Can Two New PS3s Steal Microsoft’s Thunder At E3?

ConceivablyTech: As we are heading into the year’s most exciting week for video gaming, E3 is shaping up to be all about new gaming hardware, perhaps with one exception. Microsoft will be refreshing its aging Xbox 360 with its Project Natal human interface while Sony is now expected to show off new Playstation 3 (PS3) models – and not just another round of Move controller videos and demos

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NYC_Gamer2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

sony first party exclusives already have that job done...

Hellsvacancy2780d ago

Since when did MS hav any "thunder" anyway? all the news im seeing is Sony related

-Alpha2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

True, and that was Sony's plan. MS however has always been more closed. In regards to E3 I expect a blowout from Microsoft because they not only have two E3's (one for Xbox and one for Natal), they also have a lot to share considering how quiet they have been over the year or so.

So hopefully MS has a lot to show. I don't really care about stealing one's thunder, right now I am just waiting for it to start.

NewYork2142780d ago


That's what i thought last year too though.

Anarki2780d ago

PS3 with backward compatibility + Price drop + GT5 = Goodbye xbox IMHO

-Alpha2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Last year was pretty slow for MS. I am hoping this year is different. We know MS have lost a lot of momentum, or rather Sony has gained a lot more, but with two E3s for MS this year I am expecting to be very impressed with them.

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DMason2779d ago

Can someone explain to me what the differences would be in the new redesigned PS3's? The reason I ask is because I just bought a new Slim(my fat YLOD'd) and I have 5 days to return it. If the changes are significant, Im going to return my Slim and wait for these. Any help would be appreciated.

rkimoto2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Regardless of any company's "thunder", I'm more excited to see new announcements that haven't even been spoiled as rumors.

It seems that every year that passes by, there are more games to spend on, I'm gonna be broke in a couple of years at this rate!!!

Blaine2779d ago

And whenever Microsoft has anything worth reporting, it's that they stole something from Sony.

"Hey look at us, we got FFXIV too!!!"

"Hey, look, we got Metal Gear too!!!"

FarEastOrient2779d ago

I haven't seen so many agrees stacked on one for a long time.

Kevin ButIer2779d ago

Tired of this, ill go back to play some hardcore kinectimals

DaBadGuy2779d ago

Clean out your ears and wipe the sleepys from your eyes, because I could have sworn I saw you trolling the Natal/Kinetic articles recently? Maybe you just closed your eyes and randomly banged on the keys?

whoelse2779d ago

If Sony bundle move with every PS3 in the future for no extra cost, they have a huge advantage!

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deadreckoning6662780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I like how the author speaks as if he KNOWS what Microsoft will reveal at E3. I agree, Alpha, I just wanna see great things from everyone. Why would a "gamer' care who outdo's who??

kewlkat0072780d ago

You forget what site your on?

CoxMulder2780d ago

Funny deadreck, considering you're the one who seems to think he knows the most about anything..

Constantly whining, downplaying, attacking people & just being negative in general..

Blaine2779d ago

I'm the one paying for this shit! I'm not made of money, I can only afford so much so I want only the best.

candystop2780d ago

And I don't care about Sony first party exclusives so what job are you talking about?

blodulv2780d ago

I'm all for agreeing to disagree and I can understand a persons opinion, but seriously... if you're not even remotely interested in the exclusives that Sony has brought us this gen, what the hell kind of games are you playin'?

Some of the best games in recent memory are only on that platform. Not only that but they cover multiple genres.

To each their own I guess.

candystop2780d ago

It's definitely all opinion but if I don't care for the same games you do it's ok. The same way you feel about PS3 I feel about 360 and in know am I saying Sony 1st party games suck.

IaMs122779d ago

It is his opinion and he is right. its also your opinions to disagree but it doesnt make him wrong or right and it doesnt make you wrong or right.

PS360PCROCKS2779d ago

I know how Candy feels. I got my 360 first and I played all the 1st party games and had a great time. I waited til 2008 to get a PS3 because I was like "Meh nothing exclusive is worth it yet" With that said, you're just misinformed man, give it a chance and you'll be surprised. Uncharted 1/2, Infamous, GOW 3, KZ2 and so on dude they're so bad ass. Uncharted 2 is like the most bad ass game I've ever played in my life. It's like mission impossible in game form, it's EPIC just like GOW3. and no I didn't disagree with you, your entitled to your opinion.

n4gno2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

if you don't care, you are not a gamer..

just a casual, or a ms blind fan who don't want to see the reality (misinformed like many others, sometime because they don't want to know after all the bullcraps they saif in 2006 :))

you have all the xbox gamesn kind of games + many more variety, and better graphics, you can't "don't care"....even if you only like wiimote party game (because of move coming :))

jessupj2779d ago

And I have the right to my opinion. And in my opinion you have absolutely no idea what a good game is and are most likely just a childish stubborn fanboy if you don't like ANY PS3 exclusives.

