Why E3 won’t be as exciting as you think

SlashGamer: With E3 2010 just a few days away, it’s now time to consider what Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and all the major developers will be delivering. The show is the biggest gaming confab of the year, and it stands to reason that all the secrets that developers and hardware companies have been keeping over the past year (or more) will be unveiled. That’s certainly the case in the past. E3 has been home to console announcements, additions to major franchises, and much, much more

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that every show is great

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Hellsvacancy2774d ago

This sounds sad but its the TRUTH, the ONLY bit of news i want is anythin to do with HitMan V

Everything else for me is a bonus

Nike2774d ago

"This sounds sad but its the TRUTH"

Really? Because I don't see it filed under "News".

LaChance2774d ago

Talk for yourself.

"Why E3 won’t be as exciting as you think"

Maybe if you're a PS3 fan. Move + all the already leaked games = not very exciting

MS on the other hand have a special show for Natal + a conference. MS havent announced or shown anything so It's a lot more exciting for a 360 fan.

knight6262774d ago

leaked games? they where never leaked they where annouced

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I assume you have a lack of Knowledge about Move and their games coming up next.

1 Bubble say it all.

SupeerSteebbi2774d ago

The games were announced, get your sources right.

Biggest2774d ago

And those announced games are more than exciting. It's funny. People aren't supposed to be excited about upcoming games that are more than worthy of hype (due to their previous outings). But please, have a televised event about a webcam that Justin Beiber is paid to like.

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sikbeta2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

It's something I was thinking, now with the whole motion-control stuff, it'll be the "main" Focus probably and by that the Shows will not be as Good as I was Thinking, but no-1 really knows, maybe yes, there will be a Dedicated [Motion-Control] moment to show that stuff but there will be not Fully Related to that thing and Console Manufacturers will Show us a Lot of More of what We Want = Games....


It's not exciting for you because you're a Sony hater, that's OK for you but don't try to talk for everyone...

Marceles2774d ago

the only game that you want to hear about is Hitman?...that's quite a taste in games you have there...

candystop2774d ago

Wait so Sony decides to not go up against MS or Nintendo this E3 by releasing there news early and it's boring now? Sorry but the show doesn't revolve around Sony and it's fans only. There are millions of gamers looking forward at whats to come who could give a [email protected] about you hating little spoiled brats.

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yoghurt2774d ago

This may be true, but it doesn't worry me too much to be honest as most of my most anticipated games have been announced/more info shown in the last few weeks

KZ3, LBP2, GT5, Infamous 2, M:Storm 3, Socom 4

that leaves

potential warhawk follow up, last guardian - can't think what else

disturbing_flame2774d ago

Simply because all is leaked on internet before it begins.

There are still some surprises but it looks like now, we can approximatively know 70 % of the content of the constructors conferences.

Internet > E3

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Hallmark Moment2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Too much attention focused on the faults of the competitors offerings, only interested hoping your company of choice one up's the competition. Anyways people don't need to be told what they should be excited about. People have always been fascinated with the prospects of Virtual Reality or something similar. I will tell you some of this stuff will be far more exciting to average consumers, non gamers and casuals than Gears Of War 3 or Killzone 3.

Focker4202774d ago

My focus is on the bombshell that is Sony.

Ya I'm interested in seeing how Natal turns out but in the end it doesn't matter. I only care about what Sony is offering, and so far they've blown me away.

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