Nintendo Power review scores

Here are the latest review scores from Nintendo Power.

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gameseveryday2933d ago

Arc Rise Fantasia will probably get 7s and 8s

Valay2933d ago

It'll probably be a nice fix for RPG fans.

catch2933d ago

While the gameplay itself looks good the voice acting is honestly enough to make me skip it.

I can't support a company that so clearly half-assed their localization. I am not the type to ask for original japanese dubbing with subtitles but that is exactly what this game should have had if they didn't plan on doing it well.

-Mezzo-2933d ago

Great Scores All Around.

CoffeewithChess2933d ago

I don't trust their reviews, after some questionable content in the past.

AEtherbane2932d ago

The Tiger Woods game is getting great scores! I never played the first, but since i now have M+, i might give it a try!