ModNation Racers Review (GoozerNation)

Cole Burton of GoozerNation says, "The PS3 has some great racing games, which no one can deny. While the PlayStation does not have Forza, it does have Grand Turismo, MotorStorm, and now, ModNation Racers. But, is ModNation Racers really worth comparing to those other three great racing franchises?"

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cobraagent2900d ago

Its a very small review, with no scores and they spelled "Gran Turismo" "Grand Turismo"

Copyright2900d ago

LOL! Where was the editor!? Maybe they're just thinking how grand, Gran Turismo is?

JimmyJames702900d ago

That was just a typo. It's been fixed. It's actually a really good write up of the game. People should still read it.

kube002900d ago

I'll pick it up when the price drops

Johnny Rotten2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

bought it today, and it's really fun,

...well worth the price if you have the money!