I get if you don't like some of them, but to not like ANY PS3 exclusive at all... a monkey would have better taste than you.

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GLoRyKnoT2779d ago

M$ will have a new console but sony will not.

morkendo2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Can Two New PS3s Steal Microsoft’s Thunder At E3?

yes!!!!!! with first party EXCLUSIVES!! MS THUNDER? WHAT THUNDER?? u mean a FART LOL

sikbeta2779d ago

I was thinking about that, What Thunder? like if they know something about MS that anyone else don't know, giving to much credit to one side even if they don't know crap about what it's going on... pure nonsense...

JonnyBigBoss2780d ago

But there are only about 23 exclusives coming to the PS3 in the next year. Clearly Microsoft announcing that 1 exclusive going multiplatform and getting 1 timed exclusive is much better for the 360 owners, right?


JD_Shadow2780d ago

Yeah, I know. They NEVER once criticize MS for anything. Either that or they fear being called PS3 fanboys by doing so by the other MS fanboys. Why should MS change ANYTHING about their business practices when they cater to the media and to the fanboys who think that they can do no wrong? This is why we are seeing people saying stuff like what we see in this article.

You know if we would once see them call out MS for those things and "man up" instead of insulting and debubbling and being offended at anyone who dares call them or MS out, then the 360 would not be in the lackluster position that it is now.

Oh, and you forgot about the exclusive DLC for a multiplatform game. That makes them salivate, too.

DaTruth2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

You mean "timed" exclusive DLC for a multiplatform game!

JD_Shadow2779d ago

That they paid 50 million dollars for.

That they could've used to make a new IP! Or keep Ensemble open! Or to give Sarah Palin an education!

Ilikegames762779d ago

they paid $75 million. Imagine, with that kind of money, you could basically develop a GT kind of games.

Consoldtobots2779d ago

confuscious say it is a humble man who finds the path to perfection.

VERY poignant post darkpower. In their effort to shout down, ridicule and basically try to ostracize anyone who criticizes MS or the 360s shortcomings they have dug their own grave this gen. The emperor hasn't worn any clothes since 2006 and now he is freezing his ass off.

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princejb1342780d ago

is more like lightning

Shepherd 2142779d ago

Some of you people need to wake the hell up. Your too easily swayed by graphics and not enough about substance that keeps you returning to the game. Killzone 2 didnt even have much content to give it longevity and neither did Uncharted 2, despite their awesome graphics. Pick them up, beat them, play a few hours of MP, its over in a couple months.

KZ2 didnt even have a party system to keep you in the loop with your friends. MP playlists never change to keep things fresh. Nor did the game have co-op. Nor did it have integrated features that enriches the game, like a map editor or a even a theater mode to capture the "in your face grittiness" and send it to your friends. But the campaign was so linear that sending campaign clips to your friends would be useless because the same thing happens with every playthrough, much like a COD campaign. The devs dont give a shit about their fans and quickly forgot about them.

Face it. Resolution and textures are all you have. Why dont you add something more intelligent next time and get off your high horse.

muDD2779d ago


otherZinc2779d ago

This is the delusional site. SONY exclusive sell like crap, until they are a free pack-in that's counted as a sale.

And, to answer the question, No. A new SONY console was done last year to boost sales, the repeat buyers that had a PS3 fat will not buy a new console for the 2nd year in a row.

If Kinect isn't over $100, M$ is going to smash SONY.

TROLL EATER2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

steal its thunder den it sounds like its microsofts to lose ahah

Somnipotent2779d ago

i didn't hear any thunder. just some drumbeats at a weird ass kinetic unveiling. sony's gonna wipe the board on microsoft, kinetic or not.

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Omega42780d ago ShowReplies(3)
Godmars2902780d ago

Unless a 360 slim is coming, a price drop, two new PS3 SKUs are certain to have some effect.

n4gno2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

PS3 slim and price cut was a really good news for gamers, was a ps3.

a 360 slim, is a 360, and nobody cares todays (only xbox misinformed owners)

**labwarrior and crapgamers is probably the same mentaly disturbed person, lying like a greenberg under acid.

Rageanitus2780d ago

The only thing that MS put a dent on Sony was Final Fantasy going multiplatform.

Sony ha sbeen slowly taking steam away from the box.

jjesso19932780d ago

well microsoft needs somthing good only game iam enjoying on my 360 is toy story 3 and thats not even exclusive but is good best movie game I have played in while.

jjesso19932780d ago

Its really good looks good to not like rubbish cash in looks they have made and effort and can see this getting 8 easily.

Somnipotent2779d ago

uh, toy story 3? seriously?