Killzone 3 seems to use MLAA according to Digital Foundry

According to the latest tweet from Digital Foundry, Killzone 3 seems to use MLAA anti-aliasing like God of War III or LBP2. Quite a feat !

Additional tweet confirms it:

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ClownBelt2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

WTF does that mean?

Not like a big deal to me since I don't have the ability to figure out 60 fps to 30 fps. Hell, I couldn't even figure out if there's a screen tear on a game...sigh

Edit. Thanks for the explanation guys. Appreciate it.

Optical_Matrix2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

Notice how God of War III had practically 0 jaggies. Well, MLAA is exactly why.
As Foxx says below. I'm surprised at how damn good the pre-alpha code is looking. It already looks much better than KZ2. Can't wait to see more in depth gameplay videos next week. Bring on E3!

DORMIN2624d ago

Can't wait! Really nice to hear LBP2 is using it as well. I hope all of Sony's first party titles will be using it eventually.

I think they should give the code to the third parties making exclusives for the PS3 as well.

AKS2624d ago

I thought LBP2 was using more than just improved lighting. I suspected improved AA from the images I'd seen, but I hadn't seen anyone confirm it. I expect to see MLAA in quite a few titles in the future.

Strange_Evil2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

^^^^ LBP2 is using MLAA as confirmed by Digital Foundry...

Not only that, but all the previous levels of LBP1 which will be importable will also get MLAA upgrade.

BattleAxe2624d ago

I wonder why the heck Socom 4 isn't using it.

deafwing2624d ago

... the team making socom didn't consider/know how to implement it ... perhaps?

badz1492624d ago

bye bye jaggies? AWESOME!

rob60212624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

Where did Zipper/anyone say Socom 4 wasn't using MLAA?

BattleAxe2624d ago

@ Rob,

Unfortunately when you watch the latest Socom trailer, there are jaggies everywhere. I'm hoping that Socom4 turns out to be a legendary game, but only time will tell what kind of quality goes into the game.

Denethor_II2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

Don't forget this game is also 3D!

sikbeta2623d ago

KZ3 is Getting Better and Better Day after Day, KZ3 Will Blow Up Everything, Definitely DAY ONE!!!

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MerkinMax2624d ago

It's a new type of anti-aliasing technique that's starting to be used. If you played GOW 3 you would know how good it looks.

morganfell2624d ago

Now you know why he is mystified.

WetN00dle692624d ago

GOW3 looks beautiful and thanks to MLAA jaggies are non-existent.

k jules2624d ago

MLAA has been around for quite a few years, it's not new. The PS3 is the first console to use it

Heaven_Or_Hell2624d ago

It's an anti-aliasing method running only on SPUs (from the CELL if you don't know what it is). Quite efficient and plus it frees the GPU for others task since anti-aliasing demands heavy ressources most the times.

PirateThom2624d ago

Our next hope is they work out the depth of field effects that Santa Monica were using, there's some insane depth in parts of God of War III.

Microsoft Xbox 3602624d ago

Santa Monica are talented devs. The part after the first fight with Zeus was amazing. Jaw dropping galore.

-Ikon-2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )



Downtown boogey2624d ago

Of course since it's 30 in 3D

hesido2624d ago

The video is.. (59.something)

beavis4play2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

i won't be worrying about 3D until i get a new tv in a few years.

the game is looking really amazing! the melee combat is looking very visceral and completely awesome!

PirosThe4th2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

If they want to get the game running at 30 fps in 3D mode with no quality or graphics downgrade...
They first have to get running the normal build of the game in 60fps and that is why they mentioned that, just think about it...

That was in-game engine running the game at 60fps. We all know that killzone2 one only used 60% of PS3 anything is possible!

EDIT: So it was 30fps dammit... ignore my theory... xD

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Sunny_D2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

It's a new form of anti aliasing technology created by Santa Monica studios that allow virtually zero jaggies and keep it at the level of 16x AA I believe? GG are using this tech to eliminate any jaggies that may be in the game. That's how we were able to get a round head for Kratos.:D

Edit: I see. But damn! Also, video was captured at 60 FPS, the game is still 30FPS.

Heaven_Or_Hell2624d ago

The Saboteur was the first game to use it on the PS3, so Santa Monica did not create it, from what I remember it was created by Intel. However SM perfected it on GoWIII since they were some artifacts on the The Saboteur version.

morganfell2624d ago

Correct. Santa Monica picked up on it from EA. And to be clear, it is the PS3 version of Saboteur that uses it. A shame that has to be mentioned but there you go.

raztad2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

I'm gonna use my last bubble to try to make this clear.

The Saboteur DOESNT use MLAA. After initially claiming TS was using MLAA, DF was corrected by a GoW3 devel

"Firstly, the definition of MLAA isn't in keeping with the basic outline of the technique as it has been described by some Pandemic staff, and it is almost certainly an extension of the edge-filter plus blur technique seen in several cross-platform titles already. As Christer says, "the qualitative difference comes down to how you edge-detect and how you 'blur'." "

GoW3 is the first game using this tech, SSM didnt take anything from EA. They came up with the implementation and the whole optimization process to make it run better (and much faster) than 4xMSAA.

tinybigman2624d ago

Morphological Antialiasing paper by Alexander Reshetov from Intel Labs

i don't think SSM created

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bjornbear2624d ago

but from what I've gathered over countless MLAA articles vs MSAA is that basically

MLAA is one reason why PS3 is a beast =P teh cell -_-

DaTruth2623d ago

XDR ram also has a lot to do with that!

Cloudberry2624d ago

I want JRPGs to use Killzone / Uncharted / God Of War 3 graphic engine.........

Maaan, that would be sick, in my opinion.........

NecrumSlavery2624d ago

@ Cloud

that's the promise of what the WHITE Engine will show on PS3 with FFversusXIII. If it goes multiplat, it'll utilize a different engine. So fingers crossed for exclusive on this one. Square promises you won't be able to tell the CGI segments from the actual gameplay...or so try say

pinkyxyz2624d ago