110° Special Playstation Move Playstation Move Hands-on in Milan (ITALY)
Sony appears ready to challenge the Nintendo Wii

The first time with a motion control. Move the first time with the Playstation, the new device Sony was born at home. Yesterday June 10 we tested for you readers 4News motion control for PlayStation 3 and it was exciting.



- News of strong impact

- Greater accuracy and responsiveness than direct competitor Wii Plus

- Involvement also high on the split-screen in several titles

- I got the "casual games"


- A few drops in frame to completely revise

- The price of the product bundled with PS EYE and not with its "nunchuck" has yet to formalize

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Blacktric2840d ago

"I GOT THE CASUAL GAMES" reminds me of "BRRBRBRB I GOT A SHARK WHISTLE" line from South Park when retarded Mimsy says while swimming underwater.

MGRogue20172840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

'ello there, Just cookin' some spaghetti bolognese :3

LeonSKennedy4Life2840d ago

What the Frick is going on?!?

notmushroom2840d ago

Wow, did Borat write this?

NewYork2142840d ago

need someone who speaks italian to translate. google did a horrible job. but it looks like every other move article from what i can understand

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