5 Reasons Why That Second Hand Xbox 360 Console Might Be So Cheap

Heard of someone selling their console really cheap? You're interested but you're thinking - what's the catch? Well, unfortunately there usually is a catch. Find out what the top five reasons are for selling an xbox and what you sould be testing for before you buy.

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Simonkey752776d ago

With the issues inherent in stuffing components generating PC levels of heat into console sized boxes, it just isn't worth taking a chance on a used 360 or PS3, esp. when you take into consideration online issues as well.

Hanif-8762776d ago

OMG this article is so true!

jaredhart2776d ago

it would be common sense.

PoSTedUP2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

i bought my 360 with a 20gb for $85 on craigslist, worked perfectly, the dude bought the Elite and only needed money for FF13. i sold it for $140 hehe i already have a ps3 and all i really need is SOCOM, MGS4, granTurismo. all the other games are extras and sony has been excellent this gen so im good with gaming.

i am thinking about buying a wii and 360 eventually though, gears3 and mariogalazy2 are going to be awesome and i cant miss those games.

NegativeCreepWA2776d ago

I'll never buy a used console.

bobdog6262776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

And im a Electronic Sale Rep .Just not Smart 2 do so PS3 or 360.Jus buy it New and get the Ext Warrenty 4 29.99 for 2 yrs .You will thank yourself later.

MNicholas2776d ago

a brand new 360 is more likely to fail than a used PS3 or Wii.

Inside_out2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

This is a case of buyer beware...Who would buy a used 360 when new ones are so cheap...The first 2 years were bad...They made changes starting with the arcade models...NOBODY sells a machine that works well...Gamestop/ebgames had 2 piles of used PS3's and 360's near my work...priced $20-30 less than new...not a good

Those claiming PS3's don't have issues are lying...Nowhere near early 360's but they have had new with a warranty you won't have a me...Avoid used electronics at all costs...PSP, DS, Wii's, LCD's, Plasmas, computers, lap tops...etc...

Edit...What soad said...forgot that one...M$ BANNED some 900,000 360's when MW2 launched...Great catch Soad...

SOAD2776d ago

The biggest risk is buying a used 360 that was banned for modding.

I'll gladly buy an RROD 360 for maybe 80 bucks because I can fix it myself for 5 bucks.

But a banned 360 is not worth it because anything worth having a 360 for has online features. Including Alan Wake for its DLC.

dizzleK2776d ago

i had a used ps3 that lasted me for over 3 years.

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HolyOrangeCows2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

1) It's Red Ringed
2) Busted or Sticky-beyond-reason Drive
3) Older model that scratches discs even on a perfectly level surface
4) Power brick issues
5) The controller that comes with it has a loose battery pack that makes the controller turn off every other second.

5 issues that I've had with mine.
"1.Console is Banned From Xbox Live" is definitely one to look out for, too.

thief2776d ago

Mine is 3. Bought 360 second hand, scratched 2 discs (Mass Effect and Splinter Cell) in 1 month.
I think its probably safer to buy a PS3 second hand, the defect rates and problems on used PS3s would be lower than new 360s.

bobdog6262776d ago

A lot of PS3 come back too.Mostly Disk Errors from playing to many movies on it.No one is safe but the Wii .Can't play movies on that and it will last longer than PS3 or 360 combinded

Tony-A2776d ago

Ask them to show you the CARFAX.

I bought an Xbox from a friend for very cheap and he failed to told me it was modded, so I got kicked off of Live. Needless to say, I was glad I bought it for so cheap. I was able to sell it to someone who wanted a modded Xbox.

Sunny_D2776d ago

LOL! It should be the CONFAX. You know? CONsole= CONFAX?

Although, people might be a little worried since they might believe they are getting conned. HAHA

jdktech20102776d ago

Never buy a used console ever.....and always buy a warranty even for Sony's stuff.

It's just the way the console market works

The_Zeitgeist2776d ago

My PS3 fat died so I bought a slim through Amazon and I got a 3 year extended warranty for 30 bucks. So basically PS3 for 330 with 4 years of coverage. Amazon is the only way to go.

logikil2776d ago

Infamous killed mine, but had BB replacement plan so i traded it in for a slim when they came out. Much better console by far.

2776d ago
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