PlayStation LifeStyle’s Favorite E3 Moments

E3 is every gamer’s favorite week of the year, with each day bringing new games, new trailers, and even, new hardware. Since 1995 the world’s largest gaming expo has been host to some of the world’s largest gaming news – from the announcement of the PlayStation itself, to the reveal of blockbuster games such as Metal Gear Solid 2, Killzone 2 and Infamous. PlayStation LifeStyle looks back on the amazing E3’s that have come before, and have decided what our favorite E3 moments of all time are.

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deadpool192955d ago

So many great moments ;D

doctorstrange2955d ago

When I was writing this article I felt like a mother must when she is choosing a favourite child

Trexman892955d ago

I don't think I could say if I had favortie moment. For me it all kind of blends together. Maybe it's becuase there is always so much stuff at every e3 It's hard to sort it all out.

Tony-A2955d ago

I don't think I have a favorite moment. I'm usually always sold when they announce a game I want.

tdrules2955d ago

I liked that one where PSLS spoiled The Last Guardian surprise

MajestieBeast2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Hehe i think sev really just kicked sony square in the balls with that.

Morbid Bulldozer2955d ago

I liked when a kid from this page's staff said he's downloading (pirating) games.

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