TIME, "Taking PlayStation Move for a Test Drive"

Techland's Peter Ha and Evan Narcisse get an early look at PlayStation Move (Sony's answer to Nintendo's Wii) before next week's E3 conference.

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seij5552840d ago

Move is really amazing and is moving motion gaming foward. I can't way to buy this. Can you imagine a new xmb 3d space using the Move? Multitasking ftw! I lol'd at the end of the vid where they showed some laggy Natal footage of the same red ball game.

Anarki2840d ago

I'd like to see a XMB built around Move. But it wont happen because not everyone will have the Move... which is a disappointment.

I'll be buying 2 of these at launch

Cevapi882840d ago

that doesnt mean it cant be an optional firmware install....the PS3 can ask you if you have the appropriate hardware....if you do, select yes, if not, select no....and when you do decide to buy the can update over the net by searching for new updates and it should be there...thats just we will see

Hideo_Kojima2840d ago

It could happen if they gave you 2 options to choose from.

Look at 0:08 Move could easily be used in a 3D menu because unlike a mouse or a D-Pad it is tracked in 3D.

beardpapa2840d ago

But ms is patenting ui control using motion gestures, so a new xmb 3d space may not appear any time soon

Dark_king2840d ago

its pointless Sony already has several patients on that from the PS2 eye toy so MS cant really do that it won't go through,cant patient something thats already been.You can patient how you do it though.

boodybandit2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

They are showing more and more Move videos daily. It is capable then a lot more than I initially gave it credit for. It just went from my meh list to possible purchase. I have a feeling after E3 it will move into my must have list release day.


Also PS3 have Full support of Keyboard and Mouse, and works with every game, Eagle eye is called or something.

Now the 2nd Motion Controller, Move.
PS Eye, for free hand gaming.

k2d2840d ago

I bet we'll see some awsome Move integration in future LBP2, is what I gather from this video. Gamers will obtain crazy creativity for their levels!

muDD2840d ago

Move looks like a sex toy sony fanbois stick in their butts...

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Tony-A2840d ago

I wonder if developers will take advantage of that Move Camera view to make RTS games with the Move. It looks easier than using a DualShock.

The_Zeitgeist2840d ago

I'm sure at some point someone will. Leave it to Ubisoft.

MysticStrummer2840d ago

The Move has already been shown controlling Starcraft on a PC... I think it was Starcraft... anyway it worked well so I'd say it is highly likely that a Move RTS is already in development somewhere.

Sheikh Yerbouti2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Could revolutionize the genre for consoles...?

I'm mostly excited for Move for being an alternative for some DualShock games, but I think RTS will shine with Move.


It's designed for Move?

Thought it was designed only for DS3 Controller.

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The_Zeitgeist2840d ago

That was awesome. Especially the menu control concept. Move is this years family x-mas gift for my family.

MysticStrummer2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Yeah. The 360 crowd talks about Minority Report style menu control as if the EXACT same thing is not possible with Move. With Move, you would just have more control options. The same thing goes for every aspect of Move. More control, more flexibility, and more potential to be used with the game genres that dominate the market.

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