The Biggest Unofficial PS3 Wallpaper Collection

Check out this very well made and comprehensive collection of wallpapers for your PS3. The wallpapers are comprised of almost everything, from hot babes, video games, to nature. PS3 owners should definately take a look in on these Hi-Def, PS3 Version 1.90-Ready screens.

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timmyp533678d ago

i like these 3(attached images)

EZCheez3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

This is one of the first forum threads I actually approve of.

Kudos to the guy who posted all of those too. I'm sure it took him a long time.

I think i'm going to use the one of the pit crew in GT5

PS-Wii-603678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

where's the porn =/

AND the winners for Wallpaper of the Year are...

PS-Wii-603678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

going to...

THE_JUDGE3678d ago

I'm gonna go with the last one, at least till my gf gets home from Thailand. She's asian as well and very territorial. She gets mad if I have pics of other chicks, although shes hot as hell. Bubbles for you, good taste.

GoLeafsGo3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

"Very nice. How much?" - Borat

MannyHarlem1413678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

what do i look like putting a Mass Effect wallpaper on my ps3... that's not gonna fly..

i wouldn't put a resistance picture pack on my 360 lolz

btw.. can we still see the wave (like in the PSP) in the foreground when we put a pic as wallpaper

VirusE3678d ago

I cant hit the site from work:( do they have native 1080p backgrounds?

SIX3678d ago

Looks like I was wrong. Wallpapers huh? Who would have figured.


yes sir i would have to agree with you. After buying a playstation I thought the last thing on my mind would be wallpapers. I guess if i had to choose one it will be a picture of kratos making love to nariko

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The story is too old to be commented.