be stealth

PirosThe4th2926d ago

Its called lighting bolt action!

It would be more like Devil MAy Cry or Ninja Gaiden....

Zydake2926d ago


Metal Gear Rising

The difference in the lines nears the title is the MGS4 says Tactical Espionage Action, while Rising has Lightning Bolt Action.

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