NextGN Review: Red Dead Redemption

So Rockstar’s latest has hit the shelves. It’s familiar territory – a third-person shooter with tons of side-quests and mini-games, as well as an abundance of violence thrown in for good merit. So is it anything more than a Grand Theft Auto game with horses, as many people have suggested?

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whitesoxfalife2931d ago

but there are a few things they could have done tho to make it very different from other western shooters, like when ya horse gets real tired stop by a puddle of water or something that alone is a game changer

granat2931d ago

the different from other western shooters,red dead redemtion is much more fun to play.but you can give your horse apple and you can buy some horse drug that makes it run abit faster when tierd.its alot different and better then other western games anyway.

granat2931d ago

and if u did would know about the multiplayer part,then u would know they made it very different from other if u asked them,whats different from this game then another western game ? eh,the horse can drink water,and cause of that the game is very different from other games.... thats the org red dead redemtion,then rockstar took the job to make the next game.kinda like red dead redemtion 2